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Автор: Julian Stockwin
Серия: Thomas Kydd
Passage to Mutiny

In October 1789, Captain Richard Bolitho, in command of the frigate Tempest, arrives at Sydney, capital of the infant colony of New South Wales. The ship has been in commission for two years and has been employed on isolated patrols, searching out pirates and protecting the great spread of trading concessions and their vulnerable supply routes. Instead of being ordered to England as he hopes, Bolitho is despatched to the outwardly idyllic islands of the Great South Sea where yet another trading concession has been claimed for the Crown. He hears of the Bounty mutiny in the same waters, and is aware of the many temptations to his own men, and to himself. Unknown to him, the uneasy peace across Europe is relentlessly drawing to an end, and when news of the French Revolution eventually reaches Bolitho's lonely command he finds danger and death among the islands, and an involvement which is both personal and tragic.

Автор: Kent Alexander
Серия: Bolitho

A group of scientists and professional divers descend 4,500 feet into the Cayman Trench to research the hydrothermal vents which were recently discovered there.

An accident on the bottom leaves just three members of the crew struggling for survival.

Автор: Thompson Nigel

Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon return in the extraordinary new novel in the #1 New York Times—bestselling series by the grand master of adventure.

May 1902: a volcano erupts on the French island of Martinique with devastating force. But the local population are not its only victims. Also destroyed is a ship carrying a German scientist on the verge of an astonishing breakthrough. More than a century later, Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon are about to confront that scientist's terrifying legacy.

Cabrillo and his crew are forced to meticulously fake the sinking of the Oregon during a covert operation. But when an unknown adversary tracks them down despite their best-laid plans, Cabrillo and his team struggle to fight back against this would-be assassin who seems able to anticipate their every move.

Meanwhile it appears that a traitorous American weapons designer has completed the long dead German's work, and now wields an extraordinary power. This discovery forces the Oregon out of the shadows to prevent an attack that would lead the largest one man empire the world has ever known…

Displaying all the shotgun pace and breathtaking plotting that are Clive Cussler's hallmarks, Piranha is a inspired new thriller from the World's No. 1 Adventure Writer.

Серия: The Oregon Files

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  •  Морская служба как форма мужской жизни
     Белько Виктор Юрьевич
     Юмор, Юмористическая проза, Приключения, Морские приключения

    «Морская служба как форма мужской жизни» – это очередная книга из серии морских рассказов и повестей недавнего времени, вышедшая из-под пера Виктора Юрьевича Белько, больше известного флотскому читателю под псевдонимами «Ф. Илин» и «Старый Филин». Среди его книг, выдержавших иной раз и несколько изданий – «Легенды о славном мичмане Егоркине», «Море славного мичмана Егоркина», «Клио в тельняшке или исторические досуги в кают-компании», двухтомник «Новые легенды славного мичмана Егоркина», книга для детей: «О городе Коле, о Заполярье и о море» и некоторые другие. У этой книги намеренно «околонаучное» название, почти, как у монографии – «Морская служба как форма мужской жизни». По сути – это сборник коротких произведений, написанных по мотивам воспоминаний офицеров флота, для которых корабельная жизнь и морская служба означала главную и единственную форму существования.

    … Это было недавно, это было давно! В то самое время, когда мы все были молоды, а наши друзья и родные – живы и здоровы, и все это было правдой!

    Для кого-то это было вчера, а для кого-то − целую жизнь тому назад!

    Из повести – «Отличная оценка или «Купите мину!»)

  •  The Jonah Watch
     Cady Jack
     Приключения, Морские приключения, Мистика

    Supposedly a true story framed in the format of a novel, The Jonah Watch is based on Jack Cady’s experiences while serving on a Coast Guard cutter off the coast of Maine. Trapped on an icebound cutter, the crew of the Adrian are haunted by apparitions, and the resulting terror and paranoia make for a claustrophobic tale of initiation and survival.

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