Andrew nodded but said nothing. He knew Cassandra’s pain. He knew Niko’s. He felt it strongly in his own heart and soul. But this was part of the plan. Niko would come to their world soon enough, but not yet.

When Cassandra ascended the Otherworld, Andrew welcomed her with open arms and wings. Then she settled in next to him, always watching the Earthly realm, watching Andronika and Niko and the rest of the Amadis, providing guidance and support when needed. And when it was time, Niko joined her. And later, Andronika.

Generations passed. The Amadis adjusted to the changing world and to the Daemoni, always counter-balancing their actions. At one point, it became apparent that the Amadis daughters—and the few sons—needed to be born and raised in the human world. The sons shared too many Amadis secrets when they were compelled to go to the Daemoni and, having lived their whole lives on the island, the daughters had become too isolated from humanity. It was decided they’d grow up in the human world, completely unaware that the Amadis or Daemoni even existed until they were ready for the Ang’dora.

These daughters married humans, diluting the blood and powers passed on to their own daughters. A few times, Andrew, Cassandra and those who had ascended had to step in, discreetly providing a mage or one of Jordan’s descendants as their soul mate. They only did so when necessary, though.

They watched the Daemoni, too. They watched their many attempts to increase their numbers before they were once again driven back by the Amadis and the Angels. They kept an eye on them as they tried in vain to recreate Jordan’s potion, what Andronika dubbed as Jordan’s Juice. They grieved for the souls of all the failed experiments. Then there was success. With a cup of potion, Lucas, a descendant of Jordan, became their most powerful leader since Deimos. But that wasn’t enough for them. The demons and the Daemoni planned to create their ultimate warrior and the Angels made their own plans.

“He will be born here,” Andrew told Cassandra, pointing at a spot on the timeline in front of them.

“But she won’t be born until here?” Cassandra asked, indicating another point much further down the line.


“But why?”

“The Higher Angels have their reasons. The demons will be increasing the Daemoni’s powers then. That is when they are needed.”

“She must be stronger than these others,” Cassandra said, running her finger along the names of the daughters still to come.

“Yes. Katerina will have your mind-reading abilities, but that is her only major power. Sophia’s blood will be even weaker, but her heart and soul will be strong. She will mate with Lucas.”

Cassandra’s eyes widened. “There must be another way.”

Andrew shook his head. “The Angels are adamant. They have it all planned. Lucas and Sophia’s daughter must be a powerful warrior. She will face much bigger battles than even you did. She needs to be a match—and a counter-balance—to the one the Daemoni make now.”

“But they will be together?”

“They will have their trials and tribulations, but they will be a perfect team. And the humans will need them. For if they fail, the Daemoni win. The demons win. And Satan will take his throne on Earth.”

Andrew studied his daughter’s face as she looked up at him, hoping she understood the gravity of the situation. Because Alexis Katerina would need everything they could all give her—the support of every Amadis ascendant, every Angel in Heaven. She would fight them at times, sometimes fiercely, but they must always be there for her. The future of humanity was at stake.

Cassandra nodded and then she smiled with understanding. “She will be amazing, won’t she?”

Andrew grinned back. “Magnificent. Our most powerful daughter since … well, since you.”

Cassandra considered this. “No. She will be better than me. Stronger, more powerful, more intelligent and wise. For she will have all of us and nothing can overcome the power of all of us together.”

Andrew wrapped his arms around his daughter and kissed the top of her head. “Let us hope you are right, my daughter. Let us hope you are right.”

They gazed through the veil, watched the Earthly realm as a boy was born to the Daemoni and listened as the Angels celebrated in the Heavens.

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