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Gaiman Neil - книги автора

The Sleeper and the Spindle

A thrillingly reimagined fairy tale from  the  truly magical combination of author Neil Gaiman and illustrator Chris Riddell – weaving toge the r a sort-of Snow White and an almost Sleeping Beauty with a thread of dark magic, which will hold readers spellbound from start to finish.

On the eve of her wedding, a young queen sets out to rescue a princess from an enchantment. She casts aside her fine wedding clothes, takes her chain mail and her sword and follows her brave dwarf retainers into the tunnels under the mountain towards thesleeping kingdom. This queen will decide her own future – and the princess who needs rescuing is not quite what she seems. Twisting together the familiar and the new, this perfectly delicious, captivating and darkly funny tale shows its creators at the peak of their talents.

Lavishly produced, packed with glorious Chris Riddell illustrations enhanced with metallic ink, this is a spectacular and magical gift.

American Gods

Shadow si è fatto tre anni dentro. Sta per uscire ma proprio il giorno prima di tornare in libertà lo informano che sua moglie e il suo migliore amico sono morti in un misterioso incidente. Sull’aereo che lo riporta a casa, Shadow fa conoscenza con un enigmatico Mister Wednesday che gli offre di lavorare per lui. Shadow finisce per accettare: un lavoro gli risolve il problema di cosa fare della sua vita, anche se gli arriva da un vecchio bevitore di Jack Daniel’s dall’aria poco raccomandabile. Il contratto con il losco Mr Wednesday viene annaffiato da una bevuta di idromele, ma Shadow ci metterà ancora qualche tempo per capire chi siano in realtà il suo boss, i suoi compagni in affari, i suoi concorrenti, e ancora più tempo per capire in che gioco sia finito. Il vecchio baro corpulento, l’improbabile seduttore di ragazzine, il gran mangiatore e bevitore, l’uomo dall’eloquio torrenziale e dalla risata tonitruante è Odino, Votan, Grimnir, il Padre di ogni cosa, la somma divinità del pantheon nordico, arrivato in America secoli e secoli fa con una nave di vichinghi. Come lo slavo Chernobog, ridotto a vivere della pensione maturata negli anni di lavoro al macello di Chicago, come l’africano Anansi, come la celtica Easter e la mediterranea Bilqis che batte i marciapiedi di Hollywood, come tutte le divinità maggiori o minori, anche Odino tira a campare e conduce l’esistenza grama di un dio privo di adoratori, dimenticato, in un mondo che ne venera altri, più belli e nuovi. E’ per muovere battaglia contro i nuovi dèi americani, quelli dei mass-media, di Internet e delle carte di credito che Wednesday ha arruolato Shadow ed è per reclutare i compagni di lotta fra i colleghi del vecchio mondo che i due si metteranno ’on the road’ attraversando in lungo e in largo l’America più profonda, quella delle cittadine spopolate, dei motel persi nel nulla, delle riserve indiane degradate: un’America arciamericana ma al tempo stesso lontanissimada quella dei Nuovi Dèi. Alla fine di questo lungo vagabondaggio che ha tutte le caratteristiche di un viaggio iniziatico, ci sarà la battaglia di proporzioni epiche in cui si sfogherà un conflitto vecchio quanto l’uomo, una battaglia che ha per oggetto la conquista dell’anima stessa dell’America…

American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition (Author’s Preferred Text)

Released from prison, Shadow finds his world turned upside down. His wife has been killed; a mysterious stranger offers him a job. But Mr. Wednesday, who knows more about Shadow than is possible, warns that a storm is coming —a battle for the very soul of America … and they are in its direct path.

One of the most talked-about books of the new millennium, American Gods is a kaleidoscopic journey deep into myth and across an American landscape at once eerily familiar and utterly alien. It is, quite simply, a contemporary masterpiece.

First published in 2001.


– Hugo Award for Best SF/Fantasy Novel (2002)

– Bram Stoker Award for Best Horror Novel (2001)

– Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel (2002)

– Nebula Award for Best Novel (2003)

Amerikai istenek

Mike Ainsell három évet töltött börtönben, ám a sorscsapások ezzel nem értek véget számára. Szabadulása előtt néhány nappal a felesége és a legjobb barátja meghal autóbalesetben, így azután első útja a temetésre vezet. Útközben találkozik egy furcsa idegennel, aki Szerda néven mutatkozik be, és munkát kínál Mike-nak. A büntetett előéletű férfinak nincs más választása: elfogadja az ajánlatot, nem sejtve, hogy ezzel különös, természetfölötti események sodrába kerül. Fokozatosan derül fény Szerda sötét tervére, és egyre nyilvánvalóbbá válik, hogy a mindennapi élet felszíne alatt különös háború dúl, amelynek tétje nem más, mint Amerika lelke…

Amerykańscy bogowie

Po trzech latach spędzonych w więzieniu Cień ma wyjść na wolność. Ale w miarę jak do końca odsiadki pozostają tygodnie, godziny, minuty, sekundy, czuje narastający niepokój. Na dwa dni przed zakończeniem wyroku, jego żona, Laura, ginie w wypadku samochodowym w tajemniczych okolicznościach — wszystko wskazuje na zdradę małżeńską. Oszołomiony Cień powraca do domu, gdzie spotyka tajemniczego Pana Środę, twierdzącego, iż jest uchodźcą wojennym, byłym bogiem i królem Ameryki. Razem wyruszają oni w niesamowitą podróż przez Stany, rozwiązując zagadkę morderstw, które co zimę są dokonywane w małym Amerykańskim miasteczku. Jednak podąża za nimi ktoś, z kim Cień musi zawrzeć pokój…W swojej niepokojącej, wciągającej i bardzo osobliwej powieści Neil Gaiman, wyrusza w podróż w poszukiwaniu duszy Ameryki.

Książka otrzymała nagrodę Hugo 2002 w kategorii Najlepsza Powieść Roku.

Anansi Boys

When Fat Charlie’s dad named something, it stuck. Like calling Fat Charlie “Fat Charlie.” Even now, twenty years later, Charlie Nancy can’t shake that name, one of the many embarrassing “gifts” his father bestowed—before he dropped dead on a karaoke stage and ruined Fat Charlie’s life.

Mr. Nancy left Fat Charlie things. Things like the tall good-looking stranger who appears on Charlie’s doorstep, who appears to be the brother he never knew. A brother as different from Charlie as night is to day, a brother who’s going to show Charlie how to lighten up and have a little fun… just like Dear Old Dad. And all of a sudden, life starts getting very interesting for Fat Charlie.

Because, you see, Charlie’s dad wasn’t just any dad. He was Anansi, a trickster god, the spider-god. Anansi is the spirit of rebellion; he is able to overturn the social order, create wealth out of thin air, baffle the devil, and cheat Death himself.

Exciting, scary, and deeply funny, Anansi Boys is a kaleidoscopic journey deep into myth, a wild adventure, and a fierce and unstoppable farce, as Neil Gaiman shows us where gods come from, and how to survive your family.


Who will come to the aid of beleaguered King Hrothgar, whose warriors have become the prey of the vengeful outcast monster Grendel?

A grand and glorious story that has endured for centuries, the ageless classic adventure takes on a breathtaking new life in a remarkable new version for a modern era. Brilliantly reimagined by acclaimed, award-winning author Caitlín R. Kiernan, based on the screenplay by #1 New York Times bestseller Neil Gaiman and Academy Award®-winning screenwriter Roger Avary, it is the tale of a noble liege and a terrible creature who has cursed his kingdom with death, blood, and destruction—and of the great hero, Beowulf, who is called to a land of monsters to triumph where so many have failed…or to die as so many of the brave before him.

About the Author

Caitlín Rebekah Kiernan (born May 26, 1964 in Skerries, Dublin, Ireland) is the author of many science fiction and dark fantasy works, including six novels, many comic books, more than one hundred published short stories, novellas, and vignettes, and numerous scientific papers.

Black Heart, Ivory Bones

This sixth anthology in the adult fairy-tale series by acclaimed editors Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling presents another diverse collection of stories and poems loosely based on folklore traditions around the world. Readers familiar with previous books in the series will recognize the names of many regular contributors, including Tanith Lee, Jane Yolen, Esther Friesner, and Joyce Carol Oates, as well as works from Neil Gaiman, Charles de Lint, and others. Tanith Lee's "Rapunzel" opens the collection with a charmingly simple reconstruction of that classic fairy tale. Esther Friesner's "Big Hair" takes the same theme into the present with less cheerful results. Greg Costikyan considers the fate of an ensorcelled sleeping beauty dug up by archaeologists centuries later in "And Still She Sleeps," while Jane Yolen's "Snow in Summer" turns the tables on Snow White's evil stepmother with a deep-dish apple pie and a fry pan. Scott Bradfield's "Goldilocks Tells All" is especially memorable for its Jerry Springer-like portrayal of the ultimate dysfunctional family. Leah Cutter considers the loneliness of living under a curse in her Texas two-step story "The Red Boots." Severna Park's feminist "The Golem" revives a Jewish folktale, while Bryn Kanar's haunting "Dreaming Among Men" draws on Native American legend. Howard Waldrop's "Our Mortal Span" is perhaps the most unique story here, a surprising blend of black comedy, killer-robot story, and fairy tale. While on the whole this collection isn't as strong as previous volumes, it still delivers a fine array of thoughtful writing on some of the best-known-and yet unknown-stories we love. 

— Charlene Brusso.

Серия: Anthology
Brave New Worlds

When the government wields its power against its own people, every citizen becomes an enemy of the state. Will you fight the system, or be ground to dust beneath the boot of tyranny?

In his smash-hit anthologies Wastelands and The Living Dead, acclaimed editor John Joseph Adams showed you what happens when society is utterly wiped away. Now he brings you a glimpse into an equally terrifying future — what happens when civilization invades and dictates every aspect of your life?

From 1984 to The Handmaid’s Tale, from Children of Men to Bioshock, the dystopian imagination has been a vital and gripping cautionary force. Brave New Worlds collects 33 of the best tales of totalitarian menace by some of today’s most visionary writers.

From Huxley's Brave New World, to Orwell's 1984, to Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, dystopian books have always been an integral part of both science fiction and literature, and have influenced the broader culture discussion in unique and permanent ways. Brave New Worlds brings together the best dystopian fiction of the last 30 years, demonstrating the diversity that flourishes in this compelling subgenre. This landmark tome contains stories by Ursula K. Le Guin, Cory Doctorow, M. Rickert, Paolo Bacigalupi, Orson Scott Card, Neil Gaiman, Ray Bradbury, and many others.

By Blood We Live

An anthology of stories edited by John Joseph Adams.

From Dracula to Buffy the Vampire Slayer; from Castlevania to Tru Blood, the romance between popular culture and vampires hearkens back to humanity’s darkest, deepest fears, flowing through our very blood, fears of death, and life, and insatiable hunger. And yet, there is an attraction, undeniable, to the vampire archetype, whether the pale European count, impeccably dressed and coldly masculine, yet strangely ambiguous, ready to sink his sharp teeth deep into his victims’ necks, draining or converting them, or the vamp, the count’s feminine counterpart, villain and victim in one, using her wiles and icy sexuality to corrupt man and woman alike… Edited by John Joseph Adams (Wastelands, The Living Dead), By Blood We Live gathers together the best vampire literature of the last three decades from many of today’s most renowned authors of fantasy, speculative fiction, and horror.


In Coraline's family's new flat are twenty-one windows and fourteen doors. Thirteen of the doors open and close. The fourteenth is locked, and on the other side is only a brick wall, until the day Coraline unlocks the door to find a passage to another flat in another house just like her own.

Only it's different...

At first, things seem marvelous in the other flat. The food is better. The toy box is filled with wind-up angels that flutter around the bedroom. But there's another mother, and another father, and they want Coraline to stay with them and be their little girl. They want to change her and never let her go.

Other children are trapped there as well, lost souls behind the mirrors. Coraline is their only hope of rescue. She will have to fight with all her wits if she is to save the lost children, her ordinary life, and herself.

Dark Terrors 3: The Gollancz Book of Horror

The award-winning team of Jones and Sutton once again push the boundaries of fear in this new collection of horror and dark fantasy. Drawing from both sides of the Atlantic, Dark Terrors 3 features stories by some of the genres' biggest names as well as their rising stars, including Ray Bradbury, Poppy Z. Brite, Pat Cadigan, Ramsey Campbell, Christopher Fowler, Neil Gaiman, Julian Rathbone, Mark Timlin, and Michael Marshall Smith. An anthology that will take you to the furthest reaches of your imagination — and beyond.

British Fantasy Award winner 1998, World Fantasy Award nominee 1998.

Серия: Dark Terrors
Gwiezdny pył

Het kerkhof

Nim is een ongewone jongen op een ongewone plaats. Hij is de enige levende bewoner van een kerkhof. Hij leert oude gewoonten kennen, van toen zijn spookachtige beschermers

nog leefden, maar hij leert ook hoe hij zichzelf kan laten verdwijnen. En dat komt hem goed van pas!

Maar kan een jongen, opgevoed door geesten, de wonderen en verschrikkingen van zowel de wereld van de levenden als van de doden aan? En dan zijn er ook nog gruwels en nachtmergels, demonen die noch bij de levenden, noch bij de doden horen…

Met illustraties van Chris Riddell.


Joey Harker nie jest bohaterem. W istocie potrafi się zgubić nawet we własnym domu. Lecz pewnego dnia Joey naprawdę się gubi. Ze swego świata przechodzi do innego wymiaru. Wędrówka między światami ściąga na niego uwagę dwóch straszliwych potęg. Armie magii i nauki zrobią wszystko, byle zdobyć jego moc, umożliwiającą podróże między wymiarami. Odkrywszy, jak wielkie zło czynią obie potęgi, Joey dołącza do armii, złożonej z różnych wersji samego siebie, pochodzących z alternatywnych Ziemi i bez wyjątku dysponujących podobną mocą. Razem gotowi są walczyć w obronie wszystkich światów.

Księga cmentarna

Książka opowiada historię Nikta Owensa (dla przyjaciół Nik), który od małego dorasta na cmentarzu. Po tym jak jego rodzice i siostra zostali zamordowani przed tajemniczego mężczyznę o imieniu Jack, Nik zostaje adoptowany przez państwa Owens. Nie byłoby w tym nic dziwnego gdyby nie fakt, że nie żyją oni od ponad 200 lat. Nikt zostaje obdarzony swobodą cmentarza, pozwalająca mu na mieszkanie i dorastanie wśród zamieszkałych tu duchów i zjaw. Poznaje nie tylko ich historie i zwyczaje, ale i umiejętności znane tylko im, takie jak Znikanie, Strach czy Wędrówka w snach. Będący pod czujnym okiem swych nowych rodziców i tajemniczego opiekuna Silasa młody chłopiec dorasta z wiedzą, że kiedyś będzie musiał stawić czoła tajemniczemu prześladowcy.

W 2009 roku powieść została uhonorowana nagrodą Hugo.

M Jak Magia

Nowy zbiór opowiadań przeznaczony jest nie tylko dla dorosłych ale również dla młodszych czytelników.

Neil Gaiman tak mówi o swojej nowej książce: W zebranych tu opowiadaniach spotkacie twardego detektywa ze świata dziecięcych bajek i grupę ludzi, którzy lubią jadać najróżniejsze rzeczy, znajdziecie też wiersz o tym, jak się zachować, gdy traficie do magicznego świata, i historię o chłopcu, który spotyka pod mostem trolla i dobija z nim targu. Jest tu też opowieść, która stanie się częścią mojej następnej książki dla dzieci, “Księgi cmentarnej” o chłopcu, który mieszka na cmentarzu, wychowywany przez umarłych, a także opowiadanie, które napisałem w młodości, zatytułowane “Jak sprzedać Most Pontyjski”, historia fantasy zainspirowana przez autentycznego człowieka, “Hrabiego” Victora Lustiga, który naprawdę sprzedał wieżę Eiffla, mniej więcej w taki właśnie sposób (po czym w kilka lat później zmarł w więzieniu Alcatraz). Jest tu kilka nieco strasznych historii, kilka innych raczej zabawnych, a także parę nie należących do żadnej z tych kategorii. Mam jednak nadzieję, że i tak się wam spodobają.

Gdy byłem chłopcem, Ray Bradbury wybrał ze swoich wcześniejszych zbiorów opowiadania, które, jak uznał, przypadną do gustu młodszym czytelnikom i wydał je w książkach “R jak rakieta” i “K jak kosmos”. Skoro zdecydowałem się na to samo, spytałem Raya, czy miałby coś przeciw temu, gdybym zatytułował ten zbiór “M jak magia”. (Nie miał.)

M naprawdę jest jak magia, podobnie jak wszystkie litery, jeśli złoży się je razem jak należy. Można z nich tworzyć magię i sny. A także, mam nadzieję, kilka niespodzianek.

My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me: Forty New Fairy Tales

Michael Cunningham, Francine Prose, Aimee Bender, Kelly Link, Jim Shepard, and more than thirty other extraordinary writers celebrate fairy tales in this thrilling new volume. Inspire by everything from Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen" and "The Little Match Girl" to Charles Perrault's "Bluebeard" and "Cinderella" to the Brothers Grimm's "Hansel and Gretel" and "Rumpelstiltskin" to fairy tales by Goethe and Calvino and from China, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Norway, and Mexico, here are stories that soar into boundless realms, filled with mischief and mystery and magic, and renewed by the lifeblood of invention. Although rooted in hundreds of years of tradition, they chart the imaginative frontiers of the twenty-first century as powerfully as they evoke our earliest encounters with literature.

Nessun dove

Sotto le vie di Londra c’è un mondo che la maggior parte delle persone non riesce neppure a immaginare. Una città di mostri e di santi, di assassini e di angeli, cavalieri in armatura e pallide ragazze in velluto nero: questa è la Londra di chi è precipitato tra le fenditure. Richard Mayhew è un giovane uomo d’affari che sta per scoprire l’altra città: un singolo atto di generosità lo catapulta fuori dalla sua tranquilla e prevedibile esistenza e lo fa entrare in un mondo che è al tempo stesso stranamente familiare e incredibilmente bizzarro. C’è una ragazza di nome Porta e delle persone che vogliono ucciderla. C’è un angelo che si chiama Islington che vive in un salone illuminato dalle candele, e Old Bailey, che abita sui tetti. Ci sono ratti intelligenti e il signor Parla-coi-Ratti, e un Conte che tiene il proprio seguito sulla carrozza di un treno della metropolitana. Un ponte nella notte sta a guardia della perigliosa via verso Knightsbridge, dove vivono le persone delle fogne, la Bestia nel labirinto, e si scoprono pericoli e piaceri che superano la più fervida immaginazione. E Richard, che vorrebbe solo tornarsene a casa, troverà ad attenderlo uno strano destino. Laggiù, sotto le strade della sua città, in quel luogo chiamato Nessun.

Odd and the Frost Giants

Odd’s luck has been bad so far. He lost his father on a Viking expedition, his foot was crushed beneath a tree, and the winter seems to be going on forever. But when Odd flees to the woods and releases a trapped bear, his luck begins to change. The eagle, bear and fox he encounters reveal they’re actually Nordic gods, trapped in animal form by the evil Frost Giants who have conquered Asgard, the city of the gods. Can a twelve-year-old boy reclaim Thor’s hammer, outwit the Frost Giants and release the gods?

Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers

A dangerously seductive collection of tales that—like the sirens themselves—are impossible to resist

Sensuality mingles with fantasy in this sultry anthology starring fairies, sphinxes, werewolves, and other beings by masterful storytellers including Joyce Carol Oates, Neil Gaiman, Jane Yolen, Ellen Kushner, and more. Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers features a vampire who falls in love with her human prey, an updated Red Riding Hood fantasy, an unsuspecting young man who innocently joins in seductive faerie revelry, and a cat goddess made human. Alluring and charismatic, this collection from master editors Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling will stimulate more than just your imagination.

This ebook features illustrated biographies of Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, including rare photos from the editors’ personal collections.

Серия: Alien Sex
Songs of Love & Death

In this star-studded cross-genre anthology, seventeen of the greatest modern authors of fantasy, science fiction, and romance explore the borderlands of their genres with brand-new tales of ill-fated love. From zombie-infested woods in a postapocalyptic America to faery-haunted rural fields in eighteenth- century England, from the kingdoms of high fantasy to the alien world of a galaxy-spanning empire, these are stories of lovers who must struggle against the forces of magic and fate.

Award-winning, bestselling author Neil Gaiman demonstrates why he’s one of the hottest stars in literature today with “The Thing About Cassandra,” a subtle but chilling story of a man who meets an old girlfriend he had never expected to see.

International blockbuster bestselling author Diana Gabaldon sends a World War II RAF pilot through a stone circle to the time of her Outlander series in “A Leaf on the Winds of All Hallows.” Torn from all he knows, Jerry MacKenzie determinedly survives hardship and danger, intent on his goal of returning home to his wife and baby—no matter the cost.

New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher presents “Love Hurts,” in which Harry Dresden takes on one of his deadliest adversaries and in the process is forced to confront the secret desires of his own heart.

Just the smallest sampling promises unearthly delights, but look also for stories by New York Times bestselling romance authors Jo Beverley and Mary Jo Putney, and by such legends of the fantasy genre as Peter S. Beagle and Tanith Lee, as well as many other popular and beloved writers, including Marjorie M. Liu, Jacqueline Carey, Carrie Vaughn, and Robin Hobb. This exquisite anthology, crafted by the peerless editing team of George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois, is sure to leave you under its spell.

Songs of the Dying Earth

Today, in order to honor the magnificent career of Jack Vance, one unparalleled in achievement and impact, GEORGE R.R. MARTIN and GARDNER DOZOIS, with the full cooperation of Jack Vance, his family, and his agents, suggest a Jack Vance tribute anthology called Songs of the Dying Earth, to encourage the best of today's fantasy writers to return to the unique and evocative milieu of The Dying Earth, from which they and so many others have drawn so much inspiration, to create their own brand-new adventures in the world of Jack Vance s greatest novel.

Half a century ago, Jack Vance created the world of the Dying Earth, and fantasy has never been the same. Now, for the first time ever, Jack has agreed to open this bizarre and darkly beautiful world to other fantasists, to play in as their very own. To say that other fantasy writers are excited by this prospect is a gross understatement; one has told us that he'd crawl through broken glass for the chance to write for the anthology, another that he'd gladly give up his right arm for the privilege that's the kind of regard in which Jack Vance and The Dying Earth are held by generations of his peers.


Stardust is an utterly charming fairy tale in the tradition of The Princess Bride and The Neverending Story. Neil Gaiman, creator of the darkly elegant Sandman comics and author of The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish, tells the story of young Tristran Thorn and his adventures in the land of Faerie. One fateful night, Tristran promises his beloved that he will retrieve a fallen star for her from beyond the Wall that stands between their rural English town (called, appropriately, Wall) and the Faerie realm. No one ever ventures beyond the Wall except to attend an enchanted flea market that is held every nine years (and during which, unbeknownst to him, Tristran was conceived). But Tristran bravely sets out to fetch the fallen star and thus win the hand of his love. His adventures in the magical land will keep you turning pages as fast as you can--he and the star escape evil old witches, deadly clutching trees, goblin press-gangs, and the scheming sons of the dead Lord of Stormhold. The story is by turns thrillingly scary and very funny. You'll love goofy, earnest Tristran and the talking animals, gnomes, magic trees, and other irresistible denizens of Faerie that he encounters in his travels. Stardust is a perfect read-aloud book, a brand-new fairy tale you'll want to share with a kid, or maybe hoard for yourself. (If you read it to kids, watch out for a couple of spicy sex bits and one epithet.) --Therese Littleton

Sympathy for the Devil

An anthology of stories

The Devil is known by many names: Serpent, Tempter, Beast, Adversary, Wanderer, Dragon, Rebel. His traps and machinations are the stuff of legends. His faces are legion. No matter what face the devil wears, Sympathy for the Devil has them all. Edited by Tim Pratt, Sympathy for the Devil collects the best Satanic short stories by Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, Stephen King, Kage Baker, Charles Stross, Elizabeth Bear, Jay Lake, Kelly Link, China Mieville, Michael Chabon, and many others, revealing His Grand Infernal Majesty, in all his forms. Thirty-five stories, from classics to the cutting edge, exploring the many sides of Satan, Lucifer, the Lord of the Flies, the Father of Lies, the Prince of the Powers of the Air and Darkness, the First of the Fallen… and a Man of Wealth and Taste. Sit down and spend a little time with the Devil.

Teeth: Vampire Tales

The first bite is only the beginning.

Twenty of today's favorite writers explore the intersections between the living, dead, and undead. Their vampire tales range from romantic to chilling to gleeful — and touch on nearly every emotion in between.

Neil Gaiman's vampire-poet in "Bloody Sunrise" is brooding, remorseful, and lonely. Melissa Marr's vampires make a high-stakes game of possession and seduction in "Transition." And in "Why Light?" Tanith Lee's lovelorn vampires yearn most of all for the one thing they cannot have — daylight. Drawn from folk traditions around the world, popular culture, and original interpretations, the vampires in this collection are enticingly diverse.

But reader beware: The one thing they have in common is their desire for blood.

The Best Horror of the Year. Volume 6

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”

— H. P. Lovecraft

This statement was true when H. P. Lovecraft first wrote it at the beginning of the twentieth century, and it remains true at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The only thing that has changed is what is unknown.

With each passing year, science, technology, and the march of time shine light into the craggy corners of the universe, making the fears of an earlier generation seem quaint. But this “light” creates its own shadows. The Best Horror of the Year, edited by Ellen Datlow, chronicles these shifting shadows. It is a catalog of terror, fear, and unpleasantness, as articulated by today’s most challenging and exciting writers.

The best horror writers of today do the same thing that horror writers of a hundred years ago did. They tell good stories — stories that scare us. And when these writers tell really good stories that really scare us, Ellen Datlow notices. She’s been noticing for more than a quarter century. For twenty-one years, she coedited The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, and for the last six years, she’s edited this series. In addition to this monumental cataloging of the best, she has edited hundreds of other horror anthologies and won numerous awards, including the Hugo, Bram Stoker, and World Fantasy awards.

More than any other editor or critic, Ellen Datlow has charted the shadowy abyss of horror fiction. Join her on this journey into the dark parts of the human heart. either for the first time. or once again.

Серия: Anthology
The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year. Volume 10

DISTANT WORLDS, TIME TRAVEL, EPIC ADVENTURE, UNSEEN WONDERS AND MUCH MORE! The best, most original and brightest science fiction and fantasy stories from around the globe from the past twelve months are brought together in one collection by multiple award winning editor Jonathan Strahan. This highly popular series now reaches volume nine and will include stories from both the biggest names in the field and the most exciting new talents. Previous volumes have included stories from Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Cory Doctorow, Stephen Baxter, Elizabeth Bear, Joe Abercrombie, Paolo Bacigalupi, Holly Black, Garth Nix, Jeffrey Ford, Margo Lanagan, Bruce Sterling, Adam Robets, Ellen Klages, and many many more.

The Case of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds

This is a story called "The Case of Four and Twenty Blackbirds". It was first published in 1984, in KNAVE and was my third published short story. It was reprinted in 1993 ANGELS AND VISITATIONS (although I didn't put it into Smoke and Mirrors) and it's been collected in anthologies a few times since then. --NG

The Graveyard Book

Nobody Owens, known to his friends as Bod, is a normal boy.

He would be completely normal if he didn't live in a sprawling graveyard, being raised and educated by ghosts, with a solitary guardian who belongs to neither the world of the living nor of the dead.

There are dangers and adventures in the graveyard for a boy-an ancient Indigo Man beneath the hill, a gateway to a desert leading to an abandoned city of ghouls, the strange and terrible menace of the Sleer.

But if Bod leaves the graveyard, then he will come under attack from the man Jack—who has already killed Bod's family. . . .

Beloved master storyteller Neil Gaiman returns with a luminous new novel for the audience that embraced his New York Times bestselling modern classic Coraline. Magical, terrifying, and filled with breathtaking adventures, the graveyard book is sure to enthrall readers of all ages.

The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

An anthology of stories

Sherlock Holmes is back!

Sherlock Holmes, the world’s first-and most famous-consulting detective, came to the world’s attention more than 120 years ago through Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels and stories. But Conan Doyle didn’t reveal all of the Great Detective’s adventures…

Here are some of the best Holmes pastiches of the last 30 years, twenty-eight tales of mystery and the imagination detailing Holmes’s further exploits, as told by many of today’s greatest storytellers, including Stephen King, Anne Perry, Anthony Burgess, Neil Gaiman, Naomi Novik, Stephen Baxter, Tanith Lee, Michael Moorcock, and many more.

These are the improbable adventures of Sherlock Holmes, where nothing is impossible, and nothing can be ruled out. In these cases, Holmes investigates ghosts, curses, aliens, dinosaurs, shapeshifters, and evil gods. But is it the supernatural, or is there a perfectly rational explanation?

You won’t be sure, and neither will Holmes and Watson as they match wits with pirates, assassins, con artists, and criminal masterminds of all stripes, including some familiar foes, such as their old nemesis, Professor Moriarty.

In these pages you’ll also find our heroes crossing paths with H. G. Wells, Lewis Carroll, and even Arthur Conan Doyle himself, and you’ll be astounded to learn the truth behind cases previously alluded to by Watson but never before documented until now. These are tales that take us from the familiar quarters at 221B Baker Street to alternate realities, from the gaslit streets of London to the far future and beyond.

Whether it’s mystery, fantasy, horror, or science fiction, no puzzle is too challenging for the Great Detective. The game is afoot!

The Mammoth Book of Best British Crime 10

A superb collection of the year's most outstanding short crime fiction published in the UK. Jakubowski has succeeded, as ever, in showcasing the impressive breadth of crime writing, from cosy tales of detection to noir mayhem and psychological suspense and terror. There are puzzles to solve, nagging questions about the nature of the society in which we live, but, above all, there is an abundance of first-class entertainment. Last year saw a sixth Crime Writers Association Dagger award for the series – shared between Margaret Murphy and Cath Staincliffe – and an Edgar award for Peter Turnbull. All three award-winning stories are included in this volume. Lee Child makes his debut and there is a first story from Neil Gaiman, too, in Sherlockian rather than fantastical mode. Return offenders include Ann Cleeves, Phil Lovesey and Ruth Rendell, among many other familiar names. There are a number of newcomers to the series, too, including Nina Allan, Joel Lane and Lisa Tuttle.

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror. Vol 15

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror. Volume 10

Going ten years strong, the acclaimed collection of contemporary horror fiction again showcases the talents of the finest writers working the field of fear. Along with his annual review of the year in horror, award-winning editor Stephen Jones has chosen the year's best stories by the old masters and new voices alike. — The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 10 includes bloodcurdlers and flesh-crawlers from Ramsey Campbell, Neil Gaiman, Dennis Etchison, Thomas Ligotti, Michael Marshall Smith, Peter Straub, Kim Newman, Harlan Ellison, and many others.

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror. Volume 19

This new volume of the world's most acclaimed Year's Best Horror series includes a masterful selection of the finest supernatural short stories and terrifying novellas from many of the biggest names and most exciting newcomers currently working in the genre. This is the very best of new short stories and novellas by today's masters of the macabre. Contributors include such names as Neil Gaiman, Michael Marshall Smith, Ramsey Campbell, Kim Newman and Glen Hirshberg. This is required reading for any fan of ghoulish fiction.

Winner of the 2009 British Fantasy Award.

Year's Best SF 17

Once again, the finest short-form sf offerings of the year have been collected in a single volume. With Year's Best SF 17, acclaimed, award-winning editors and anthologists David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer demonstrate the amazing depth and power of contemporary speculative fiction, showcasing astonishing stories from some of the genre's most respected names as well as exciting new writers to watch. Prepare to travel light years from the ordinary into a tomorrow at once breathtaking, frightening, and possible, with tales of wonder from: Elizabeth Bear

Gregory Benford

Neil Gaiman

Nancy Kress

Michael Swanwick

and others.

Серия: Year's Best SF
Американские боги (пер. А.А.Комаринец)

…Американские боги. Боги, завезенные в Новый свет бесчисленными иммигрантами. Боги, рожденные индейскими племенами. Боги новых культов – телевидения, бизнеса, науки…

Царица Савская, подрабатывающая шлюхой на грязных улицах… Мать Войны Морриган, танцующая в ночном клубе… Анубис, заправляющий похоронной конторой в глухой провинции…

Американские боги начинают войну. Но зависит исход этой войны – не от богов, а от человека!

Дети Ананси

Бог пауков Ананси.

Персонаж милых детских сказок?

Один из загадочнейших властителей Вуду!

Ему повинуются несущие богатство крестовики и несущие смерть тарантулы.

Он известен бесчисленным множеством жен, своеобразным, жестоким юмором и любовью к своим детям.

Может ли Ананси умереть?

Могут ли вообще умирать боги?

И главное - что оставит умерший бог своим наследникам?!

Добрые предзнаменования (пер. В.Филиппов)

Согласно книге «Прекрасные и точные пророчества» Агнессы Псих, конец мира наступит в субботу, через одиннадцать лет после того, как ребенка американского атташе по культурным связям подменят на сына Сатаны. В результате роковой ошибки сын Сатаны отправляется жить в самое обычное семейство в рядовой английской семье. Демон Кроули и ангел Азирафель пытаются предотвратить конец света, но по земле уже едут «четыре байкера Апокалипсиса» – СМЕРТЬ, Война, Голод и Загрязнение. Судьба мира – в руках одиннадцатилетнего Адама…

Серия: Collaborations
Дым и зеркала

Кошмарные сны и странная, сюрреалистическая реальность, далеко эти сны превосходящая.

Здесь в сэконд-хенде можно по сходной цене купить Святой Грааль…

Здесь Черный Кот, из милости подобранный обитателями загородного дома, платит за их доброту ВЕСЬМА НЕОЖИДАННЫМ СПОСОБОМ.

Здесь в лавкрафтовском городе Инсмуте веселый турист пьет горькую в компании жрецов Ктулху…

Здесь борьба ангелов с демонами превращается в эстетское «дело об убийстве», вервольф становится частным детективом, а сказка о Белоснежке – стильной «готской прозой».

Дым и зеркала меняют НАШ МИР – И НАШЕ СОЗНАНИЕ…

Читайте ПОТРЯСАЮЩИЙ ВООБРАЖЕНИЕ СБОРНИК автора культовых «Американских богов»!



«Мир под Лондоном».

Здесь Слово становится Силой в прямом смысле – ведь слова, которые в Над-Лондоне всего лишь названия улиц, парков, станций метро, в Под-Лондоне обретают ИСТИННУЮ ЖИЗНЬ.

Пирует в пустых вагонах метро на станции «Эрлс-Корт» химерический двор буйного Эрла…

Хранят древнюю тайну Чернецы, чья крепость расположена под станцией «Блэкфрайерз»…

Несет смертельную угрозу Великая змея Серпентина – суть озерца Серпентайн…

Есть миры и миры, а есть между ними – ДВЕРИ. И путь в Задверье для нового Странника – Ричарда Мейхью – открывает девушка д’Верь.

Дорога вниз НАЧИНАЕТСЯ…

Начинается один из лучших романов эстета «черной готики» Нила Геймана!

Звездная пыль

НОВАЯ – и как всегда НЕОБЫЧНАЯ – грань таланта Нила Геймана, автора шедевров «черной готики» «Американские боги», «Задверье» и «Сыновья Ананси», легенды современного постмодернизма – сборника «Дым и зеркала», изысканных панк-комиксов и многого, многого другого.

На этот раз эстет Тьмы пробует себя в жанре декадентской, символической фэнтези, вызывающей в памяти одновременно причудливую стилистику «Горменгаста» Мервина Пика и визионерское изящество сказок Толкина и Клайва Льюиса!


Страшноватая детская (и не только) сказка от Нейла Гэймэна, автора «Американских богов». Премия «Хьюго-2003» в номинации «повесть».

Сыновья Ананси

Толстяк Чарли Нанси, скромный, лишенный амбиций житель Лондона, ведет приготовления к свадьбе, когда узнает о смерти своего горе-папаши. Вечно ставивший Толстяка Чарли в неловкое положение, тот и умер словно в насмешку: флиртуя с девушками в караоке-баре. С этого момента жизнь Толстяка Чарли начинает рушиться. Чтобы вновь обрести себя, ему придется обратиться за помощью к ведьмам, отправиться на край света, потерять невесту и… спеть?


Схожие по жанру новинки месяца

  •  Княжеский отбор для ведьмы-дебютантки (СИ)
     Иконникова Ольга
     Любовные романы, Любовно-фантастические романы, Попаданцы

    В восемнадцать лет студентка Наталья Закревская узнает, что она — подкидыш. Отец отправил ее в будущее, чтобы спасти от неминуемой гибели. И только сейчас они с настоящей дочерью Закревских могут снова поменяться местами. Девушка отправляется в 1830 год и попадает в дом тетушки, которая привыкла, что племянница мила и послушна. Но она-то совсем не такова! А тут еще новость — приглашение на отбор невест для князя Константина Елагина — сильнейшего мага России. Наталья не хочет замуж, но хочет посмотреть столицу и доказать всем, что хоть она прежде и не подозревала о своих способностях, но она — та еще ведьма!  

    В тексте есть: от ненависти до любви, властный герой, отбор невест

  •  Мой Куратор (СИ)
     Драч Маша
     Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы, Эротика

    Неожиданно чьи-то руки легли мне на живот. Большие и настолько горячие, что казалось, вот-вот расплавят мою кожу, скрытую под тканью сарафана. Я напряглась и широко распахнула глаза. Спиной я ощутила твердую грудь. Это явно был мужчина. Такой поворот событий вогнал меня в ступор, отчего первые несколько секунд я находилась в некой прострации. — Мне нравится, как ты танцуешь. Я весь вечер наблюдаю за тобой, — раздался у меня над ухом хрипловатый мужской голос.

    В тексте есть: преподаватель и студентка, разница в возрасте - герой старше, сильная и нежная героиня


  •  Чужая магия (СИ)
     Иконникова Ольга
     Любовные романы, Эротика, Любовно-фантастические романы

    Поступить в магическую академию, не имея собственной магии? Легко!

    Сразить всех своими ложными «магическими» способностями на императорском балу? Тоже не трудно!

    Влюбиться в хранителя кристалла власти Империи незадолго до того, как собираешься этот кристалл украсть? А вот тут придется решать, что для тебя важнее – любовь или выгода?

    Рассказ уже выкладывался в сборнике «Красная нить. Императорский бал». Но если вы еще не читали его – добро пожаловать!

    В тексте есть: истинная пара, от ненависти до любви, противостояние характеров


  •  Чужая магия (СИ)
     Иконникова Ольга
     Любовные романы, Эротика, Любовно-фантастические романы

    Поступить в магическую академию, не имея собственной магии? Легко!

    Сразить всех своими ложными «магическими» способностями на императорском балу? Тоже не трудно!

    Влюбиться в хранителя кристалла власти Империи незадолго до того, как собираешься этот кристалл украсть? А вот тут придется решать, что для тебя важнее – любовь или выгода?

    Рассказ уже выкладывался в сборнике «Красная нить. Императорский бал». Но если вы еще не читали его – добро пожаловать!

    В тексте есть: истинная пара, от ненависти до любви, противостояние характеров


  •  Тайна Солнечной принцессы [СИ]
     Ильина Ольга Александровна
     Любовные романы, Любовно-фантастические романы

    Нелегко быть полукровкой, особенно в стране, где полукровок не любят. И выбор в жизни у тебя не богатый: либо в обслугу идти, либо в тени. Но, что если обслугой высокое положение не позволяет, а тенью — любовь, глупая и безнадежная, как мечты о том, что когда-нибудь красивый радужный дракон выберет тебя своим пилотом. Эх, говорят, не мечтай о несбыточном, ведь иногда мечты могут и осуществиться, только совсем не так, как я себе представляла.

  •  Побег Ривер
     Смит Сюзан
     Любовные романы, Эротика, Любовно-фантастические романы

    Ривер Найт с нетерпением ждала спокойного отдыха в горах со своими подругами Джо и Стар, сестрами по духу. Когда она приезжает в горы Северной Каролины в домик, который арендовала для них Стар, Ривер шокирована, потому что её сестры похищены. Следуя за ними, она приходит к выводу, что похитители вовсе не люди.

    Прокравшись на борт шаттла в попытке спасти их, она отправляется в незапланированный отпуск к звездам. В отчаянии Ривер заключает сделку с главой другой инопланетной расы, который также был похищен, — Ривер освободит его, если он пообещает вернуть трех девушек домой.

    У Торака Джа Кел Корадона, главы дома Кассиса и следующего правителя галактики Кассис, другие планы, когда он встречает голубоглазую женщину-воина. Он планирует оставить её себе, и единственный дом, в который он собирается её возвратить, — его дом.

    Три женщины предположительно являются воинами из Пророчества, посланные, чтобы объединить силы и принести спокойствие в дом Кассиса. Миры столкнутся, когда в галактику, где доминируют мужчины, прибудут три цирковые артистки, которые задействуют все свои таланты, чтобы бороться за тех, кого любят.

    Когда убийца угрожает жизни Торака, Ривер придется показать, что даже цирковая артистка может стать воином, когда ей бросают вызов. Но самый большой вызов брошен разуму Торака, когда тот обнаруживает, что женщины с другой галактики представляют собой намного больше, чем кажется.

    Смогут ли они преодолеть пропасть в несколько миллионов световых лет, или убийца разлучит их навсегда?

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