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обложка книги Canal Dreams Canal Dreams

Hisako Onoda, world famous cellist, refuses to fly. And so she travels through the Panama Canal as a passenger on a tanker bound for Europe. But Panama is a country whose politics are as volatile as the local freedom fighters. When Hisako's ship is captured, it is not long before the atmosphere is as flammable as an oxy-acetylene torch, and the tension as sharp as the spike on her cello…

'Apocalyptic is the first word that springs to mind to describe this violent and powerful novel in which Banks once again demonstrates his extraordinary dark powers of imagination… impressive' The Times

'Brilliantly crafted' Scotsman

'Currents of dark wit swirl through Banks' writing, enriching its buoyancy… and, like Graham Greene, he can readily open the reader's senses to the «foreignness» of places' Scotland on Sunday

'Extraordinary, brilliant, bloody' Fay Weldon

Banks Iain  
обложка книги Capitol Conspiracy Capitol Conspiracy Bernhardt William Ben Kincaid  
обложка книги Complicity Complicity

n. 1. the fact of being an accomplice, esp. in a criminal act

A few spliffs, a spot of mild S&M, phone through the copy for tomorrow's front page, catch up with the latest from your mystery source — could be big, could be very big — in fact, just a regular day at the office for free-wheeling, substance-abusing Cameron Colley, a fully-paid-up Gonzo hack on an Edinburgh newspaper.

The source is pretty thin, but Cameron senses a scoop and checks out a series of bizarre deaths from a few years ago — only to find that the police are checking out a series of bizarre deaths that are happening right now. And Cameron just might know more about it than he'd care to admit…

Involvement; connection; liability — Complicity is a stunning exploration of the morality of greed, corruption and violence, venturing fearlessly into the darker recesses of human purpose.

'A remarkable novel… superbly Grafted, funny and intelligent" Times

'A stylishly executed and well produced study in fear, loathing and victimisation which moves towards doom in measured steps" Observer

'Compelling and sinister… a very good thriller" Glasgow Herald

'Fast moving… tightly plotted" Sunday Times

Banks Iain  
обложка книги Conspiracy in Kiev Conspiracy in Kiev

A shrewd investigator and an expert marksman, Special Agent Alexandra LaDuca can handle any case the FBI gives her. Or can she? Connecting the dots between an assassination attempt in Ukraine, a murder in Paris, and a brutal attack on a remote village in South America takes Alex on a dangerous puzzle-solving, soul-searching journey that changes her forever.

Hynd Noel , Russian trilogy  
обложка книги Countdown in Cairo Countdown in Cairo

Alexandra LaDuca is smart, tough, and cool under fire. But when she travels to Cairo to investigate a former mentor who was believed to be dead, Alex is caught in a bizarre game of double cross, and her life is more perilously on the line than ever.

Hynd Noel , Russian trilogy  

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  •  Хамилтън: Кодово название Coq Rouge
     Гиу Ян
     Детективы и Триллеры, Политический детектив

    Шпионски трилър от автора на „Рицарят тамплиер”, който превръща собствения си опит и журналистическите си разследвания в изобличаващ роман от класата на Лъдлъм и Форсайт.

    Убит е един от шефовете на шведските спецслужби, оглавяващ отдела за борба с тероризма.

    Заплетената нишка на случая трябва да разплетат двама криминалисти ветерани и младият агент Карл Хамилтън — нов тип боец, преминал специално обучение в базата на военноморските сили на САЩ и ФБР в Сан Диего. Дирите водят към Близкия Изток, където е подготвена тайна терористична акция под наименованието "план Далет". В опасната международна игра се оказват замесени спецслужбите на няколко държави…

    Критици и читатели сравняват поредицата шпионски трилъри „Хамилтън” с романите на Робърт Лъдлъм за Борн и на Ян Флеминг за Джеймс Бонд. Но Ян Гиу предлага нещо различно и оригинално — шпионските му романи ни най-малко не са копия на вече популярни чужди бестселъри, а въздействаща проза с много реални факти, лица и събития.

    Познавач на историята и настоящето на Близкия Изток, Ян Гиу отново поставя проблема за диалога между различните култури там. Част от действието на този роман се развива в съвременен Йерусалим, там, където преди векове се разгръща действието на трилогията „Рицарят тамплиер”.

    Това е първият роман от поредицата книги, всяка от които е със свой самостоятелен сюжет. Общото между тях е присъствието на главния герой Хамилтън.

    „Хамилтън” е една от най-успешните шпионски поредици в света. Преведена е на десетки езици и е продадена в милиони екземпляри, като само в Швеция те са над 5 млн. екз. Създадени са няколко филма за големия екран с участието на известни шведски и американски звезди.

  •  Illegal Action
     Rimington Stella
     Детективы и Триллеры, Шпионский детектив, Политический детектив, Триллер

    The new installment in Stella Rimington’s series of “frighteningly authentic” espionage thrillers (Chicago Tribune) featuring the fiercely intelligent, ambitious MI5 officer Liz Carlyle.

    Liz has been transferred to counter-espionage—the hub of MI5 operations during the Cold War, which has been scaled back as anti-terrorism has gained priority. But there’s plenty for her to do: there are more spies operating in London in the twenty-first century than there were during the height of East-West hostilities. Even the Russians still have a large contingent, although now they spy on the international financial community and on the wealthy ex-pat oligarchs who make England their domain.

    In her new assignment, Liz quickly uncovers a plot to silence one of these Russians: Nikita Brunovsky, an increasingly vocal opponent of Vladimir Putin. The Foreign Office is adamant about forestalling a crime that could become a full-blown international incident, but there’s not a single clue as to how the assassination will be carried out—and Liz is solely responsible for averting disaster. So she goes undercover, attaching herself to Brunovsky’s retinue: racing against the clock to determine who betrayed him and suddenly facing a wholly unexpected second task—unmasking a Russian operative working undercover alongside her.

    Dame Stella has once again distilled her experience as the first woman Director General of MI5 into a spy novel of arresting psychological complexity and unflagging suspense.

  •  House of Cards
     Dobbs Michael
     Детективы и Триллеры, Политический детектив

    Michael Dobbs has spent many years at the most senior levels of British politics, advising Mrs Thatcher, Cecil Parkinson and many other leading politicians. He worked as a journalist in the United States throughout the Watergate crisis, and after returning to London in 1975 played major roles in the general elections of 1979 and 1983, and was Chief of Staff at Conservative Party headquarters during the 1987 elections. He has a doctorate in defence studies. He is currently Deputy Chairman of Saatchi Saatchi and lives in London with his wife and young son.

    'Pace and readability ... a well-written and well-constructed political thriller. Let's hope it is the firstof many Sunday Times

    The exciting new thriller that has Westminster buzzing ... here is a political-thriller writer with a marvellous inside track knowledge of government.

    House of Cards is fast-moving, revelatory and brilliant. ' Daily Express

    'Watergate set in Westminster ... House of Cards must not be allowed to fall into the hands of impressionable Tory backbenchers.' Daily Telegraph

    'Whipping up a storm... the thinking man's Jeffrey Archer.' Today

    'Michael Dobbs' first novel makes an appalling tale of skulduggery at Westminster into a tremendously exciting affair ... he weaves his story convincingly with pace and style’ Newsline

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