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Sapir Richard - книги автора

Творчество автора (Sapir Richard) представлено в следующих жанрах: Фантастика, Детективная фантастика, Детективы и Триллеры, Боевик, Иронический детектив
Творчество автора (Sapir Richard) представлено в следующих сериях книг: The Destroyer, , The Destroyer

A Pound of Prevention


Something funny is going on in the East African nation of Luzuland...and it's more than just the usual civil unrest or military coup.  Organized crime lords are converging for what looks like an underworld summit - and Dr. Harold Smith dispatches Remo for a look-see and some quiet, effective neutralization.

But Remo has his own problems, and he's just not in the mood to be killing his way up chain of command in East Africa.  Chiun has gone AWOL, fulfilling some ancient Sinanju contract and busily storming the Luzu presidential palace with a handful of saber-wielding warriors.

And unless Chiun can beat some sense into his pupil's skull, Remo's bent on nuking an entire mob-infested Third World city to deliver a pound - make that a megaton - of prevention guaranteed to wipe out a generation of predators...and a few million innocent souls.

Серия: The Destroyer
Acid Rock

The stage is set for murder, mayhem and deafening music. But the music isn't loud enough to drown out the shots aimed at the gorgeous redhead on stage. Not that anybody is paying much attention, not in the screaming chaos of the world's biggest rock festival ever. The girl likes to be near singers, the freakier and more spaced-out the better. Some of them get too close and wind up permanently spaced out. Why? Someone wants to kill the beautiful girl with the long auburn hair. She is under contract for one million dollars. A big bounty is on her beautiful head. She has to be killed, and quick. But Remo and Chiun have other ideas. Their assignment from CURE says protect her at any costs - and that means someone is going to have to pay a very high price.

Серия: The Destroyer
Air Raid


They are tiny, genetically engineered blue seeds that mature quickly into trees that literally suck all the oxygen out of the air. They're the twisted experiment of the earth-friendly but highly secretive Congress of Concerned Scientists, and now they've been snatched its head, Dr. Hubert St. Clair.

Having killed off all but one of his scientific team, he's leading Remo and Chiun on a chase through the proverbial forest. He's got enough seeds to choke off the world's oxygen supply, and the ability to create environmental disasters at will. Battling everything from acid rain to blistering heat to frigid cold, the Destroyer races to thwart double disaster in the Amazon rainforest: St. Clair is planting seeds like a maniac and a U.S. President prepares to nuke Brazil onto oblivion.

Серия: The Destroyer
American Obsession

Fatted Calves

The new body culture is finally bringing its rewards, thanks to a hormone treatment that rapidly restructures body fat to muscle - all overnight, during a true beauty snooze.

But it's way-out expensive, and only the rich and famous can indulge. After all, what's a thousand bucks a day when the result is a body to die for?

There are some side effects - no pain, no gain! But when innocent people start paying a steep price for the star's self-improvement regimens, CURE's Dr. Smith sends Remo and Chiun to infiltrate the Lycra crowd and the hallowed halls of the legalized drug trade. Soon their investigation is blocked by a greedy corporation, but the worst challenge is from an army of celebrities - lean, mean products of a killer diet...

Серия: The Destroyer
An Old Fashioned War

Something strange was happening - and only Chuin knew what it was.

In America, the Indian tribes had united and were delivering crushing blows to the U.S. Army. In the Middle East, the Arabs had regained their martial mastery and were demolishing all who resisted them. In Mongolia, scattered tribesman had joined together for the first time since Genghis Khan to form a new Golden Horde poised to ravish all the earth.

Something strange was obviously happening all over the globe. Remo had no idea what it was, even as he desperately tried to fight it. Chiun knew but wasn't saying anything, as he got ready to cut a deal and split the world with the fiendish for behind it all. With Remo and Chiun divided, the whole world was wide open for conquest, and an ancient evil was spawning modern terror. Humanity's greatest enemy was now in the driver's seat - and its ultimate nightmare was coming true....

Серия: The Destroyer
Angry White Mailmen

Серия: The Destroyer
Arabian Nightmare

The Maddas Touch

Everything that Maddas Hinsein touched turned to blood as the mad-dog dictator of outlaw Irait pursued his plans of conquest by taking over tiny oil-rich Kuran. Only Remo and Chiun could stop this man who was up to his mustache in gore. But Remo was possessed, slave to his immortal nemesis, the death goddess Kali. And the feeble Chiun was merely a shadow of his former awesome self. Unless CURE's terrific twosome could be restored to their full powers, Maddas Hinsein would turn the whole into one...

Серия: The Destroyer
Assassins Play Off

For centuries, the ancient House of Sinanju is recognized as the center of learning for all the martial arts. From the ancestral nucleus of Oriental power and prestige have come the world's deadliest assassins and killers, also man's greatest protectors and warriors. To become a Master of Sinanju, however, is to totally perfect one's mental, spiritual, and physical powers. Very few mortals possess even a fraction of the necessary skills. Mere muscle or brains do not matter. Rarer still have been the men who dare to even approach the lowest steps of this shrine to violence and sudden death at Sinanju. The masters of Sinanju are the sun source and essence of the martial arts since prehistory. Recent upstart fighting techniques such as Kung Fu, Karate, Ninja, Aikido are but minor variations in the deadly armament of a Master. Only foreplay to the Grand Battle. And now, for the first time, a Westerner, a white man, Remo Williams, is defending the Holy Place against his relentless archenemy, Nuihc. Not since the Mongol invasions and the barbaric Chinese warlords has the land trembled in such anticipation. The scenario begins in New Jersey. The die is cast in a U.S. government submarine. Now Chiun and the Premier of Korea will witness the Grand Battle. And Remo Williams - the Destroyer - is being allowed but one blow. One split-second opportunity to punch, slash, chop, smash or kick . . . The ghosts of a thousand warriors dance in the dust as the two men face each other. And Chiun knows.

Серия: The Destroyer
Balance Of Power

Remo and Chiun must focus on the dizzy series of event connecting the banana republic of Hispania, the Peaches of Mecca, and a luscious blonde named Gloria X. The missing link lies in the tequila-soaked brain of Barney Daniels, an ex-CIA agent who is spirited away to a mental hospital when he tips a few wild stories to the press. Under the influence of an intoxicating woman, the groggy sot becomes a hired assassin and gets into some tight situations. Every cutthroat in New York City is plying him with drinks to find out what he knows, and Daniels is having a high time . . . until someone slips him a mickey. It all comes back to his staggering memory in a dream: it's not the U.S. but the Russkies who are pouring missiles into the lush jungles of Hispania. Unless Remo and Chiun act fast, Washington, D.C. is likely to get blasted.

Серия: The Destroyer
Bamboo Dragon

It's a jungle out there - and the Destroyer may become the next endangered species.HOT, MOIST, DANGEROUS

Deep in the Malaysian jungle a group of scientists gets a lethal surprise, and a lone survivor rants about a prehistoric monster who eats men alive.

The survivor dies with bizarre symptoms - and CURE's Dr.Harold Smith wants answers. So Remo, his favorite problem solver, finds himself armed with a brand-new doctorate and joining an international expedition to look for the next Jurassic park.

But things heat up even more in the jungle. Who's to tell what the adventure will be, what with a sexy lady professor, the hidden agenda of expedition members, and the hot breath of something big, dangerous and undreamed of deep in the rain forest's heart.

Серия: The Destroyer
Bay City Blast

"Yes," Smith said, "he is taking over the city. He is giving an open invitation to organized crime to move its operations into Bay City. He's opening the piers so that contraband can move in and out easily, so drugs can flow freely. Mob interests are coming from all over the country . . . setting up cutting rooms and jewelry factories for stolen diamonds . . . printing facilities for counterfeit stock certificates and securities . . . major counting rooms for what may become the nation's biggest illegal gambling operations. It'll be the crime capital of the U.S. within a few months!" "Well, there's capitalism at work again. Proving that our system works best," Remo said. " . . . And we want you and Chiun to keep him alive. Of course, he won't know who you are or who you work for," Smith said. "Or why. Which includes us, as usual. But that's OK, if we can't kill him with kindness, then we'll CURE him," Remo said. "Let's not get into that," Smith gasped.

Серия: The Destroyer
Скачивание и чтение запрещены Rights Holder: Kensington Publishing
Bidding War

The Art Of The Deal

Budget cuts are every administrator's nightmare, but CURE's own Dr. Harold Smith has a real whopper. A battle over bullion prompts Chiun to seek better pastures, and he's dragging Remo along.

Word spreads like wildfire: the fabled assassins of the House of Sinanju are hiring out to the highest bidder. While the desperate Dr. Smith is panicking big-time, rogue nations are trying to beat out, burn down and bump off the competition - before the highest bid gets the goods.

It's a seller's market for the lethal duo, and their success is assured - if there's anything left of the planet after the bidding way.

Серия: The Destroyer
Blood Lust

Remo surrenders to a sex goddess armed to seduce and destroy the Destroyer.

"Arms Race To The Finish Line"

Normally Remo didn't care how evil enemies were armed. The Destroyer could take on everything from brass knuckles to H-bombs. But now he faced a foe equipped with arms that even he couldn't overcome. For the many arms of the goddess Kali were attached to the most fabulous body in the universe of love. And with Chiun trapped in the spirit world, Remo's flesh turned weak as his iron will melted down in the arms of a female who had the fate of the world in her many fiendish hands.

Серия: The Destroyer
Blood Ties

The Guru of Garbage

Lyle Lavellette was known to some as Detroit's maverick genius, and to others as the biggest gasbag the auto city had ever seen. But now this golden-tongued tycoon had proved his critics wrong by producing a car that could free Americans from the oily grip of OPEC. His new car would run on compressed garbage and consign all other carmakers to the refuse heap. When a deadly assassin is sent to throw a bloody monkey wrench into Lavellette's odiferous enterprise, the Destroyer and his Oriental mentor Chiun are sent in to stop the slaying-only to find out that the name of the mysterious hit man was Remo Williams. Remo Williams? The one man the Destroyer could not destroy!

Серия: The Destroyer
Bloody Tourists

A-Kickin' and A-Grinnin'

The tiny Caribbean tourist trap of Union Island wants to declare its independence from the U.S. And while baby-faced island leader Greg Grom's "Free Union Island" movement is taken about as seriously as a summer day, good ol' Greg is touring Dixieland's hot spots, from the honky-tonks to the hee-haws, trying to rally support for the cause. And some weird stuff is happening . . .

Ordinary beer-swilling, foot-stomping, line-dancing yahoos are running amok, brawling like beasts on a rampage. Remo Williams -- currently not experiencing a lot of job satisfaction as Reigning Master -- spots the connection between the doofball from Union Island and the redneck killer zombies. And he's pretty sure Greg is slipping something into the local brew, but the why is another matter. No biggie. Remo's not in a mood to make friends, or deal with the Chiun's abuse or CURE's insults. He's here to smoke some bacon. Happily.

Серия: The Destroyer
Blue Smoke and Mirrors

"The Horror Is Quicker Than The Eye When Remo And Chiun Go After An Invisible Enemy"

"Now You See It..."

Someone - or something - is walking right through the walls of America's top nuclear missile facility, and walking off with some of the world's deadliest secrets.

Someone has mastered an unholy power that makes Chiun believe in ghosts.

Someone has perfected a mind-defying magic that beats anything in Remo's bag of tricks.

Unless Remo can take his eyes off the chest of a buxom beauty with a chip on her shoulder...unless Chiun can come down to earth from the sphere of the supernatural...America's nuclear safety and her two supreme defenders will be victims of a disappearing act...

Серия: The Destroyer
Bottom Line

The president is calling. Dr. Harold W. Smith, head of the secret agency known as CURE, took the phone from the bottom left drawer of his desk and answered with a sigh, "Yes, sir." The President of the United States could not directly assign CURE to do anything, he could only suggest. The one and only order any president could give CURE would be for its immediate dissolution. And five presidents now hadn't quite done that. Though all five were often tempted. "What do you know about the Lippincott case?" the Southern voice asked. Smith regurgitated a two-page, single-spaced capsule of hard information. "Uh, huh. Well, I hear there's a plot to kill all the Lippincotts, and it has something to do with animals. Weird experiments, like," "I see," Smith gagged. "Yeah, and I think it involves my having the Lippincotts use their clout to open up new trading markets in China." The hint was clear. The White House would like the Destroyer to take a look at the situation. "You'll be using those two, I suppose?" Smith rolled his eyes upward, "I imagine so." "Whatever you say," he drawled, "just, er, um, tell them to keep the deaths down.

Серия: The Destroyer
Brain Drain

Artists, composers, and writers are being mutilated and destroyed in the bloodiest murders in police history. This maniac is taking one thing - their brains! The chief of CURE nearly ends up as the next corpse . . . Remo and Chiun are acting fast, and discovering the killer's an old enemy, stockpiling brains to extract the creativity he's lacking . . . They are tracking him to Hollywood - top brain center - where work can be fun! A sexy agent wants Remo for a new career . . . Chiun meets his soap opera idol . . . and there's a great spectacle coming: irresistible force, Sinanju, meeting indestructible object, Mr. Gordons.

Серия: The Destroyer
Brain Storm

It's computer crime of the highest order when an electronic shadow force steals all of CURE's secrets, including those of Remo and the Master of Sinanju, and begins manipulating them for their own mysterious purposes. It's up to Remo to crack this secret organization before they can begin the downloading of the unimaginable threat--the Fourth Reich.

Серия: The Destroyer
By Eminent Domain


Things are changing for the supersecret organization known as CURE. Dr. Harold Smith has a protégé, Remo is thinking about apprentice shopping and Chiun is fantasizing about retirement from the headaches of the job (i.e., Remo). Yet the world still has big trouble to dish out for the master assassins-and this time it's a real doozy.

Somebody's given America an eviction notice in Alaska-in the form of mass murder. Pipeline workers and dozens of U.S. troops are being slaughtered by a mysterious "ghost force" of silent killers. Remo and Chiun recognize the techniques-a bargain basement brand of Sinanju-which poses an alarming question. Who has trained an army of die-hard Soviet troops in the ancient, secret art of the master assassins?

Серия: The Destroyer
Chained Reaction

Black is not only beautiful, it's Ruby Gonzalez . . . the wild CIA lady with a sure cure for what ails Remo and Chiun. Remo Williams just can't seem to forget he was once a Newark cop. But when you're the Destroyer you do need a little humility. Yellow, the worth of gold, the texture of parchment, the color of the sun source itself . . . and, in the inscrutable, insuperable, Chiun, a veritable galaxy of wisdom and power. And fun at a riot. It will be all over when Southern idiots with whips and chains, and Northern madmen with money attempt to reduce business costs by raising slavery to new levels of efficiency. The Destroyer, with a little help from his two friends, proves that billions of dollars and armies of thugs just aren't enough. Then bucks and Ruby will do . . .

Серия: The Destroyer
Child's Play

The government's Witness Protection Program has been hitting a bit of a snag lately. Despite their brand new secret identities, certain loose-lipped mob stoolies are getting blown away by a group of gun-toting adolescents. And in an effort to save face, a big-mouth Army bigwig's been pointing the accusing finger at the wrong assassins - Remo Williams and his mentor, Sinanju master Chiun! There's a new kind of "baby boom" going around. And before he plays dead for a bunch of homicidal half-pints, the Destroyer is going to nip the poisonous peewee pandemonium in the bud!

Серия: The Destroyer
Chinese Puzzle

A Chinese diplomat is decidedly deceased and the communist chairman's advisor is shanghaied while burrowing in the Bronx. The State Department is seeing red and a sour situation gets spicy. Now Remo Williams and his Korean mentor, Master Chiun, must save the abducted adviser and compromise the conspiracy before the kung fu hits the fan. As the US and China prepare for nuclear battle and an assassin's bullet has The Destroyer's name on it, the fate of the world is as complicated to solve as a Chinese Puzzle.

Серия: , The Destroyer
Coin of the Realm

Moo wasn't exactly your typical island paradise

Its fat-cat master made his subjects slaves to his greed. Its beautiful princess was motivated by lust-for money or whatever. Its people were far deeper into digging their ruler's grave than his mines. And its only tourists were a dollar-demented psychic charlatan named Shane Billiken and a crew of money-mad murderers from the back pages of Soldier of Fortune.

In short, Moo was a bubbling caldron of every cardinal sin..and Remo and Chiun had to sweat blood to keep the lid on..as Chiun ran into an evil with too many tentacles even for him..and Remo found how dangerous a royal female could be when it came to attacking his principles- or whatever...

Серия: The Destroyer
Cold Warrior

When impoverished Cuba is attacked, Castro is sure that the U.S. is behind the assault, and he sends a MiG fighter jet to destroy a nuclear power plant in Florida, prompting Remo and Chiun to spring to action.

Серия: The Destroyer
Created, The Destroyer

When ex-New Jersey cop Remo Williams is electrocuted for the murder of a dope-dealing goon, CURE, a super-secret government agency that doesn't really exist, schemes to resurrect Remo as the ultimate killing machine that will carry out most of its dirty plans. Under the direction of expert assassin Master Chiun, Remo is transformed into the Destroyer and launches a series of secret plots to dissolve the underworld.

Серия: The Destroyer
Dangerous Games

The Olympics promise to be a rare relaxation in the tensions between the States and Russia, until a racial purist decides to punish America's multi-racial track-and-field team. The Americans, Russians, and Germans are confident that they can stop this racial terrorism until a bomb explodes in the super-secure Olympic village, killing two Russian security guards just before the torch is lit. As the threats come racing in, CURE's agents Remo and Chiun put on their running shoes.and join the U.S.'s Olympic team. Enlisting the aid of a beautiful and flexible Indian gymnast, Remo and Chiun race to track down the terrorists who vow to permanently disqualify America's track-and-field squad. But when the terrorists turn on Remo and Chiun, it's a sprint to the finish for CURE's agents to keep the Olympic torch aflame.

Серия: The Destroyer
Dark Horse

An ordinary California political campaign turns into a thriller when someone begins killing off the candidates, and it is up to Remo and Chiun to stop him.

Серия: The Destroyer
Date with Death


The heat's on. Bodies are strewn acrosss the Sunbelt. Who they are and where they came from is shrouded in mystery. The casualties are still mounting when Remo and Chiun come to cool things off - unprepared for the discoveries that await them there, like the impregnable mountain fortress where 242 beautiful senoritas are being imprisoned. And the insidious plot that has them earmarked as gifts for America's most powerful men. And the blackmail that's sure to follow..

Rescue operations begin at once, with Remo's job-and life-on the line, as he and his mentor tackle a new Old West that's wilder than the shootout at the O.K. Corral!

Серия: The Destroyer
Deadly Genes


Meet the Boss Camelus-Whitus, affectionately known as BBQ to the genetic engineers at Boston Bio, Brainchild of the beautiful but sociopathic Dr. Judith White, this homely, sad-eyed creature is a bio-masterpiece of gene splicing, and billed as the world's most promising new food source.

A bungled kidnapping of the BBQ by animal rights activists results in the unfortunate discovery that these slow, silly-looking creatures might actually be bloodthirsty killers.

Vicious man-eaters or docile darlings? Chiun wants one for a pet and Remo's getting real bad vibes about the sinister secrets behind the whole BBQ thing, especially he's been selected as the prime stud material in a madwoman's brilliant plot to send the human race out to lunch...permanently.

Серия: The Destroyer
Deadly Seeds

James Orayo Fielding is a multimillionaire. He hates people. Considers them little more than bugs . . . to be controlled or eradicated. Fielding also has a new way to solve the famine that is escalating in many overpopulated countries. It is a secret grain treatment that matures seeds in just one month. News of this spectacular process sweeps across the world. Starving nations of India, Asia, Africa, and South America literally ransom their treasures to be given the formula for this key to survival. Ecologists and world leaders are proclaiming Fielding as a hero to mankind. All this adulation merely bugs the wily old man. He'll do as he pleases, when he damn well chooses to do so, and harvest all the profits himself. Foreign agents attempt to steal the formula. Even the Mafia attempts to get into the picture. Naturally, CURE is also involved. Is it really possible to feed the world at discount prices? Why would a millionaire delay the chance to make billions of dollars? Remo and Chiun discover a triple-cross so sinister that even they are impressed, and decide that the world is worth saving after all. For a bowl of rice with a side order of raw bean sprouts to go.

Серия: The Destroyer
Скачивание и чтение запрещены Rights Holder: Kensington Publishing
Death Check

The big brains behind the business usually have many pots boiling on their stove, or running their think engines as the case may be. But when the business motto of the Brewster forum, "Pursuing Research Into Original Thought", leads them to some eccentric affairs that throw them far enough off track, Remo Williams enlists the help of his Master Chiun to solve a harrowing crime.

Серия: The Destroyer
Death Therapy

Brilliant and dazzlingly beautiful Dr. Lithia Forrester is masterminding an undercover agency that is stealing America's top secrets. The group is infiltrating the highest echelons of the U.S. government and planning to sell the information at an international auction, where every country's ante is a billion in gold - control of the USA going to the highest bidder. What the small army doesn't know is they are subjects of Dr. Forrester's mind control experiments. They are doing themselves in, while the lovely doctor reaps the rewards. That is, until Remo and Chiun crush the plot and save the country - then both buyer and selling may be going . . . going . . . gone!

Серия: The Destroyer
Disloyal Opposition



Barkley, California, has always been a counterculture kind of a place, but now, its local historical society has decided they've had enough of Washington's politically incorrect ways.  They are seceding from the union...and they've hire an ex-KGB general with a supersecret particle beam weapon to blow up anything that moves so they can live in harmony and nonviolence.

The news of some weird - the term being relative - scene happening in Barkley gives Dr. Smith an excuse to dispatch Remo and Chiun, who have been hanging around CURE headquarters far too long.  Ironically, from across the former Iron Curtain, another secret specter is hunting the Russian mad dog as well - someone Remo believes to be dead. The first great war of the 21st century promises to be a wild scene for all, including Smith, who just received a special gift from an ex-president: an assistant director for CURE.

Серия: The Destroyer
Dr Quake

Forber isn't a mad scientist, he's a tectonic technician with a touch for terror who goes by the name "Dr. Quake". California's touchy San Andreas Fault is in danger of being professionally provoked. But it's not Dr. Quake's fault, for someone has split with his earthquake machine. If this dastardly deviant doesn't get a million dollars in cold hard cash he is going to shake down Southern California for a whole lot more. Luckily, shakedowns and natural disasters are just what the doctor ordered for Remo Williams, Korean death master Chiun's trained killing machine, because when it comes to finding weapons of mass destruction, it takes one to find one. After our Destroyer sifts through the blackmail and terror it's the pompous perpetrator who won't be left standing.

Серия: The Destroyer
Dying Space

When a garbageman in California is found skinned alive, Remo and Chiun figure it's a dirty business. When the same man starts showing up in the company of a tipsy lady scientist, they know something's really rotten. But finding out the new face belongs to an old foe - a deadly enemy they killed themselves - they know trouble's heading right for their laps, and they've got to move fast to keep from landing down in the dumps . . . for good. Hot on a trail littered with peril, Remo and Chiun head for Moscow where the KGB, the scientist, and the once-dead enemy of Sinanju teach them just who's going to bury whom? As they waste away in a Soviet prison, America's future is coming to a head - a warhead. And with Remo and Chiun incarcerated, the U.S. is going to be incinerated . . . unless, somehow, the odds shift to give the good guys a fighting chance . . .

Серия: The Destroyer
Encounter Group

Close Encounters

Is it a space odyssey or a spaced-out hoax? The answer isn't clear, but this much is certain: a stranger from a strange land has come to earth and recruited a squadron of space cadets to launch a campaign against America's nuclear arsenal. The gravity of the situation prompts Harold W. Smith, director of the top-secret government agency CURE, to order Remo and Chiun to blast the scheme out of orbit.

And it should be just a routine assignment for the world's top assassins. Only Chiun believes the alien is fulfilling an ancient legend of Sinanju, and he takes off to join the space colony. And all at once Remo finds himself not only at odds with his mentor, but single-handedly trying to stave off the war of the worlds!

Серия: The Destroyer
Engines of Destruction

In the wake of several dangerous railroad accidents where a masked samurai swordsman is seen repeatedly, Dr. Harold Smith sends his associates Remo Williams and Master Chiun to pose as DOT investigators.

Серия: The Destroyer
Fade to Black


Something smells at Cabbagehead Productions. Ticket sales for the indie company's slasher movies  are skyrocketing, thanks to the publicity of some real-life murders.  Remo draws the short straw to dump whoever is behind these stunts on the cutting room floor.

But now it's time for the feature presentation: a terrorist bomb in New York...the White House under siege...hours of nonstop action...edge-of-your-seat thrills from the summer's biggest blockbuster: Die Down IV.

Remo's problem isn't the army of extras hired to commit murder, or the truck bombs rigged to blow a Hollywood studio sky-high.  It's the Master Of Sinanju himself, Chiun, busy strutting like a tyrant and generally wreaking havoc on the set of his own top-secret movie...and smack in the middle of the greatest epic disaster of all time.

Серия: The Destroyer
Failing Marks

Golden Mirage

The losers or World War II and their descendants have carved out their own little slice of heaven in the mountains of Argentina. In this staging area to the Fourth Reich, the promise of the dream reborn dawned as bright as a new German mark. But when the Destroyer's brain was downloaded onto disks, he took the whole matter very personally. That put an end to the whole affair - almost.

Adolf Kluge, the head of the secret organization known as IV, has an eleventh-hour plan that may just refinance the whole sweet dream. He's come into some money: a centuries-old treasure belonging to the venerable house of Sinanju. But then, he isn't aware just how sensitive the Master of Sinanju is regarding this precious metal....

At first the idea of a trilogy turned me off.  But then I thought about what I'm doing now - reading all the Friend books , then all the Nuihc books, then the Mr.Gordons, and so on. Basically taking the super-baddies and reading them in series. The downside is the years that pass, the upside is the continuity in the character.  With this mini-series, it should be all upside!

Серия: The Destroyer
Father to Son

There's some nasty sibling rivalry in the family assassination business . . .

For Remo, Sinanju's Holiest tradition is "cash up front"

But as his long road to the rank of Reigning Master of the venerable house of assassins nears its end, the Time of Succession ritual begins. For the enforcement arm of CURE, this means making his way around the globe, killing the best assassins money can buy -- and proving to kings and presidents alike that Sinanju is the primo strategic weapon around.

For a reasonable fee, of course.

But there is a storm cloud on the horizon of Chiun's retirement and Remo's promotion: a dark nemesis has been reborn from the fires of evil and has unleashed his plot for vengeance. He starts by looting Chiun's treasure-filled basement in Sinanju. But he won't stop until he has fulfilled a prophecy of doom that even Chiun may not be able to thwart: the death of the Destroyer.

Серия: The Destroyer
Feast or Famine

Invisible swarms of insects are in the rampage, heading towards America's heartland. Immune to pesticides, the creatures are consuming farms, leveling wheat and cornfields. On the frontlines, Remo and the Master of Sinanju face not only the insurgent insects, but the Iowa Disorganized Militia - convinced this pestilence is actually a government conspiracy.

Is the insect kingdom mobilizing to reclaim the planet...or is it something entirely different behind it all? Unless the Destroyer can combat this disaster, a whole nation may start dropping like flies.

Серия: The Destroyer
Feeding Frenzy

While searching for the lethal ingredient in a popular snack food, Remo and Chiun encounter an exotic beauty determined to make Chiun her instant enemy and Remo her love slave.

Серия: The Destroyer
Firing Line

Ruby is too hot to handle, and Remo is being ordered to play fireman. But friendship comes first, even to a Master of Sinanju, and Remo is steaming mad. Mad enough, in fact, to walk out. It's out of the frying pan and into the fire because Chiun, deferring to tradition, refuses to quit CURE. And they both know that soon he could be hot on Remo's tail. But the heat's really on when Remo meets up with Sparky, a walking Molotov cocktail. New York firefighters are walking off the job, and an arson gang, with Sparky in tow, has decided to strike while the iron's hot. Unless they receive the ransom they demand, they'll turn the city into the biggest backyard barbecue in history.

Серия: The Destroyer
Fool's Gold

It's a routine archaeological find, on a routine archaeological dig-until the strange inscription on a buried plaque is translated. Then all at once the entire world is prospecting for gold-a whole mountain of it-hidden centuries before by an ancient Latin American people.

The U.S. is determined to stake a claim because that much gold, in the wrong hands, could destroy the free world's economy. But nothing's panning out, and the only person who can decipher the clues to the gold's location might not live long enough to complete the task. It seems everyone's trying to kill her...

There's only one CURE for gold fever-Remo and Chiun. But unless they strike it rich, this gold rush is bound to be a bust, and the free market along with it. Unfortunately, our heroes' luck is about played out...

Серия: The Destroyer
Funny Money

The San Diego branch of the Secret Service is receiving some absolutely perfect counterfeit U.S. currency in the mail, and getting nervous. A flood of these bogus bucks could cripple the economy. But plans for using the funny money are more devious than that - and it's all the work of an utterly gorgeous impossible brilliant female scientist and her not-quite-human associate, Mr. Gordons. She's holding the world's monetary system, as ransom for a NASA space-age computer program so advanced its use on earth is limited. In space? That's another matter - a matter for Remo Williams, the Destroyer, to settle before the future of America -- and the world -- becomes the property of a beautiful, diabolical creature and her unstoppable sidekick!

Серия: The Destroyer
Ghost in the Machine

Buried in his debts, billionaire Randal T. Rumpp makes a deal with a fiend who is intent on sending the Big Apple into the darkest depths of the earth, and only Remo and Chiun can stop him.

Серия: The Destroyer
Ground Zero

Where had all the Flower Children gone?

What was nifty in the '60s was nasty in the '90s. Hippies were crazed eco-freaks out to save the earth by destroying the square world. And the image of a Haight-Ashbury angel named Sky Bluel played with atomic weaponry instead of love beads.

But if the flower children had gone to hell, they met their monstrous match in the mega-mogul of the 80s, Connors "Con" Swindell, who gave the concept of blood money diabolical new dimension to save his empire of avarice.

Caught between the strike force of self-righteous savagery and the desperate last stand of grab-it-all-greed, Remo and Chiun faced the most deadly challenge and shocking climax of their career...

Серия: The Destroyer
High Priestess

When an American national ascends the throne in China and begins a territorial war, Remo Williams and his martial arts master, Chiun, rush in to restore peace.

Серия: The Destroyer
Holy Terror

The Divine Bliss Mission in India is just another money hustle - till its leader begins using his disciples to penetrate the higher U.S. echelons. The Blissful Master, alias whiz-kid Dom, has a nice line in drug-induced bliss for the converted and a sideline in painful death for unbelievers that have cost CURE four Agents. Remo and Chiun hit India, Dom flees, but curvaceous follower Joleen is prepared to embrace a new master - the outraged Chiun. Leaving behind them a trail of blissful dead, the three head for home - and more trouble.

Серия: The Destroyer
Identity Crisis


Could Dr. Harold Smith be Remo Williams's biological father? Not only is Remo a few decades behind in Father's Day cards, but the discovery has sparked the volatile relationship between Remo, a very jealous Chiun, and Smith - who can't let his own son remain CURE's expendable enforcement arm.

But in his padded cell, one of CURE's archenemies has been quietly regaining his extraordinary mental powers. His evil mind is culling gray matter and projecting diabolical illusions, putting a dizzying spin on real world events. The whole "family ties" freak-out at CURE is his brainstorm...and it may be enough to destroy the secret crime-fighting organization forever.

Серия: The Destroyer
In Enemy Hands

A congressional committee investigates abuses by America's spy network and winds up gutting our nation's intelligence system. Suddenly the Russians are having a field day; their special killer teams roam Europe at will. American spies turn up dead. In capitals around the world, meetings are held to plan the next anti-American escapade. American is defenseless before the rest of the world . . . Well, not quite defenseless. America's two secret weapons, Remo Williams, the Destroyer, and his incredible Korean teacher, Chiun, a master assassin, are being thrown into the breach. They are being sent overseas to start restoring some sense of safety and sanity to the world's balance of power. But the Soviets don't give up that easily. They have a secret weapon too, and when they unleash it, Remo and Chiun find themselves poised for a battle to the death . . . With each other!

Серия: The Destroyer
Infernal Revenue

Remo and Chiun join forces with Harold Smith and his crime-fighting organization in their battle against an artificial intelligence computer chip called Friend that hijacks CURE's computer system and holds the world hostage to technoterrorism.

Серия: The Destroyer
Judgment Day

The new director is ordering the Destroyer and his mentor Chiun to kill Smith, the director of CURE. They are searching for Smith, who is successfully hiding, when immediate trouble begins for the deadly duo, because Chiun doesn't want to agree to the killing. Smith is Chiun's emperor, the man who pays the salary that supports the ancient village of Sinanju. Chiun doesn't know about CURE, just about Smith, and the cash always arrives on time. That's enough. Remo is a company man though, a trained killer who works for CURE, the top-secret agency that doesn't exist, and if they don't want Smith to exist any longer, it is his job to murder him. Orders are orders. But who is the new director? Who hired him and who fired Smith? Could there be another infiltrator? CURE's security has been violated before, and there is always that possibility. There are a lot of questions to be answered before judgment day arrives.

Серия: The Destroyer
Kill Or Cure

A plot designed by the United States' top-secret agency, CURE, to dispose of a certain corrupt politician, is revealed in what unravels into a national scandal. The agency must be dismantled before greater suspicions arise and one of the top leaders, The Destroyer, is finally destroyed himself. But Master Chiun's days of work haven't ended, and he's not waiting around for his sidekick Remo to be out of a job either. The two are determined to do whatever possible to keep each other in business and continue to bring justice to society.

Серия: The Destroyer
Killer Chromosomes

What happens when an insane female scientist discovers a genetic link between species - and experiments on herself? She transforms into a tiger - the man-eating kind. Wild, beautiful and deadly, Dr. Sheila Feinberg tests her new savage nature and leaves a trail of mangled male corpses behind. Insatiable, she stalks the only man worthy of her hunger for power, Remo Williams, the Destroyer. Ordered to stop the menace, Remo becomes both hunter and bait for this she-devil and winds up her prisoner, the stud she needs to create a new race. As Remo fights her bloodlust, master assassin Chiun circles in for the final kill to end the threat to humankind!

Серия: The Destroyer
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Killer Watts


What do you get when you cross a maniac with a microwave? An army experiment gone wrong - and a walking power plant with a compulsion to kill.

Complete with optical sensors, capacitors and rechargeable batteries, Elizu Roote has been transformed to a bionic monster whose death zaps are nothing sort of...electrifying.

Not even a body trained to the perfection that is Sinanju can withstand a jolt from this human lightning bug.  Remo's in  coma and now it's up to Chiun and Dr. Smith to find a way to short out this live wire's lethal charge. ASAP. With death pouring like hellfire from his metal-plated fingertips, Roote just keeps on killing and killing and...

Серия: The Destroyer
Killing Time

America's beautiful people are playing follow-the-leader with their latest guru, diet doctor Felix Foxx. As Foxx's disciples are dropping pounds, however, U.S. military leaders are dropping like flies. Coincidence? Maybe. But CURE's been counting causalities, and Remo and Chiun are being dispatched to muscle in and settle the score. They arrive too late at Foxx's fat farm - a fool's paradise where the wealthy go to buy time. And where, it appears, the smart set are losing a lot more than cellulite . . . Our heroes stumble onto an insidious plot - one that's eating away at the very core of Western civilization. And even racing against time, they've got a slim chance of stopping it . . .

Серия: The Destroyer
King's Curse

New York graffiti artists are leaving their marks everywhere. Even on museum exhibit Uctut, the massive stone idol of the Actatl tribe, who had secretly survived since Cortes and his conquistadors. They are avenging the insult by killing museum trustees and a congressman - by the ancient ritual of cutting out their hearts! Remo and Chiun are entering the fray with ancient Sinanju, and Actatls biting the dust as the tribe musters to do battle with CURE. Meanwhile, Remo is acquiring two camp followers. One can't keep her mouth shut, the other can't keep her clothes on . . . the odds are sure loaded against CURE.

Серия: The Destroyer
Last Call

During a CIA budget war, a group of assassins mistakenly triggers an ingenious CIA plot originally planned in the 1950s - and a worldwide killing spree of top-level Russian officials begins . . . Only the Destroyer, with the all-wise Chiun and the ever-wild Ruby, can stop them from reaching their primary target - the Russian premier! However, in the midst of all this carnage, Chiun still wants Remo and Ruby to create a super baby as heir to Sinanju, before the government's budget cuts wipe out welfare funds! How will The Destroyer cope with life and death, love and procreation, all at once?

Серия: The Destroyer
Last Drop

It's enough to give a drug pusher nightmares: thousands upon thousands of sober citizens are suddenly turning on and dropping out-for-free-and the illicit narcotics business has ground to a halt.

Under other circumstances, the pushers' plight would be cause for official celebration. But this time Washington's good and worried. And when the rock-ribbed Harold W. Smith, head of the supersecret agency CURE, knuckles under to the first buzz of his life, it's clearly time for Remo and Chiun to take matters into their own hands. Trouble is, Remo's suffering a mid-life career crisis, and he's flirting with retirement...

With the backbone of America melting into Silly Putty, will the land of the free be transformed into the land of the Lotus-Eaters? It's a loaded question, and the answer lies with an 80 year old Korean assassin and his rebellious pupil...

Серия: The Destroyer
Last Rites


The Sinanju Rite of Attainment sounds like a nightmare for Remo Williams. But as the desciple of the last Korean Master, he can't play hooky.

Bounced around the world to perform the Labors of Hercules, Remo finds the days no joy and the nights sheer hell that stretch his warriors skills to the limit.

And when the final challenge comes, Remo realizes that somebody's dying is the only prize to be won...

Серия: The Destroyer
Last War Dance

The rebels from the Revolutionary Indian Party plan on capturing the small midwestern town of Wounded Elk, intent on a final showdown against the white man. But only CURE knows that just outside the city limits is the Cassandra - the United States' most secret nuclear installation, an atomic doomsday machine big enough to blow up the world. Remo and Chiun are needed - to divert the Indian attack on the monument where the Cassandra is hidden. And to stop a ruthless KGB agent from finding the deadly weapon.

Серия: The Destroyer
Lords of the Earth


He's big. He's black. He's bad. And he ain't afraid of no DDT. The Lord of the Killer Flies was a buggy billionaire, out to liberate oppressed vermin everywhere. He didn't include people in that category. The Destroyer did. Still, he thought the world was worth saving.

Feisty little species, though. Even for a two-man SWAT team like Remo and Chiun. There were computers to humiliate, bombs to beat, and terrorists to terminate. And an honest-to-God fly hotel, where the Destroyer checked in to help the other guests check out...permanently.

Серия: The Destroyer
Lost Yesterday

Remo and his mentor Chuin match wits with the wealthy and evil Rubin Dolomo, director of POWERESSENCE, a cult that aims to use the ultimate brainwashing weapon to take control of the U.S. government.

Серия: The Destroyer
Mafia Fix

When ten billion filthy drug dollars' worth of heroin pollutes the Jersey shore and threatens to make the Mafia a second Evil Empire, the president knows there's just one man who can stop a Jersey Kingpin from destroying the country and that's an ex-Jersey cop resurrected and nicknamed the Destroyer. Remo Williams is on a mission to mainline death and destruction into the Cosa Nostra before Main Street gets stuck. But how will Master Chiun's masterpiece of a human killing machine score? Will history's biggest drug score go bust? With Remo on the mission you know he'll sniff out the swine and cover his tracks but when he gets to the top will he find he's gone too high and realize that the Mafia fix is in?

Серия: The Destroyer
Market Force


Somebody is using television as a mind control vehicle, sending subliminal messages to hollow-eyed  viewers, and turning ordinary couch potatoes into raging mobs programmed to kill. A secret enemy dares to take over the world - by controlling it's greatest natural resource: the boob tube.

Worse, it's soon clear that whoever is behind the conspiracy knows about CURE and plans to preempt its mission to protect the world. Will Remo and Chiun kill each other...or just change the channel? Will Harold Smith discover his new assistant is a traitor...or just a victim of bad programming. Will the Destroyer be cancelled by a certain network bigwig...or will the most fiendish plot ever to grip the airways become just another failure in the cutthroat world of big entertainment?

Серия: The Destroyer
Master's Challenge

Buying Time...

An ancient legend comes to life when assassins from three great tribes of warriors set up shop in the village of Sinanju, with the wholesale destruction of Remo Williams on their minds. For a guy like Remo, a little mortal combat's no big deal, but this time, a day's work only buys him trouble. A powerful old enemy is back in business, determined to close out Remo's account, and even with all the skills of Sinanju, Remo keeps coming up short.

To make matters worse, Harold W. Smith, director of CURE, is sitting on the deadliest threat to U.S. security he's ever encountered, and no one's minding the store. If Remo and Chiun don't turn up soon, the free enterprise system will be out of business, and Smith will have hell to pay - with his life and the future of his country.

Серия: The Destroyer
Midnight Man

Now you see him, now you don't! Law-enforcement officials think they've see everything until they bump into Elmo Wimpler, the inventor of a substance that can make anything invisible. Wimpler's found his niche in life by dropping out of sight - literally - and killing with a device that crushes skulls. His victims are multiplying, there are no clues in sight, and authorities are groping in the dark. Under suspicion themselves, Remo and Chiun set out to play blindman's buff with the killer no one can see, but they, too, draw a blank. As they stalk their quarry sight unseen, the assassin's ultimate target materializes a deposed Middle Eastern sovereign with a $25 million price tag on his head. The United States has granted him asylum, and it's up to Remo and Chiun to bring the curtain down on Wimpler's operation before he sends the monarch to Kingdom Come . . .

Серия: The Destroyer
Misfortune Teller

Eastern Propaganda

When Chiun an infomercial produced by Man Hyung Sun and his cult of Loonies,   he revels in the leader's sales pitch about the Sun Source and upcoming conversion of all humanity into Koreans. After all, what could be more divine. Chiun knows he has found a true holy man.  Remo knows he has found a true nut.

When the CURE pair thwart assassins at a Loonie mass wedding, Chiun is elevated to hero and close personal friend of Sun - and Remo's just fed up.  Especially as CURE ships him to North Korea, where brainwashed American Loonies are dancing to their leader's tune in a gambit to all-out war.

But Korea isn't the only split faction at war. Chiun's had about enough of his pupil's disrespect for the Seer Sun, and the former happy couple is headed for the mother of all battles...

Серия: The Destroyer
Missing Link

Beer for breakfast, that's how the brother-in-law of the President of the United States starts his day. Beer is his food, his fuel, and his future, if not his finale. His sudsy philosophy immersed him in a continuing controversy, embarrassing the White House, and making him a media personality. It is also giving him some very lucrative consulting jobs for foreign governments. Like the Libyans. They want his help in obtaining plutonium . . . For peaceful purposes, of course . . . a Holy War against Israel being the furthest thing from their minds. Suddenly good old Bobby Jack is missing. And the list of suspects seems endless. America's number-one beer drinker is finally muzzled. But by whom? The Bad Guys or the Good Guys? Terrorists or patriots? The Libyans or the Israelis? The Secret Service or the Mafia? The Destroyer?

Серия: The Destroyer
Mob Psychology

Zap! You're dead!

The Mafia had entered the computer age with a vengeance. The game they were playing went way beyond Pac-Man. They didn't make images vanish from a screen - they made human beings vanish from the earth. With the world's biggest computer company in their pocket, they had the world in their power - and only Remo and Chiun had a swiftly disappearing chance of pulling the plug on this megabyte menace and debugging its satanic system before it programmed the Destroyer himself for destruction...

Серия: The Destroyer
Mugger Blood

Word on the streets is don't mess with the Lords. The Saxon Lords kill for cigarette money and rule the New York ghettos with fear. Even the cops stay off their turf. But one man can't stay away when he reads about the brutal beating of an old woman in broad daylight. Remo Williams, the Destroyer, goes hunting for punks. Stalking the slums with Chiun, master Sinanju assassin, Remo starts his own program of urban renewal. The Big Apple will never be the same.

Серия: The Destroyer
Murder Ward

The Robler Clinic is getting a reputation for too many deaths during routine operations. A gorgeous female administrator, Ms. Kathy Hahl, is discovering a profitable little racket, and her tame anaesthetist, Dan Demmet, is playing along nicely. When timid mother-dominated Nathan David Wilberforce - a subject of special interest to CURE - comes to a premature death at the clinic, Remo and Chiun decide it is time to infiltrate... And it is Remo who books in as the 'patient' - exposing him to the rare and deadly ageing drug.

Серия: The Destroyer
Murder's Shield

An army of renegade cops across the country have been assigned the task of squashing criminal cockroaches under their boots. It's a dirty job and the White House entrusts it to only one man - The Destroyer. Between Master Chiun's exquisite sense of justice and Remo Williams' knack for murder, they are ready to bring justice to town once and for all.

Серия: The Destroyer
Never Say Die

It seems an open-and-shut case when crime-scene clues in an international series of assassinations lead to one man. But when that killer dies by his own hand, things turn strange. Further killings reveal that the culprit has the exact fingerprints and genetic code of the dead and find that a corporate "security" firm is engineering genetics and bringing new meaning to the term "biological warfare". .

Серия: The Destroyer
Next Of Kin

Remo and Chiun arrive at the vacation paradise of St. Maarten, only to find they're deep in Dutch. The beautiful island is a very ugly scene. A lot of corpses have been showing up, each one bearing the unmistakable stamp of Sinanju, the ancient Korean martial art known only to the two men. The trail of bodies leads to a strange castle . . . and a young Dutchman - a man, it turns out, who's taken a blood vow to send both disciple and mentor to their deaths. A man who knows all their secrets . . . and has a few of his own. It's up to Remo and Chiun to stop him, but this time they're skating on thin ice. And if they slip, the whole world may go under.

Серия: The Destroyer
Oil Slick

The Middle Eastern state of Lobynia had been supplying oil to the U.S.A. for years, but when Colonel Baraka takes over from the king after a coup, there is a change of policy - and the cut-off of oil threatens the whole American economy. Baraka has big plans - but they bring him big trouble. First there is Remo, whose brief is to get the oil flowing again before American industry grinds to a halt. And then there is Chiun, Remo's Korean friend and teacher. Chiun's family holds a centuries-old contract to protect the kings of Lobynia - and Chiun takes his responsibilities very seriously...

Серия: The Destroyer
Political Pressure


One by one, America's most corrupt public servants are dying violent deaths. Call it coincidence, call it a spontaneous clamor for a cleaner, brighter America, call it years of clever plotting by a brilliant mastermind, or simply call it just deserts. Suddenly there's a new flavor on the political menu—a campaign so white, it's blinding the American public.

The juggernaut that is the Morals and Ethics Behavior Establishment—MAEBE—is on a roll. Will its ultrasecret enforcement arm, the White Hand, kill enough scumbags to make their guy the überboy of the Presidential race? MAEBE! Will Orville Flicker succeed in his murderous, manipulative campaign to win the Oval Office? MAEBE! Can Remo and Chiun stop the bad guys from getting whacked—at least until CURE officially pays them to do it? MAEBE!

It's time to give the competition some competition. No ifs, buts, or MAEBEs about it.

Серия: The Destroyer
Power Play

A Gross Business.

Wesley Pruiss was just a misunderstood and misled publishing entrepreneur. The dirtier his little magazine got the more money he made. There seemed to be no limit to the dirt or the money. His full-color monthly, called Gross, soon spawned a chain of raunchy nightclubs ("Grossouts") and now a spectacular motion picture was being planned. Disgusting un-American, even.

Enter Remo and Chiun. Not to destroy, but to protect! Disgusting, but very American.

Who'd want to kill a dirty publisher? Why worry about the rottenest, most depraved publication in history?

Because of the oil industry and their concern over the growth of solar energy, obviously. Oil makes the world go round. It'd be perverse to think otherwise.

..as you'll quickly learn in this thirty-sixth volume in the violent chronicle of the Destroyer, the invincible shatterer of worlds from Sinanju.

Серия: The Destroyer
Profit Motive

It seems like a good idea at first--a bacterium developed to consume oil spills at sea. But when the bug mutates, threatening to convert all the petroleum in the world into wax, Western civilization is suddenly up for grabs. And a lot of slimy characters are determined not to let it slip through their fingers. Which is where Remo and Chiun come in--that is, until the Master of Sinanju cuts out ... joining the opposition. It seems that black gold generates a lot of the yellow kind and someone's offering to send a little something extra to a certain Korean village ... Remo's left in a real bind. And with his mentor bent on wiping out all that the ex-cop stands for, now, more than ever, it looks as if the Destroyer and CURE are nearing the end of the road ...

Серия: The Destroyer
Prophet Of Doom

Where There's Smoke...

Everybody with a spare million  is lining up at the gates of Ranch Ragnarok, home to Esther Clear Seer's Church of the Absolute and Incontrovertible Truth. Here an evil yellow smoke shrouds an ancient oracle that offers glimpses into the future.

But when young virgins start disappearing, CURE smells something more than a scam. Here in Wyoming, East and West are about to fulfill an ancient prophecy. For Apollo himself, Zeus's own wild boy, is set to unleash a power greater than any seen in two millenia.

He's got a score to settle - and Remo is the lucky sacrificial vessel.

Серия: The Destroyer
Rain of Terror

Chicken Little was Right!

Well, maybe the sky wasn't falling-but something was falling from the sky. Something that stunned America's scientists, stupefied America's security forces, and sent the new U.S. President miles underground to dodge the hellish hailstorm of unidentified falling objects.

What was this infernal armada of UFO's? And who could stop it as it shattered one city after another? The only answer in America's arsenal was Remo and Chiun-as they shot into action against a mad dictator who stopped at nothing and a smart computer than knew all the answers..including the secret of how to outwit the wise and wily Chiun and destroy the indestructible Destroyer.

Серия: The Destroyer
Return Engagement

What was Nazism doing in America in the l980s? A lot.

Jack-booted stormtroopers. Mobs howling for racial purity. And on the podium a man ranting and raving and holding his followers spellbound as swastika flags waved above them.

Out of what hellish depth of the past had the hideously scarred man who called himself Herr Fuhrer Blutsturz emerged..with his artificial limbs that gave him superhuman strength..with his voluptuous blonde assistant Ilsa who seduced what he couldn't destroy..and with his burning desire to kill Dr. Harold W. Smith, head of the top-secret U.S. Agency CURE, even if he had to rip America into bloody shreds to do it?

Remo and Chiun had to find the answer to this monstrous mystery and the antidote to this irresistible evil. But first they had to find a way to stop battling each other and stay alive long enough to do it...

Серия: The Destroyer
Scorched Earth

As the White House and Pentagon cover up with reflective tinfoil to ward off deadly superheated rays from an invisible object in space that vaporized biobubble habitat scientists, Remo and Chiun are sent to Russia to stop the attacks before World War III breaks out.

Серия: The Destroyer
Ship Of Death

Beware Greeks bearing gifts - especially when it's billionaire Demosthenes Skouratis selling the biggest pleasure cruise ship ever built to the United Nations for their headquarters. CHEAP! Over three times the size of the QE II, this huge vessel has everything from high tech offices and communications equipment to luxury spas, casinos, restaurants and palatial apartments. But the deal doesn't include a dozen dead bodies and a hull full of bombs being rigged to explode the night of the opening gala! And Remo Williams, the Destroyer, plans to crash the party. Tipped off the plot when CURE director Harry Smith is getting beaten up by some tough crew members, Remo and Sinanju master Chiun blast full steam ahead, drowning the sleazy rats and save the UN from a watery grave.

Серия: The Destroyer
Shooting Schedule

And now, from the great folks who brought you Pearl Harbor...

Nemuro Nishitsu remembered Pearl Harbor. He also remembered the rest of World War II and Japan's humiliating defeat. Nishitsu had been a humble soldier then. He was Japan's number one industrialist now. And he had the money, the power, and the madness to script a sneak attack that made Pearl Harbor look like a childish prank...made in the U.S.A. a pitiful helpless giant...and made Remo and Chiun the country's last vanishing hope...as the flag of foreign conquest was planted in the American heartland, and the Destroyer was X-ed out of the action...

Серия: The Destroyer
Skin Deep

Just as world leaders are flocking to New York to discuss world peace, someone takes off with the U.S. Navy's latest super-weapon - a top secret, atom-armed jet bomber that can escape radar detection. Remo and Chiun launch an investigation, but they're just winging it . . . until unexpected turbulence forces them to an uncharted island off the Florida Keys. Then all at once peril is hovering over their heads, in the form of an ex-Nazi with BLITZKRIEG on his mind. His flights of fancy have the free world taxing toward disaster, with Remo and Chiun going along for the ride. Under constant attack, our heroes are flying by the seat of their pants. And this time it looks as if even the secrets of Sinanju won't help them land on their feet!

Серия: The Destroyer
Slave Safari

Chiun knows a secret and he isn't even telling Remo, the Destroyer, whom he has taught all his skills and loves as a son, because America has committed a sin against him he cannot pardon. They are in Africa, where feuds that have smoldered over centuries are being resolved by death and massacre. But how many deaths? And why? The facts are bizarre. In a Baltimore cemetery a white woman of aristocratic birth, who had died as a slave in Africa many years ago, is supposed to lie buried. But it is not her body in the coffin - and that can spark an international incident. It's going to get hotter in Africa. America's future seems dark indeed - and only Remo, the Destroyer, can bring back the light.

Серия: The Destroyer
Sole Survivor

Was this the way America ended-Not with a bang but a fizzle?

The Russians who invented it called it the Sword of Damocles-a device that silently sterilized men and women alike. And now the Sword was in the worst possible hands - the out-of-whack android named Mr. Gordons that had returned from outer space to wreak revenge on those who had sent it there. Remo. Chiun. And the entire U.S. population. America was heading for a fate worse than death unless, Remo, Chiun and an untrustworthy, supersexy Soviet superspy could defeat this cybernaut chameleon that could destroy and attack with ease....

Серия: The Destroyer
Spoils Of War

The entire U.S. army is being forced to wage war on its own people by a pontificating ten-preacher and the blonde Venus traveling as his wife. But, saints be praised, Remo and Chiun are of a different persuasion, and their unorthodox tactics leave many a zombie-eyed Christian soldier prostrate on the ground. Chaplains are dying left and right . . . an army base appears out of nowhere those answers to a higher authority than even the Pentagon. Agents of CURE postulate that a Mideast power may have created these apocalyptic events, but the facts are cloistered in secrecy. When Remo and Chiun look for answers, there's no room for sacred cows - and that's the gospel truth!

Серия: The Destroyer
Summit Chase

The President of Scambia's life is in danger when one sleezy goon schemes to assassinate not only a leader, but immobilize and destroy the entire country and transform its peaceful society into a thundering safe haven for international hoods. Master Chiun and his protégé Remo Williams descend on the scene to combat the treacherous plot...but not without a fight.

Серия: The Destroyer
Survival Course

Mexican Slayride

The bad news was that the U.S. President was shot down over Mexico. The good news was that he survived. The bad news was he was captured by drug thugs. The good news was he was rescued by his courageous Vice-President.

But the worst news was that the Vice-President was definitely not as heroic as Robert Redford or Jack Kennedy, as his photo ops would have the world believe. And now only Remo and Chiun could save the President from a free-form fiend who made bloodthirsty Aztec gods seem sweet and even the power of Sinanju helpless...

Серия: The Destroyer
Sweet Dreams

When a brilliant professor invents the world's first fantasy realization device, allowing anyone to watch their own secret fantasies on television, the Mafia are out to steal it, TV executives want to control it, and Remo and Chiun might be the only ones able to prevent it from killing everyone. As the death toll mounts, Remo, the Destroyer, and his teacher Chiun race to decipher the device's dangerous and deadly effects. But will the secret agents be able to resist the lethal temptation to watch their own secret fantasies?

Серия: The Destroyer
Syndication Rites


Eager investors are buying up shares of an intrepid new company, which is cornering the market in international trade, financing and entertainment. Or to be specific: drugs, loan sharking and prostitution. The reinvented Mafia has incorporated, offering stock options, a Web Site and online trading.

The future is here, and Remo hates it.  Mafia scum have burned down his house, Chiun isn't speaking to him and nobody is answering his ad for an assassin's apprentice.  As an ambitious Don keeps one eye on the Dow, the suffering Dr. Harold Smith lovingly fingers his cyanide pill while the retiring U.S. President, in a departing "salute," puts CURE in the hangman's noose.

Серия: The Destroyer
Target of Opportunity

Free Agent

Remo is set to teach a few lessons in hospitality at Florida's top tourist attraction, but his mind is made up. He is a free agent. No more CURE, no more trying to solve America's problems.

But the nation goes into a state of shock when a Lee Harvey Oswald look-alike is nailed trying to shoot the President, and Remo can't ignore a sense of deja vu. Soon, a meddling television anchorwoman and strange transformations at the White House leave him feeling that he has landed in a role in a bizarre Hollywood Thriller

With the direct line to the President still dead, and Chiun trying to give away the secret of CURE, Remo and Smith are hard-pressed to protect the Man who threatened to shut down CURE for good...

Серия: The Destroyer
Terminal Transmission

When Captain Audion holds America hostage by jamming all television transmission and star news anchor Cheeta Ching is kidnapped, Remo must save the country by defeating Captain Audion and rescuing Cheeta.

Серия: The Destroyer
Terror Squad

A wave of global terrorism spreads as a result of one madman's tyrannical powers. Even while the governments of three major world powers are on his trail, CURE, the United States' top secret agency, knows of only one way to solve the problem - The Destroyer. There's little doubt that Master Chiun's protégé Remo Williams is capable of waging any war, but when the mysterious radical assassin is out to kill, everyone runs for cover - except the fearless and most powerful.

Серия: The Destroyer
The Arms of Kali

Death was in the air

All over America the airline travelers were dying, seduced by lovely young women and strangled by silken scarves in savage hands. The security of the nation hung over an open grave - and Remo Williams, the Destroyer, and his oriental master and mentor Chiun, were ordered to slay the slayers and save the free world.

Little did Remo and Chiun suspect that their enemy was an ancient goddess who had a fifteen-hundred-year-old score to settle with Chiun. She commanded an army of youthful devotees and had the power to turn even Remo into her helpless slave. Now the Destroyer was being used for evil rather than good in an ultimate struggle between light and darkness that even Chiun feared he might not win...

Серия: The Destroyer
The Color of Fear

Red Alert

When a diabolical superfoe acquires a superlaser that uses hypercolor to control emotion, he throws the world into a kaleidoscope of deadly mood swings. CURE goes on red alert.

And if things aren't black enough, a rival nation has seen the mind-blowing potential of beaming mood-altering color from satellites...and rendering entire nations defenseless.

Color them crazy, but Remo and Chiun know they've got to thwart this bizarre color scheme. More than ever before they must rely on their sensory skills honed to a razor sharpness - because the Destroyer is going to catch the enemy blindfolded.

Серия: The Destroyer
The Eleventh Hour

It's always darkest before the end

Things weren't exactly looking bright for Remo and Chiun. Not to mention for the entire world. From an evil inferno the ancient almighty god of destruction had risen to possess the Destroyer's body and soul. Meanwhile Remo's Oriental master, Chiun had been betrayed by the U.S. President himself, and was now a weapon of the U.S.S.R. Smith, their unflappable superior in C.U.R.E., planned to take the easy way out-commit suicide. But for Remo and Chiun, the solution wasn't going to be quite so simple and not nearly as painless..

Серия: The Destroyer
The Empire Dreams

A Thousand Year Nightmare

A vacationing Harold Smith finds himself in the middle of a war zone when World War II planes bomb London and Nazi-attired skinheads goosestep through the streets.

To complete the weird  déjà vu, the guy responsible is a raging Nazi, part of a secret brotherhood with a high-tech agenda for recapturing the dream of a certain evil visionary.

But this rogue Nazi devised a new blueprint for world domination that sets him on a path of violence in pursuit of the glorious dream.

Just in time. Now Remo has a little something to keep his mind off all the troubles in the world: saving it.

Серия: The Destroyer
The End of the Beginning


It isn't easy. Especially after being nearly fried in the electric chair, plunged into a secret crime-fighting organization called CURE, then handed over to a Korean killing machine called Chiun, the reigning master of Sinanju.

But every prophecy -- even one that foretells Remo Williams's future with the ancient house of assassins -- has a downside, and for Chiun, it's an explosive family secret so devastating, it could spell doom for the House of Sinanju. Someone's got a plan for vengeance that's a real doozy and is selling their services to the mob-racking up the body count with capo and congressmen alike.

Ready or not, Remo's got his first assignment. With Chiun along to make sure he doesn't screw up, Remo's about to stop an enemy from putting Congress out of session. Permanently.

Серия: The Destroyer
The End of the Game

Peril Points

With voluptuous Pamela Thrushwell at his side, Remo punched out 242 on the machine, and saw the numbers replaced by letters "PLEASE TELL ME HOW WELL YOU DID." "We killed the man and the woman," said Remo. "YOU LIE. I CAN SEE YOU. YOU AND THE BIG-BREASTED BRIT TROUBLEMAKER," said the machine. "Take a hike," Remo said.

Suddenly the machine's cash drawer opened. A stack of hundred dollar bills appeared. "What's this for?" "FOR YOU. WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT?" "To destroy you," Remo said. " I am coming to kill you." The machine blinked as if in some sort of insane joy. Then it flashed out:


The game was on-until death turned it off...


Серия: The Destroyer
The Final Crusade

Eldon Sluggard, the TV evangelist whose god was greed, had converted Remo to his renegade religion and enlisted him in his unholy war of conquest. Victoria Hoar, the curvaceous creature who made the minister her puppet by pulling his sexual strings, was out to turn Remo into a plaything of perpetual pleasure. The Destroyer was in the hands of this terrifying twosome body and soul, and unless his Oriental mentor Chiun could loosen their diabolical hold, Remo was going to hell in a hand basket-and taking the world with him...

Серия: The Destroyer
The Final Death

The fat's in the fire when a Texas beef mogul is found skinned and gutted like one of his steers. Soon after, innocent people across the country are dying from eating meat injected with a powerful poison. Fearing a threat to national security, the White House orders Remo Williams, the Destroyer, to find the butchers and stop the killing. The grisly deaths are no mystery to Chiun, Remo's Sinanju master, but the work of an ancient Chinese vegetarian cult of murderers sworn to kill the meateaters of the West. Now the Destroyer's got to cut off the fanatics before they slaughter the U.S.!

Серия: The Destroyer
The Final Reel




Sultan Oman of Ebla is dying - and he plans to take the Great Satan with him by hitting America right in its nerve center: Hollywood.

So he buys a failing movie studio and dispatches the Mideast's top lethal terrorist to hire Tinseltown's most clueless producers to create the greatest battle epic ever.  Thing is, the army of extras are real, the guns are loaded and the California freeway is jammed with camels and tanks.

On the other side of the world, Omay is poised to light the powder keg that will spell disaster.

The Destroyer races to save Hollywood, not for the sake of the free world, but because Chiun has just penned his screenplaym and nothing - especially not a madman - is about to keep him from the glory of an Oscar.

Серия: The Destroyer
The Head Men

Remo Williams, aka The Destroyer, is being summoned to the nation's capital by the White House to expose a vicious plot to assassinate the President. The FBI and CIA are coming up empty in their investigation of a string of murderers of top executives around the country and now they need the special talents only The Destroyer can provide. Cutting to the core of the deadly conspiracy, Remo discovers a security leak on Capitol Hill itself and tightens his lethal noose. But, can he and Chiun, his Sinanju mentor, stop the killers before the President becomes the last corpse in the long line of The Head Men?

Серия: The Destroyer
Скачивание и чтение запрещены по требованию правообладателя "Attributor Corporation as agent for the rights holders"
The Last Alchemist

The Philosopher's Stone. The key to turning base metals into gold. Everyone knew it didn't exist. Except it did. And now the last of the alchemists, Harrison Caldwell, had his hands on it and was reaching out to grab the nuclear power that would fuel his dream for bottomless wealth-and create a golden age of hell on earth.

Only Remo and Chiun could stop him..if they could get past the army of the highest-paid killers on the globe..if they could survive the attacks of Francisco Braun, the golden-hairdo murderer, whose reputation for being the #1 assassin in his deadly trade was well earned..and if they could break the power of the magic metal that reduced governments to servants and turned even Remo Williams into its slave...

Серия: The Destroyer
The Last Dragon

Remo races against time to locate the huge dinosaur reportedly living in the jungles of Africa before a fast-food king can turn it into hamburger meat.

Серия: The Destroyer
The Last Monarch


Thank's to Chiun's "emptying basin" technique, past U.S. presidents remember nothing about CURE, America's most secret defense organization. Now a former head of state believed to have lost his mind suddenly finds it - and calls Dr.Harold Smith to say hi. But before Remo and Chiun can redo their amnesia trick, the old guy is kidnapped by bumbling eco-terrorists eager to sell him to a desert despot with a grudge.

As the ex-Mr.President doggedly tries to outwit his captors and single-handedly save the Middle East from extinction, Remo and Chiun pick up the trail, and a worried Dr.Smith fingers his cyanide pill, convinced that this is the end. For Remo, it will be...unless Chiun drops the altitude he's adopted over a certain fiasco involving his Hollywood screenplay, and the world's most deadly assassin's end up killing each other before they can save anyone else.

Серия: The Destroyer
The Last Temple

The bodies of two murdered Israelis have turned up, hacked to bits and the pieces arranged in a bloody swastika - and Remo and Chiun are on their way to meet the leaders of an Israeli doomsday group, Zeher Lahurban. In the event of Israel losing the war with the Arabs, secretly stored atom bombs will drop on Arab territory. But a group of ex-Nazis discover the plan, and see a way to destroy the Jewish nation once and for all - without any help from the Arabs. Remo and Chiun are up against fanatics with long memories, who are keeping Hitler's schemes alive in their twisted minds.

Серия: The Destroyer
The Seventh Stone

The deadliest stone of all

A bigger chill than snow. Harder to kick than heroin.

The Destroyer was stoned on star lust. Remo was losing it...and loving it...in the highly-trained arms of Kim Kiley, Hollywood sex specialist...and the hottest weapon in the Wo family arsenal.

Okay, the House of Wo was steamed. But two thousand years was a long time to hold a grudge against the Destroyer. The Wos were like that, though. Give those guys a revenge motive, and it was carved in stone. The family stone. Where Prince Wo the Nearly Great had preprogrammed the Destroyer to self-destruct...unless Chiun could get his mind off sex and back onto violence where it belonged...

Серия: The Destroyer
The Sky is Falling

The Murderous Money Machine

It was hotter than sex. It packed a bigger punch than the H-bomb. And best of all, it was worth a sky-high pile of blue chips for the company that could make and market the machine that could tap the full energy of the sun.

Chemical Concepts was the lucky firm, and its gorgeous VP Kathleen O'Donnell wasn't going to let a few glitches like maybe burning the earth to cinders or sparking a thermonuclear war keep her from milking the machine for all the billions of bucks she thought it was worth.

Only Remo and Chiun cold stop this sexplosive lady executive from making the ultimate corporate killing - unless the dynamite O'Donnell used the burning power of the sun and the heavenly heat of her body to stop them first.

Серия: The Destroyer
The Ultimate Death

As people begin dropping dead after consuming Chicken King poultry, the Destroyer and his omnipotent Asian mentor begin to suspect that a vegetarian vigilante is on the loose.

Warning: Death is bad for your health

The great health-food movement in America was a victim of fowl play. Folks who had switched from prime beef to pure poultry were winding up dead meat. The country's Chicken King was squaking at the top of his lungs, the flesh-starved citizenry was yelling blur murder, and Remo and Chiun were the only one to know that a vegetarian vampire was on the loose. But even the indefatigable Destroyer and his omnipotent Oriental mentor did not know how to stop this friend feasting on cold vengeance and warm blood...

Серия: The Destroyer
The Wrong Stuff


A mechanical killer space spider goes on the rampage in Florida. This, however, is no simple angry arachnid robbing armored cars and supermarkets. It's the adopted new brainchild of the reality-challenged head of NASA and his elite cadre of Space Cadets.

But not even Captain Kirk is aware of the nightmare that's been unleashed in the name of interplanetary exploration. An old enemy is back in action and, with a click and a whir, can morph from titanium spider into his ugly old android self. And with NASA and America's favorite horror writer in his steel-plated back pocket, he's got a leg-or eight-up on his true mission: destroy the Destroyer.

This time, failure is not an option.

Серия: The Destroyer
Timber Line

Tulsa Torrent, America's biggest lumber company, is stumped when a couple of its key scientists are axed. Seems the deceased were part of a team developing an oil-producing tree, and a lot of interested parties have been looking to grease their palms. Before anyone else is pulped, Remo and Chiun are planted to see the project out of the woods. But danger sprouts at every turn, and when the environmentalist High Sierra Society enters the picture, determined to make Tulsa Torrent take a hike, the project rests on pines and needles. Somebody's barking up the wrong tree, and Remo and Chiun must get to the root of the matter before the unknown hatchet man mulches America's energy future into one big compost heap . . .

Серия: The Destroyer
Time Trial

Strange goings-on in the Guatemalan jungles threaten to explode into an international incident when a team of American archaeologists disappear-after spotting secret weapons in the hands of barefoot natives.

Remo and Chiun are sent in to dig for the truth, aided by a beautiful blonde archaeologist. But in the depths of the jungle they make a startling discovery-just as the ground rips apart and swallows them whole.

When the trio sees the light again, it's a light that shined centuries before. And an ancient tribal war is threatening to switch it-and all that came after it-off forever. Our heroes have prevented wars before, but even if they escape from this fix alive, they're still at least a thousand years away from home...

Серия: The Destroyer
Total Recall

Lost Souls

It's an ungodly crime. Someone's been leading a stream of kids to their final reward, and the police haven't got a prayer of catching the culprit. Remo and Chiun move in to collar the angel of death, but their revelations are straight out of hell. Someone's running a drug scam, using juveniles as the principals, then sending them to the Pearly Gates when things get too hot.

All paths lead to an oddball church and the quirky clergyman who leads the flock. Is the strange preacher a saintly man or a holy terror? Remo and Chiun are just acting on faith, but this much is certain: The CURE for multiple murder is bound to be a religious experience.

Серия: The Destroyer
Troubled Waters

Not So Jolly Roger . . .

Complete with skull and crossbones fluttering in the wind, "Captain" Thomas Kidd is the new scourge of the Caribbean, raiding unsuspecting pleasure craft and pursuing the great piratical tradition of looting, pillaging and plant walking. The bloodthirsty crew tosses the lucky ones overboard, while saving the women for dessert at Kidd's private island hell.

When these maritime marauders kidnap the daughter of a senator, CURE sets out to kick some serious pirate booty. Posing as rich tourists. Remo and Chiun set a course for the tropics to tempt these freebooters into the mistake of their career. But Remo soon fines himself swimming with sharks while Chiun senses some illicit treasure in his future. Even so, they are ready to dispatch the sea raiders to an afterlife between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Серия: The Destroyer
Union Bust

When a giant transportation union controlling all air, train and truck traffic is born, not only does this conglomerate pose a threat to the local leaders, but the entire country is at risk until Remo Williams moves in to dissolve danger in a deadly game.

Серия: The Destroyer
Unite and Conquer

Start the Revolution Without Them

Not that things were so hot before, but when a huge earthquake guts Mexico, nobody wants to hang around, especially with all sorts of demonic doings by the barbaric gods of old Mexico, released from hell when the earth ruptured.

Not satisfied with great takeout, the ancient Aztecs are hungry for the lifeblood of the entire continent. It's up to Remo and Chiun to go south of the border and root out the inhuman mind who is uniting downtrodden Indian tribes into a ferocious guerrilla army and leading them into a new dark age of bloodlust and superstition.

Is an army of deathless demons too powerful for even the implacable avatar of Shiva the Destroyer? It's good versus god, with the human race helpless trophies for the victor.

Серия: The Destroyer
Unnatural Selection

A hungry enemy comes back for seconds . . .

Man Eater

Sexy scientist Dr. Judith White, who first attempted to repopulate the earth with mutant, man-eating tiger people, has bounced back from extinction with a new and improved plan for world domination. She's putting her formula into a popular brand of bottled spring water that's making its way straight into the boardrooms and cocktail parties of Manhattan, where savagery is getting into full swing.

Remo and Chiun hit the Big Apple to check out the maulings. But even the cops have gone carnivorous and it literally is a jungle out there. Only one wild, wicked woman is capable of turning ordinary humans into slavering, slobbering jaws of death -- an old nemesis, the delectable but totally insane Dr. White. And when CURE's own wonder boy Mark Howard falls prey to her diabolical scheme, his top secrets may give the indestructible White the extra bite she needs to eat the Destroyer for lunch.

Серия: The Destroyer
Unpopular Science

Awry and technological adventure in which a tenacious enemy is using an ingenious battle-bot named Ironhand to steal top-secret information and use it to destroy CURE. Remo and Chiun must outwit this machine that is nastier and more dangerous than any other - and one capable of short-circuiting CURE beyond repair.

Breathlessly action-packed and boasting a winning combination of thrills, humour and mysticism, the Destroyer is one of the bestselling series of all time.

Серия: The Destroyer
Voodoo Die

Under the Communist President-for-Life, a voodoo priest named Generalissimo Sacrist Corazon, the natives of the Caribbean Isle Baqia aren't complaining, thanks to a delicious drug they call "mung." When shot through with radiation, however, mung becomes a powerful weapon: it literally liquefies the opposition, and Generalissimo Corazon has no qualms about using it. After an innocent missionary becomes the latest victim of Corazon's mung machine, the world is alarmed, and deadly forces are inspired. The Chinese, the Russians, and the CIA all vie to control the mung machine, while CURE's own powerful weapons, Remo and Chiun, make their way to Baqia and further discover nuclear warheads aimed at the United States. Sacrist Corazon must be stopped, but has the Destroyer met his deadly voodoo match?

Серия: The Destroyer
Walking Wounded


It didn't matter to Remo that his mentor Chiun told him he was acting like a child to want to go back to Vietnam on a mission of rescue and revenge.

It didn't matter to Remo that his superior Smith ordered him to abandon a plan that could upset the delicate balance of world peace.

Remo was out of his skull with remembered rage, and out of control of anyone who wanted to stop him from trying to spring a wartime buddy from a jungle hell. And the Destroyer plunged back into the past to fight a one-man war against an old enemy that would not die but could still kill without mercy and vanish like a ghoulish ghost....

Серия: The Destroyer
Waste Not, Want Not

Something's rotten in the garbage business -- and CURE is ready to take out the trash . . .


Mayana -- a South American country known only for a mass cult suicide -- is poised to become the salvation of a trash-choked globe. An ingenious new device called the Vaporizer can turn garbage into thin air and trash into cash for the beleaguered nation. And what could be a more beauteous sight for a global environmental summit than barges piled high with the world's smelly refuse parading through Mayana's harbor.

Actually, Dr. Harold Smith smells trouble, and with the U.S. President headed for the summit, he dispatches Remo and Chiun to the scene, posing as garbage scientists. And not a moment too soon, since torpedoes are sinking garbage scows left and right, leaving a stinking mess and a huge crisis. It's clear that nobody -- including a Japanese industrialist, anex-Soviet premier turned peacenik environmental tree hugger, and the president of Mayana himself -- can be trusted, specially when the Destroyer uncovers a diabolical plot of global domination that promises to totally trash the free world . . .

Серия: The Destroyer
White Water

When fish begin to disappear from the coastal United States, the source of the problem is discovered in Canada and threatens relations between the neighboring countries, until the Destroyer starts trawling for answers.

Серия: The Destroyer
Wolf's Bane

A wild child of the bayous, Leon Grosvenor is a two-legged freak show of shaggy hair and talons with an insatiable hunger for raw flesh. His unique abilities as a bona fide loup-garou have earned him gainful employment as a contract killer for Cajun mafia boss Armand "Big Crawdaddy" Fortier.

Remo's not buying this werewolf business, but when he gets a glimpse of good ol' Leon§s wet work, well, he's still not a believer, but he is certain that Leon needs to be put out of everybody's misery. And damn soon. The swamps stink, Mardi Gras is giving him a headache and all this talk about silver bullets is getting tedious. But as Leon and his pack circle ever closer to the Destroyer, the question remains: Who is the hunter... and who is dog meat?

Серия: The Destroyer

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  •  Ритуалист. Том 2
     Корнев Павел Николаевич
     Фантастика, Детективная фантастика, Боевое фэнтези

    От сотворения мира небесный эфир пронизывает всё сущее, а люди и нелюди сплетают из него чары и направляют их на благо себе и во вред другим. Магистр Вселенской комиссии по этике Филипп Олеандр вон Черен выслеживает чернокнижников из числа учёного люда, но чем дальше, тем сильнее закручивает его водоворот чужих интриг. Враги идут по пятам, магический жезл и пара покрытых колдовскими формулами пистолей больше не способны гарантировать безопасности. Да ещё собственные скелеты в шкафу того и гляди выберутся наружу и устроят настоящую пляску смерти…

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