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Conversational Ukrainian Quick and Easy


Have you always wanted to learn how to speak Ukrainian but simply didn’t have the time?

Well if so, then, look no further. You can hold in your hands one of the most advanced and revolutionary method that was ever designed for quickly becoming conversational in a language. In creating this time-saving program, master linguist Yatir Nitzany spent years examining the twenty-seven most common languages in the world and distilling from them the three hundred and fifty words that are most likely to be used in real conversations. These three hundred and fifty words were chosen in such a way that they were structurally interrelated and, when combined, form sentences. Through various other discoveries about how real conversations work—discoveries that are detailed further in this book—Nitzany created the necessary tools for linking these words together in a specific way so that you may become rapidly and almost effortlessly conversant—now.

If you want to learn complicated grammar rules, or the non-Romanized alphabet of a foreign language, then this book is not for you. However, if you need to actually hold a conversation while on a trip to Ukraine, to impress that certain someone, or to be able to speak with your grandfather or grandmother as soon as possible, then the Nitzany Method is what you have been looking for. This method is designed for fluency in a foreign language, while communicating in the present tense. Nitzany believes that what’s most important is actually being able to understand and be understood by another human being right away. Therefore, unlike other courses, all words in this program are taught in English transliteration, without having to learn the complex Cyrillic alphabet. More formalized training in grammar rules, etc., can come later. This isn’t a pronunciation book. Thus, this book is recommended for those with prior knowledge in pronunciation of the Ukrainian language. However, for those who aren’t previously familiar, this book does provide some basic tools to teach pronunciation.

You will notice in this program that occasionally the endings of certain Ukrainian words change slightly depending on different cases. However, since this is not a grammar book, this program will not teach you these skills, nor will it teach you the accusative, genitive, dative, instrumental, or prepositional cases. The only thing this book offers are the necessary tools to become conversational in a foreign language in record time. As previously stated, though, with regards to grammar and pronunciation, you are on your own!

This is one of the several, in a series of instructional language guides, the Nitzany Method’s revolutionary approach is the only one in the world that uses its unique language technology to actually enable you to speak and understand native speakers in the shortest amount of time possible. No more depending on volumes of books of fundamental, beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, all with hundreds of pages in order to learn a language. With Conversational Ukrainian Quick and Easy, all you need are fifty-three pages.

Learn Ukrainian today, not tomorrow, and get started now!

Автор: Nitzany Yatir
Clubные танцы. ОН

Обучение танцу – очень захватывающая и увлекательная вещь: однажды начав учиться танцевать, остановиться уже трудно. От вас требуются внимание, трудолюбие и много усиленных тренировок, но, поверьте, результаты того стоят. Каждый, кто хочет научиться танцевать и согласен полностью «выкладываться» на занятиях, через какой-то промежуток времени начинает танцевать. Поверьте, ничего невозможного нет: в этой книге вы найдете информацию о том, как не комплексовать в любом клубе и стать его VIР персоной, а советы профессионалов помогут стать звездой танцпола. Конечно, при условии, что вы не будете лентяйничать и пройдете весь курс обучения.


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