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обложка книги Ramage Ramage

1796 - sea battles raging and an attack from the French has left third-lieutenant Ramage the sole officer in charge of his frigate. With orders from Nelson to be obeyed and a daring mission to be completed, young Nicholas Ramage must rise to the challenge. Despite the grave adversity of his situation, Ramage embarks upon an intrepid rescue with quite unforeseen consequences. This thrilling adventure is the first in Dudley Pope's popular and much-loved Ramage series.

Pope Dudley Ramage  
обложка книги Ramage and the Dido Ramage and the Dido

This is Dudley Pope's 18th novel to feature Nicholas Ramage and it is set in the West Indies where Captain Lord Nicholas Ramage, the youngest captain of a ship of the line since Nelson, brings his old crew to a new command against the French in Martinique.

Pope Dudley Ramage  
обложка книги Ramage and the drum beat Ramage and the drum beat

In the second book of the Nicholas Ramage series Lieutenant Lord Ramage is ordered to proceed to Gibraltar-with all possible dispatch - aboard His Majesty's ship Kathleen, to support Nelson in a battle with the Spanish off Cape Trafalgar.

Pope Dudley Ramage  
обложка книги Ramage and the Freebooters Ramage and the Freebooters

In the third book of the Nicholas Ramage series Ramage is summoned by the Admiralty and given command of the brig Triton. But like the rest of the Navy, Triton's crew has mutinied. Sympathizing with some of their complaints, Ramage also knows that if he fails to deliver three sealed dispatches to admirals off Brest and Cadiz, and in the Caribbean, he will become a convenient scapegoat...

Pope Dudley Ramage  
обложка книги Ramage and the Guillotine Ramage and the Guillotine

As France recovers from her bloody Revolution, Napoleon is amassing his armies for the Great Invasion. News in England is sketchy and the Navy must prepare to defend the land from foreign attack. Lieutenant Ramage is chosen to travel to France and embark upon the perilous quest of spying on the great Napoleon. His mission is to determine the strength of the French troops - but his discovery will mean the guillotine!

Pope Dudley Ramage  
обложка книги Ramage And The Rebels Ramage And The Rebels

Setting off on a presumably predictable sweep for freebooters in the waters off Jamaica, Ramage and the crew of the Calypso stumble upon a scene of carnage: A sinking British ship, her crew and passengers, men and women alike, ruthlessly murdered at the hands of a French privateer. Supported by his men in a thirst for righteous vengeance, Ramage ferrets out the brigand's name and sets sail to bring him in.

Pope Dudley Ramage  
обложка книги Ramage and the Renegades Ramage and the Renegades

With the Treaty of Amiens signed, hostilities have ceased — at least on paper. Nelson's crews are standing down and Ramage is on leave when he receives covert Admiralty orders to inspect the small island of Trinidade off the coast of Brazil. Reaching South American shores, Ramage and the crew of the Calypso fetch up in a battle to free several captive merchant ships — and a beautiful woman passenger — as they cross swords with bloodthirsty pirates. . . .

Pope Dudley Ramage  
обложка книги Ramage and the Saracens Ramage and the Saracens

Ordered to Naples after the battle of Trafalgar, Ramage and the Calypso are given fresh orders. The Barbary Coast pirates, the Saracens, are active in Sicily again, and terrorizing fishing ports. Ramage and his crew are sent to Sicily to track done the Saracins before they can attack another town.

Pope Dudley Ramage  
обложка книги Ramage At Trafalgar Ramage At Trafalgar

Lord Ramage returns to fight in the most famous of Britain's sea battles. Summoned by Admiral Nelson himself, Ramage is sent to join the British fleet off Cadiz where the largest battle in naval history is about to take place. Finding himself in the front line of battle, Lord Ramage must fight to save his own life as well as for his country. The result is a thrilling, hair-raising adventure from one of our best-loved naval writers

Pope Dudley Ramage  
обложка книги Ramage's Challenge Ramage's Challenge

The Napoleonic Wars are raging and a group of eminent British citizens have been taken captive in the Mediterranean by French troops. The Admiralty traces their location and sends the valiant Lord Ramage to affect their release. As Ramage and his crew negotiate the hazardous waters off the Tuscan coast, they soon begin to doubt the accuracy of their instructions. Ramage comes to realize that in order for his mission to succeed he must embark upon a fearful and highly dangerous escapade where the stakes have never been higher. Ramage's Challenge is another action-packed naval adventure from the masterful Dudley Pope.  

Pope Dudley Ramage  
обложка книги Ramage's Devil Ramage's Devil

On holiday, ashore with his new wife at a chateau in France, Captain Lord Ramage finds the honeymoon interrupted by an end to the Peace of Amiens — and a return to war which will last over a decade. Finding themselves on unfriendly soil just hours before hostilities commence, Ramage and Sarah elude the grasp of Napoleon's secret police, seeking to close upon all the Brits and French Royalists they can find. Even as they escape, their host is captured and deported to the notorious penal colony on Devil's Island. Ultimately, back at the helm of the Calypso and among old friends, Ramage finds himself heading in the same direction. But given the Island's impregnable reputation, can he pull off a rescue?

Pope Dudley Ramage  
обложка книги Ramage's Diamond Ramage's Diamond

Ranked as a captain, the youngest in His Majesty's navy and one with a reputation for landing impossible assignments, Lord Ramage is dispatched to the Caribbean isle of Martinique and, off its southwest coast, Diamond Rock. His mission at first seems humdrum: to barricade the French within Fort Royal. But sent to sea in the Juno, with a crew turned restless and disgruntled under the prior command of a drunk, Ramage realizes that his vessel may not be up to confronting the French. Before he can shape up the Juno and her men, the ship is beset by desperate and dangerous privateers.

Pope Dudley Ramage  
обложка книги Ramage’s Mutiny Ramage’s Mutiny

Eighth in Dudley Pope's celebrated series of novels, Ramage's Mutiny tells of Captain Ramage's reckless attempt to free the Jocasta, a British ship, from the Spanish Main stronghold of Santa Cruz. A vicious mutiny had left the Jocasta open to capture by Spain, but sailing the frigate Calypso, Ramage will stop at nothing to rescue the imprisoned vessel, even to inciting another 'mutiny' on board his own ship.

Pope Dudley Ramage  
обложка книги Ramage’s Prize Ramage’s Prize

In Ramage’s Prize, his fifth recorded adventure, Lieutenant Nicholas Ramage sets out from Jamaica to track down the mysterious disappearance of the Post vessels – a vital communications link between Whitehall and the West Indies in the war against Bonaparte’s France.

Pope Dudley Ramage  
обложка книги Ramage's Signal Ramage's Signal

With Bonaparte Napoleon at the height of his powers, the Mediterranean can be safely considered exclusive French territory. So when Captain Ramage and his crew are sent alone into Mediterranean waters, they can expect to be outnumbered. But it is the French who discover they have an enemy they had not bargained for...

Pope Dudley Ramage  
обложка книги Ramage's Trial Ramage's Trial

Lord Ramage has made his name through numerous brave, daring and extremely perilous sea battles. He has been charged with impossible tasks and has succeeded time after time gaining honour and glory for king and country. He has undertaken his tasks loyally with skill and valour. So it is with some surprise that he finds that perhaps his greatest enemy of all comes from within the British Navy itself. He is forced to undergo a battle that will require his very all.

Pope Dudley Ramage  
обложка книги Red Sun Rogue Red Sun Rogue

An unknown enemy wreaks havoc in the South China Sea while blaming the destruction on Jonah Blackwell and the crew of the Scorpion, forcing them to untangle a deadly conspiracy rooted in a lost technology from World War II.

May 6, 1945: A German submarine U-3531 disappears en route to mainland Japan, taking with her a weapon that could have changed the course of the war.

Present day: Salvage diver turned submarine captain Jonah Blackwell and his unproven crew resurface on a mission of mercy, secreting starving refugees from the brutal North Korean regime as a hundred-year winter ravages the northern Pacific. Hunted by the Japanese fleet and forced to surrender, the crew of the Scorpion are blackmailed into investigating a mysteriously quarantined DPRK submarine base. As chaos erupts across the East China Sea, the crew of the Scorpion find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy that threatens to reshape the entire region. Now his crew must race against time in an adventure spanning the irradiated waters of Fukushima, flood-beset Tokyo metropolis and the crumbling tropical remains of a secret Japanese research facility. At the center of it all is an enigmatic technology cult with roots in the clandestine weapons program of the Second World War — a cult that has waited seventy years to strike its final blow.

Zajonc Taylor Wrecking Crew  
Relentless Pursuit

It is December 1815 and Adam Bolitho's orders are unequivocal. As captain of His Majesty's frigate Unrivalled of forty-six guns, he is required to 'repair in the first instance to Freetown, Sierra Leone, and reasonably assist the senior officer of the patrolling squadron'. But all efforts of the British anti-slavery patrols to curb a flourishing trade in human life are hampered by unsuitable ships, by the indifference of a government more concerned with old enemies made distrustful allies, and by the continuing belligerence of the Dey of Algiers, which threatens to ignite a full-scale war. For Adam, also, there is no peace. Lost in grief and loneliness, his uncle's death still unavenged, he is uncertain of all but his identity as a man of war. The sea is his element, the ship his only home, and a reckless, perhaps doomed attack on an impregnable stronghold his only hope of settling the bitterest of debts.

Kent Alexander Bolitho  
обложка книги Rendezvous — South Atlantic Rendezvous — South Atlantic

In 1941, when she was turned into an armed merchant cruiser, the S.S. Benbencula was already old. Yet even she was needed to protect the vital Atlantic sea lanes. Commander Lindsay, her new captain, had to work desperately to mould the ship's company — raw recruits and old timers — into a fighting force. And better than anyone, Lindsay knew this could be his last command, his last chance.

Reeman Douglas  
обложка книги Richard Bolitho – Midshipman Richard Bolitho – Midshipman

In October 1772 Richard Bolitho waits at Portsmouth to join the Gorgon, a seventy-four gun ship of the line. Although only sixteen, Midshipman Bolitho is already a veteran of four years in the King's Navy, and is determined that in this, his second ship, he will not make the mistakes or forget the lessons of his earlier experiences in the hard and demanding ways of the sea. Many of the ship's company are new and untrained, and when the hazards of bad weather, and the relentless hardships which are the daily lot of the common sailor, begin to show themselves, the midshipmen soon discover that authority, no matter how junior, is no easy thing. England is at peace with her old enemies, France and Spain, but the growing menace of piracy across the trade routes, worsened by rich and brutal trade of slavery between Africa and the Americas, make sea travel no less perilous. Gorgon's captain is ordered to take his ship to Africa's west coast and 'show the flag', and by example and swift action to destroy those who challenge his authority. From the captain down to the midshipmen it becomes evident that their new enemy is as dangerous and as skilful as any who fights in the line of battle.

Kent Alexander Bolitho  

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Новинки! Свежие поступления книг жанра «Морские приключения»

  •  Сковать шторм
     Александрова Евгения
     Фантастика, Фэнтези, Приключения, Морские приключения, Любовные романы, Любовно-фантастические романы

    Морские просторы обещают нелёгкую жизнь капитану Алексу Дельгару. Интриги правителей, предательства, вера и запретная магия сплетутся штормом событий, способным изменить будущее нескольких стран. Казалось, капитан мог бы с этим справиться, но в команду корабля против его воли попадает дерзкий матрос — маг и шпион, а под маской неопытного юнги прячется семнадцатилетняя девчонка. И все планы Алекса летят в бездну, когда с их судьбами слишком тесно переплетается его собственная. Каждому из них придётся бороться за свою жизнь и свободу. Но кто выберется из череды опасностей и обманов, когда так близко грохочут волны, рвёт паруса ветер и надвигается колдовской ураган?

  •  Джим Хокинс на острове с сокровищами
     Никатор Александр
     Приключения, Исторические приключения, Морские приключения, Путешествия и география

    История старого Джима Хокинса — рассказанная им самим собутыльнику на кухне, в замке герцога Моррисвилля и выписанная тем без утайки — лишь с небольшим добавлением прикрас, для удобства чтения и развлечения тех, кто полюбопытствует узнать об огромном богатстве, некогда свалившемся на многим хорошо известного эсквайра Трелони, странных смертях самого эсквайра и его многолетнего друга, доктора Ливси, и ужасающих событиях, связанных с командой старого грешника, капитана пиратов, Флинта — который в своё время командовал ватагой морских разбойников на корабле «Морже», грабя всех кто ему подвернётся в плавании, в южных морях.

    Фанфик на многим полюбившееся в детстве произведение Стивенсона.

  •  Оборотная сторона медали
     О’Брайан Патрик
     Приключения, Морские приключения

    Вернувшись в Англию, Джек Обри переживает худший период своей жизни. Ему предъявляют сфабрикованное обвинение в мошенничестве на рынке ценных бумаг, приговаривают к штрафу, позорному столбу и увольняют из флота. Стивену Мэтьюрину удается купить списанный из флота «Сюрприз» и получить каперское свидетельство. Попутно он узнает, что в афере с ценными бумагами замешан Рэй... 

  •  Магическая Картография. Книга 1. Путь в Фаверхейм (СИ)
     Милеш Лидия
     Любовные романы, Любовно-фантастические романы, Приключения, Морские приключения

    Казалось, плевое дело: похитить у герцога карту, найти корабль, спасти отца. Авика и мысли не допускала, что что-то пойдет не так. Но нет, пошло. И герцог оказался не так прост, и карту он давно разгадал, да и корабль уже снарядил. А вот женщин на этот корабль брать не собирается! Значит, придется срочно снимать женское платье и превращаться в мальчишку-юнгу. Быть всегда рядом, пройти вместе огонь и воду… это пока цель одна. А потом… Главное держать себя под контролем и ни в коем случае не влюбиться в капитана.

  •  Морские тайны
     Голубев Глеб Николаевич
     Приключения, Морские приключения

    В книгу вошли повести «Письмо с того света» и «Секрет „Лолиты“» и рассказ «Украденная Атлантида». Все они о людях, чья жизнь навсегда связана с морем, о романтике и о суровых буднях, о научном поиске, зачастую связанном с риском.

  •  Обречённые жить (СИ)
     Лавров Алексей Юрьевич
     Фантастика, Альтернативная история, Боевая фантастика, Приключения, Морские приключения,

    Осторожно, шокирующая фантастика!

    История попаданства в сознания обречённых на гибель, но неспособных поверить в собственную смерть и оттого бессмертных… Гаврошей, Томасов и Гекельберри в наихудшем из вообразимых вариантов. Игра на выживание без морали, без репутации, без опыта, без правил. Бредовый квест в крови среди подонков и психопатов свихнувшегося мира. Жёсткий рок пальбы и лязга стали, хруста костей и зубовного скрежета, предсмертных стонов и хриплых проклятий, визга и вони застенков. Продолжительность: не задана. Смысл: не задан. Условия выигрыша: не заданы. Задача: не нарочно изменить мир.

Новинки месяца жанра «Морские приключения»

  •  Sea of Greed
     Cussler Clive, Brown Graham
     Приключения, Морские приключения

    The world’s oil supply is vanishing, the stock market is plummeting, and the key to saving the future seems to be a baffling historical mystery. Can the NUMA crew crack it in time? Sea of Greed is the suspenseful new NUMA Files novels from the #1 New York Times-bestselling grand master of adventure.

    After an explosion in the Gulf of Mexico destroys three oil rigs trying to revive a dying field, Kurt Austin and the NUMA Special Projects Team are tapped by the President of the United States to find out what’s gone wrong. The trail leads them to a brilliant billionaire in the alternative energy field. Her goal is the end of the oil age; her company has spent billions developing the worlds’ most advanced fuel-cell systems. But is she an environmental hero… or a rogue genetic engineer?

    The NUMA crew discovers that the oil fields are infected with bacteria that are consuming the oil before it can be pumped out of the earth — a bacteria originally lost decades ago when two submarines vanished in the Mediterranean.

    With hired killers on his trail, can Kurt Austin locate a submarine that’s remained hidden for more than fifty years? And even if he can, can the biological terror that’s been unleashed be stopped?

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