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Grange Amanda - книги автора

Творчество автора (Grange Amanda) представлено в следующих жанрах: Любовные романы, Исторические любовные романы, Короткие любовные романы

A Darcy Christmas

Mr. and Mrs. Darcy Wish You a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Share in the magic of the season in these three warm and wonderful holiday novellas from bestselling authors.

Captain Wentworth's Diary

Amanda Grange continues her series of much-loved Jane Austen retellings with "Captain Wentworth's Diary". It is 1806, and the Napoleonic wars are ravaging Europe. Frederick Wentworth, a brilliant young man with a flourishing career in the navy, is spending his shore leave in Somerset, where he meets and falls in love with Anne Elliot. The two become engaged, but Anne's godmother persuades Anne to change her mind, leaving Wentworth to go back to sea a bitter and disappointed man. Eight years pass, and peace is declared. Wentworth is no longer a young man with his way to make in the world, but a seasoned captain with a fortune at his disposal. He is ready to marry anyone with a little beauty who pays a few compliments to the navy - or so he says - until he sees Anne. Anne's bloom has faded, yet she has the same sensibilities and superior mind she had eight years earlier, and before he knows it, he is falling in love with her all over again. Can there be a happy outcome for them this time around, or have they lost their chance of love forever?

Colonel Brandon's Diary

At the age of eighteen, James Brandon's world is shattered when the girl he loves, Eliza, is forced to marry his brother. In despair, he joins the army and leaves England for the East Indies for the next several years. Upon his return, he finds Eliza in a debtor's prison. He rescues her from her terrible situation, but she is dying of consumption and he can do nothing but watch and wait. Heartbroken at her death, he takes some consolation in her illegitimate daughter, who he raises as his ward. But at the age of fifteen, his ward goes missing. Devastated by the thought of what could have happened to her, he is surprised to find himself falling in love with Marianne Dashwood. But Marianne is falling in love with the charismatic Willoughby...

Dear Mr. Darcy: A Retelling of Pride and Prejudice

In this imaginative retelling of Pride and Prejudice, Amanda Grange now tells the classic story through the eyes of its compelling romantic hero, Fitzwilliam Darcy—in a series of revealing letters that casts a sparkling new reflection on the manners and morals of the landed gentry in 19th-century England…

Here, for the first time, are the letters written by the exceedingly proud and stubborn Mr. Darcy, covering the life-changing events that defined him—from the death of his father, to his control of his Derbyshire estate of Pemberley to his conflicted courtship with the lively, intelligent, and delightfully willful Elizabeth Bennet. Try as he may, he cannot deny his attraction to this woman with fine eyes, a playful spirit, a mind of her own… and an embarrassing family that is frankly, and utterly, beneath him. But it is Elizabeth who controls both their destinies, and whose surprises will change Darcy’s life yet again.

Edmund Bertram's Diary

The retelling of Jane Austen's novel Mansfield Park from the point of view of Edmund Bertram - by the author of Mr. Knightley's Diary and Captain Wentworth' Diary. At ten years of age, Fanny Price came to live with Edmund Bertram and his family at Mansfield Park. Far from the brat Edmund expected, Fanny became his closest confidante and dearest friend.

But when the fashionable Crawford siblings - Henry and Mary - come to town, they captivate the Bertram family. Henry embarks on a scandalous flirtation with Edmund's sister, who is already betrothed to another, while Edmund is enchanted by Mary's beauty and wit. But when it appears that Mary is not all she seems to be, Edmund will turn to the one woman who has always been at his side to find the happiness he deserves - Fanny.

Henry Tilney's Diary

A charming retelling of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey--a tale of gothic misunderstandings through Henry Tilney's eyes...

At the age of four and twenty, Henry is content with his life as a clergyman, leaving his older brother Frederick to inherit Northanger Abbey. But General Tilney is determined to increase the family's means by having all three of his children marry wealthy partners.

During a trip to Bath, Henry meets the delightful Miss Catherine Morland and believes he may have found the woman he's been looking for, although she has no great fortune. When the General takes an unusual liking to Catherine and invites her to visit the Abbey, Henry is thrilled. But just as in the Gothic novels Henry loves, not everything is as it seems...

Mr. Darcy, Vampyre

A married man in possession of a dark fortune must be in want of an eternal wife...

My hand is trembling as I write this letter. My nerves are in tatters and I am so altered that I believe you would not recognize me. The past two months have been a nightmarish whirl of strange and disturbing circumstances, and the future...

I am afraid.

If anything happens to me, remember that I love you and that my spirit will always be with you, though we may never see each other again. The world is a cold and frightening place where nothing is as it seems.

Mr. Darcy's Diary

Monday 9th September

"I left London today and met Bingley at Netherfield Park. I had forgotten what good company he is; always ready to be pleased and always cheerful. After my difficult summer, it is good to be with him again...."

The only place Darcy could share his innermost feelings was in the private pages of his diary...

Torn between his sense of duty to his family name and his growing passion for Elizabeth Bennet, all he can do is struggle not to fall in love.

Mr. Darcy's Diary presents the story of the unlikely courtship of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy from Darcy's point of view. This graceful imagining and sequel to Pride and Prejudice explains Darcy's moodiness and the difficulties of his reluctant relationship as he struggles to avoid falling in love with Miss Bennet. Though seemingly stiff and stubborn at times, Darcy's words prove him also to be quite devoted and endearing - qualities that eventually win over Miss Bennet's heart. This continuation of a classic romantic novel is charming and elegant, much like Darcy himself.

Mr. Knightley’s Diary

Relive Jane Austen's Emma- from Mr. Knightley's point of view.

Between managing his estate and visiting his brother in London, Mr. Knightley is both exasperated and amused by his irresistibly beautiful, outrageously mischievous neighbor, Emma Woodhouse, whose misguided attempts at matchmaking are wreaking havoc in the village of Highbury.

But when a handsome newcomer arrives and catches Emma's attention, Mr. Knightley is shocked by his reaction. Amusement gives way to another emotion entirely-for his unreasonable dislike of the handsome newcomer seems suspiciously like jealousy.

Pride and pyramids : Mr. Darcy in Egypt

Pulled into the craze of Egyptology, the Darcys and their lively children embark on an expedition to find a hidden tomb and uncover its treasure. Not only are immeasurable riches awaiting them in the exotic land of the Sphinx, but also danger and betrayal and the chance to lay an ancient grudge to rest...

Rebecca's Refusal

When Joshua Kelling proposes to Miss Rebecca Fossington, she refuses him. He may have compromised her, but she has no intention of marrying him. Meeting him again in London comes as a shock — but worse is discovering that her grandfather has made them joint owners of a cotton mill!

The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance

Includes big name contributors such as Anna Campbell, Lorraine Heath, Barbara Metzger, Deborah Raleigh and Elizabeth Boyle.

Wickham's Diary

He wasn't always this cold-hearted...

George Wickham had everything going for him. He's handsome, charming and sincere. Old Mr. Darcy loves him like a son. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the companion of his youth, is powerful and moral. What are the forces then that would turn this young man's destiny from one of promise to one of treachery and villainy? And could it happen again?


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    У ее загадочного покровителя нет ничего, кроме темного прошлого, огромных денег, мрачного прозвища «Дьявол» и жажды мести в душе. И именно в орудие своей мести он намерен превратить Фелисити.

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    Её зовут Миа. Она владеет крошечной лавкой в бедном квартале, продаёт специи и благовония, гадает на картах и кофейной гуще. Она любит яблоки, носит яркие юбки и презирает мир аристократии. Она верит в интуицию, знаки и вещие сны.

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    Условия герцога просты: никакой романтики, ничего личного. Как только Эмма родит сына, она избавляется навсегда от выполнения супружеского долга.

    Подумав, девушка соглашается, но герцог и не подозревает: она надеется изменить этого печального и сурового человека и доказать ему – нет на свете шрамов, которые не исцелили бы любовь, нежность и веселый смех.

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    Пайпер Макадамс – красивая молодая женщина, влюбляется в шейха Адана с первого взгляда. Он тоже не может устоять перед ее очарованием. Правда, не спешит торопить события, боясь спугнуть красавицу своим напором. Все решает случай: бывшая возлюбленная Адана, Талия, сообщает ему, что недавно родила от него ребенка, и отныне ухаживать за малышом будет именно он. Правда, для того, чтобы оформить опекунство, шейху срочно нужна жена… Согласится ли Пайпер исполнить роль фиктивной супруги? Ведь ее чувства к Адану крепнут день ото дня…

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