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Baltic Mission

The seventh book in the Nathaniel Drinkwater series.

 Written in 1988, Baltic Mission is an installment in Woodman's Nathaniel Drinkwater series. This episode finds the British sailor on a secret assignment for the crown while Napoleon continues to acquire real estate. Drinkwater is soon at odds with his crew and hamstrung by his drunken first mate.

Автор: Woodman Richard
Серия: Nathaniel Drinkwater
Baltic Mission

The seventh book in the Nathaniel Drinkwater series.

 Written in 1988, Baltic Mission is an installment in Woodman's Nathaniel Drinkwater series. This episode finds the British sailor on a secret assignment for the crown while Napoleon continues to acquire real estate. Drinkwater is soon at odds with his crew and hamstrung by his drunken first mate.

Серия: Nathaniel Drinkwater
Автор: Kent Alexander
Серия: Bolitho

Admiral Lord Gilbert Anthony and his brother Lieutenant Gabriel Anthony, fighting for the Crown during the American Revolution, find adventure, daring privateers, and a ghost ship. The ghost ship Barracuda plies the waters off the coast of Saint Augustine in 1777. The Barracuda takes no prize and leaves no one alive. Tracking down the Barracuda is only one of the many challenges and battles the brothers face when assigned to protect Florida loyalists. Facing the privateers, who know the surrounding inlets and rivers, affords a series of dangerous missions for the crew and costs them many men and a few good ships. As the war takes its toll, Gil yearns to return to England, while Gabe steals the hearts of local women.

Автор: Aye Michael

The Battlecruiser — in their time this class of ships was considered one of the great triumphs of the Royal Navy, as swift as a destroyer but packing a deadly firepower equal to any ship afloat. But the ships had one fatal flaw: their armour could be pierced by a single enemy shell. The Battle of Jutland exposed this Achilles' heel, then further disasters followed in the next world war with the tragic sinkings of the Hood and Repulse.

1943 — Of all her class, HMS *Reliant *and one other have survived. Reliant has the reputation of a lucky ship but when Captain Guy Sherbrooke joins her he knows he could be her last captain. As Britain prepares to invade occupied Europe, Reliant will be thrown head first into the conflagration. All those who sail in her know that there can be no half measures: only death or glory awaits HMS Reliant.

Автор: Reeman Douglas
Beneath the aurora

The year is 1813. Captain Nathaniel Drinkwater succeeds Lord Dungarth as head of the Royal Navy's Secret Department. While the Grand Army of Napoleon faces defeat on the battlefields of Germany, the discovery of a secret treaty with America leads Drinkwater into the forbidding fjords of Norway, and one of the most desperate missions of his career.

Increasingly isolated and affected by the long war with France and her allies, Drinkwater pursues his personal odyssey against often daunting odds. In a compelling narrative the author brings vividly to life conditions at sea during the Napoleonic wars.' The fate of one of Napoleon's most charismatic marshals is linked with American privateers, escaped prisoners and the Danish Navy resulting in a violent confrontation set beneath the aurora.

Серия: Nathaniel Drinkwater

March 1808, and war spreads in Europe as Napoleon holds Portugal and threatens his old ally, Spain. The Royal Navy's blockade of enemy ports continues, and a new anti-slavery bill further stretches the hard-pressed fleet's resources, as more ships are required elsewhere to suppress that profitable trade. Estranged from his wife and child, and plagued by the fear of blindness, Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Bolitho or ordered once more to the Cape of Good Hope to establish a permanent naval force there following the success of his previous mission. He leaves behind the contempt of society and the bitter memories of a friendship betrayed, and with the mistress he will not forsake takes passage on the ill-fated Golden Plover. With them are others eager to quit the land: Valentine Keen, for whom command at the Cape is both promotion and an escape from his own troubled marriage, the faithful Allday, and young Stephen Jenour, who finds in this dangerous voyage a passage to maturity. When shipwreck and disaster overtake Golden Plover, a hundred-mile reef off the coast of Africa becomes a powerful symbol of crisis and survival, claiming alike the innocent and the damned. Beyond the reef little remains, only raw courage and reckless hope, and the certainty that for those in peril and for those at home life has changed irrevocably.

Автор: Kent Alexander
Серия: Bolitho
Black Pearl

An incalculable fortune in conflict minerals lies on the bed of a lost lake. The lake lies in the middle of a jungle hardly changed since the age of the dinosaurs, while the jungle stands on the slope of an active volcano which has destroyed the only civilization nearby. The volcano serves as a border between two warring central African nations. And an uncontrolled, murderous guerrilla army claims the territory for its own, using a combination of modern terrorist techniques and timeless black magic to keep strangers out.

Richard Mariner is leading a team into the heart of it all, seeking the lake and the fortune it contains — his only clues a half-forgotten legend and a huge black pearl that is so much more than it seems…

Автор: Tonkin Peter
Серия: Richard Mariner
Bruderkampf: Richard Bolitho, Kapitän in Ketten

1782 — Kaum wieder in der Heimat, wird Richard Bolitho mit seinem neuen Kommando, der Fregatte PHALAROPE, zurück nach Westindien beordert, um das karibische Geschwader zu verstärken. Doch die PHALAROPE ist ein Unglücksschiff, die Mannschaft rebellisch, die Offiziere nicht vertrauenswürdig.

Bei einer Landungsoperation gerät Richard in Gefangenschaft, kann aber letztendlich in der Schlacht bei den Iles des Saintes den Schandfleck vom Namen der PHALAROPE tilgen.


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  •  Морская служба как форма мужской жизни
     Белько Виктор Юрьевич
     Юмор, Юмористическая проза, Приключения, Морские приключения

    «Морская служба как форма мужской жизни» – это очередная книга из серии морских рассказов и повестей недавнего времени, вышедшая из-под пера Виктора Юрьевича Белько, больше известного флотскому читателю под псевдонимами «Ф. Илин» и «Старый Филин». Среди его книг, выдержавших иной раз и несколько изданий – «Легенды о славном мичмане Егоркине», «Море славного мичмана Егоркина», «Клио в тельняшке или исторические досуги в кают-компании», двухтомник «Новые легенды славного мичмана Егоркина», книга для детей: «О городе Коле, о Заполярье и о море» и некоторые другие. У этой книги намеренно «околонаучное» название, почти, как у монографии – «Морская служба как форма мужской жизни». По сути – это сборник коротких произведений, написанных по мотивам воспоминаний офицеров флота, для которых корабельная жизнь и морская служба означала главную и единственную форму существования.

    … Это было недавно, это было давно! В то самое время, когда мы все были молоды, а наши друзья и родные – живы и здоровы, и все это было правдой!

    Для кого-то это было вчера, а для кого-то − целую жизнь тому назад!

    Из повести – «Отличная оценка или «Купите мину!»)

  •  The Jonah Watch
     Cady Jack
     Приключения, Морские приключения, Мистика

    Supposedly a true story framed in the format of a novel, The Jonah Watch is based on Jack Cady’s experiences while serving on a Coast Guard cutter off the coast of Maine. Trapped on an icebound cutter, the crew of the Adrian are haunted by apparitions, and the resulting terror and paranoia make for a claustrophobic tale of initiation and survival.

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