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 Название: Император умрет завтра
 Жанр(ы): Наука, Образование, История

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  •  Condomnauts
     ómez é ánchez
     Фантастика, Юмористическая фантастика,

    Set a course for intercourse with this raucous space opera from Yoss, “Cuba’s premiere science-fiction writer” (VICE), where humans explore the limits of the Milky Way—and their libidos.

    In the 24th century, Josué Valdés’ rise from an orphan in the slums of Rubble City, Cuba to one of the galaxy’s most accomplished explorers was nothing short of meteoric. Josué used to race cockroaches for cash on the streets until he discovered his true-calling: as a sexual ambassador for humanity and the Nu Barsa colony.

    Every so-called “condomnaut” knows that trade deals in the galactic community depend on sexual pacts, which makes every encounter a close encounter. While some condomnauts have been trained and genetically enhanced to meet the needs of any tentacled insectoid in the galaxy, Josué is a natural whose ego could eclipse the big dipper. Josué and his fellow intrepid condomnauts travel light years across the galaxy and discover that old rivalries—and prejudices—are never far behind. When the first extragalactic beings arrive in the Milky Way, and with them the potential to negotiate for extraordinary new technologies, Josué must call upon every ounce of his talent to seal the deal for his colony and all of humanity.

    Indirectly investigating current sexual mores, Cuban science fiction rock star Yoss plays upon stereotypes while making it clear that in Communist Cuba what is daring is not always funny and vice versa. Following the success of Super Extra Grande and A Planet for Rent, Yoss brings us another uproarious space adventure with Condomnauts, a wildly inventive and unapologetic tale that would make even Barbarella blush.

  •  Survival on the Death Railway and Nagasaki
     Brigginshaw Jim
     Документальная литература, Биографии и Мемуары,

    This is a remarkable and unique story of Jim Brigginshaw. Having been captured by the Japanese after the fall of Singapore in 1942, Jim was first sent to work in Burma, to build what has become known as the Death Railway. Unlike many of his comrades, Jim survived this ordeal, only to be transferred to Nagasaki, Japan, where he was sent to work in the mines of Sendryu.

    Jim describes how the conditions in the ‘Hell pits of Sendryu’ were even worse than those experienced in Burma, but were ultimately the reason why he survived the war. On the 9th August 1945, the Americans, dropped the second nuclear bomb on Nagaski. Jim was fortunately underground at the time, but through this book re-lives the harrowing aftermath of the attack when the ground shook violently.

  •  Crimes Unspoken
     Gebhardt Miriam
     Наука, Образование, История

    The soldiers who occupied Germany after the Second World War were not only liberators: they also brought with them a new threat, as women throughout the country became victims of sexual violence. In this disturbing and carefully researched book, the historian Miriam Gebhardt reveals for the first time the scale of this human tragedy, which continued long after the hostilities had ended.

    Discussion in recent years of the rape of German women committed at the end of the war has focused almost exclusively on the crimes committed by Soviet soldiers, but Gebhardt shows that this picture is misleading. Crimes were committed as much by the Western Allies – American, French and British – as by the members of the Red Army, and they occurred not only in Berlin but throughout Germany. Nor was the suffering limited to the immediate aftermath of the war. Gebhardt powerfully recounts how raped women continued to be the victims of doctors, who arbitrarily granted or refused abortions, welfare workers, who put pregnant women in homes, and wider society, which even today prefers to ignore these crimes.

    Crimes Unspoken is the first historical account to expose the true extent of sexual violence in Germany at the end of the war, offering valuable new insight into a key period of 20th century history.

  •  The Yellowstone Traps
     Nilsen K R
     Фантастика, Постапокалипсис

    Nearly 640,000 years ago, the 1,500-square-mile volcanic caldera beneath Yellowstone National Park erupted catastrophically, burying one third of the contiguous United States under hundreds of millions of tons of volcanic ash and loading the Earth’s atmosphere with aerosols that thwarted sunlight from reaching the continents and oceans. Global temperatures fell drastically. Extinctions followed in every corner of the globe.

    Life on Earth changed forever, then. Yellowstone is rumbling now.

    The Yellowstone Traps is a harrowing journey through a world besieged by a monstrous super-eruption of the planet’s largest volcanic structure. The global economic mono-system that sustains us all teeters on the brink of collapse. Who will survive the barbarism, deprivation and famine spawned by the Yellowstone mega-disaster?

    Join members of a self-sufficient, fully sustainable new millennium community—Independency, Minnesota—as the colony’s residents endure hellish struggles against torrents of ash, against starving citizens who steal and will kill for food, against National Guard troops sent to empty bulk grain storage silos an ship grain to desperate cities, and against record-breaking volcanic-winter cold.

    Enter Yellowstone National Park as it tears itself apart. And walk in the shoes of self-reliant techno-agrarian pioneers as they forge a new economic paradigm to replace the old. Dedicated to a hands-on lifestyle of local food and goods production, they find they may have the only avenue open to surviving the cataclysm.

  •  Identity
     Fukuyama Francis
     Наука, Образование, Политика, Документальная литература, Публицистика

    The New York Times bestselling author of The Origins of Political Order offers a provocative examination of modern identity politics: its origins, its effects, and what it means for domestic and international affairs of state

    In 2014, Francis Fukuyama wrote that American institutions were in decay, as the state was progressively captured by powerful interest groups. Two years later, his predictions were borne out by the rise to power of a series of political outsiders whose economic nationalism and authoritarian tendencies threatened to destabilize the entire international order. These populist nationalists seek direct charismatic connection to “the people,” who are usually defined in narrow identity terms that offer an irresistible call to an in-group and exclude large parts of the population as a whole.

    Demand for recognition of one’s identity is a master concept that unifies much of what is going on in world politics today. The universal recognition on which liberal democracy is based has been increasingly challenged by narrower forms of recognition based on nation, religion, sect, race, ethnicity, or gender, which have resulted in anti-immigrant populism, the upsurge of politicized Islam, the fractious “identity liberalism” of college campuses, and the emergence of white nationalism. Populist nationalism, said to be rooted in economic motivation, actually springs from the demand for recognition and therefore cannot simply be satisfied by economic means. The demand for identity cannot be transcended; we must begin to shape identity in a way that supports rather than undermines democracy.

    Identity is an urgent and necessary book―a sharp warning that unless we forge a universal understanding of human dignity, we will doom ourselves to continuing conflict.

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