Nick Eastwood

X-rated wife


Robin Allen, a statuesque young blonde, rolled over to face the sun and took another sip of her vodka and tonic. Nothing but a tiny yellow bikini stood between her and the August heat. She sighed contentedly as she soaked up the rays.

"I wish you hadn't worn that suit," her husband Gary grumbled. "You're giving me a big hard-on."

"Gary!" Robin gasped. "Not so loud! The others will hear you!"

They were lounging beside the pool at Jack Ross' house, with their friends. There was Jack and his wife Patty, and one other couple, Larry and Margot Price. The three couples had been friends for several years, ever since they all moved into this new suburban neighborhood.

Gary flashed Robin a wicked grin, and she almost wriggled with lust. Maybe tonight when they got home there'd be some fireworks in bed. That would be a nice change. Lately their love life had been a little on the dull side. Gary always seemed to be tired after work, too tired to make love.

"The sun's going to go down soon," Jack announced. "I better fire up the barbecue."

Robin was not only lusty, she was hungry. She always looked forward to these Saturday night parties. The couples took turn being hosts, and there was always plenty to drink and eat. Robin got up to help Margot and Patty with the dinner preparations.

When the three women were alone in the kitchen, Patty grinned and said, "Jack says he's got a big surprise for us tonight. He's rented a videotape."

"No cards?" Margot said, sounding disappointed.

"Oh, come on, Margot," Robin laughed. "You always win when we play cards. A movie will be a nice change of pace."

"Well, it better be good," Margot said. "What movie is it, Patty?"

"Jack wouldn't tell me," Patty said. "He just said nobody was going to be bored."

Jack kept his promise.

After dinner, when they'd all changed out of their suits, Jack summoned them to the living room and put on the videotape. Of course everybody had been pestering him to tell the name of the movie, but he'd just grinned and refused. Now they were all very curious. There was a big gasp from everybody as the title appeared on the screen.

The movie was called The Wife-Swapping Neighbors.

"Jack, you've got to be kidding!" Larry Price cried.

"Jack Ross," Patty snapped, "you get that filth off the screen. Show us the real movie."

"Yeah, Jack," Gary chuckled. "Enough already. We know it's a joke."

"Sorry, folks," Jack grinned, "but it's no joke. This is the movie we're gonna see. Come on, it's something different for a change."

Everybody was shouting at him – everybody but Robin. Her eyes were glued, to the screen. She'd never seen a dirty movie before, and she was intensely curious. The action staffed almost immediately, with a naked couple in bed. Nothing was left to the imagination.

"Oh, my gosh," Robin gasped, "look what they're doing."

"My God!" Margot cried. "They're actually, uh, doing it!"

The shouting stopped. The room was silent except for the obscene noises coming from the TV screen, a woman's shrill squeals of pleasure, a man's lusty snorting and growling. Nobody said another word as they watched the couple actually fucking right before their eyes.

Robin could hardly believe what she was seeing, but one thing was certain – it was turning her on like crazy. The couple was fucking doggy-style, and she could see the man's thick hard cock hammering in and out of the woman's cunt. She suddenly realized that she was creaming through her panties.

What am I, some kind of pervert? she wondered.

She glanced around at her friends and husband and found that they were reacting just like she was, speechless and wide-eyed. Even Jack seemed stunned. He'd probably just picked up the cassette for a joke, not realizing how truly dirty it was.

"Holy shit," he said at last. "Maybe I made a mistake. Should I turn it off?"

"No, no," Gary said quickly, "let it run. This is kinda, er, interesting."

Nobody disagreed. They all sat there quietly and watched the whole film. By the time it was over, they'd seen sex in just about every imaginable form. They'd seen licking and sucking, and they'd seen fucking in every position. As the movie ended, everybody took a big pull on their drinks.

"Same movie," Jack said, sounding dazed. "Yeah, it was," Gary said. "But it's late, and I think we'd better be going. Come on, Robin."

Robin frowned at him. He was being rude. He hadn't even thanked Jack and Patty for dinner. But then she glanced at his fly and knew why he was in a hurry to leave. Her handsome husband had a hard-on that threatened to blast its way out of his pants.

"Well, thanks, Jack, Patty," Robin stammered as she got up, "it sure was, uh, different."

"Yeah, very interesting party," Larry said, pulling Margot to her feet. "But like Gary says, it's getting late."

Robin couldn't help noticing that Larry had a hard-on, too. Her eyes skipped to Jack and, sure enough, there was a big bulge at his fly. That naughty move sure had turned the men on. She felt pretty aroused herself, and she wondered about the other two women.

She didn't get a chance to compare notes, because Gary was practically dragging her out of the house. They walked quickly to their own place, next door, and the moment they were inside, Gary pulled her into his arms and gave her a hot hungry kiss.

His big hands cupped her firm little ass and squeezed it. His hot tongue dove into her mouth. Robin felt his engorged cock throbbing against her belly, and she creamed furiously. It had been so long since they'd made really good love, and she could hardly wait. Gary broke the kiss and looked at her with lust-glazed eyes.

"Oh, golly!" she exclaimed. "I left my bathing suit at Jack and Patty's!"

"You can get it tomorrow," Gary said, pushing her down the hall toward the bedroom. "Besides, something tells me they wouldn't want to be interrupted right now."

He was probably right. It added to Robin's hot arousal as she realized that her best friends were probably getting it on at this very moment. Three houses in a row, three couples tearing off each other's clothes – and all because of Jack and his dirty movie.

She and Gary undressed each other as fast as they could, throwing clothes in every direction. They jumped naked onto the king-size bed and went for each other, pawing and snarling and exchanging deep wet tongue-kisses. It reminded Robin of the early days of their marriage, when they just couldn't keep their hands off each other.

That seemed so long ago, but it had only been five years. Lately the fire seemed to have gone out of their love-making. At least it was back for tonight. Gary was acting like a horny teenager as he wriggled his big tongue in her mouth and molded her ripe hot tits. When they finally came up for air, he was full of ideas.

"I wanna try some of the stuff in that movie!" he leered.

"Go ahead," Robin grinned. "I'm sure up for it. You know, honey, things haven't been too exciting lately."

He wasn't listening, and she realized that this wasn't the time to discuss their sex life. This was a time to do it, not talk about it. Gary was kissing and licking his way down her body. He worked his way down her neck and spent some time on her tits.

"Mmmmm, yeah!" she gurgled.

His hot wet tongue was tracing a sticky line around the base of her lust-stiffened nipples. When her nipples were engorged, they were even more sensitive than usual, and she moaned and writhed with excitement. Her pussy was soon dripping with molten cream.

This was the way Gary used to make love to her, when they were still hot for each other. Robin wished it could be like this every night. She caught herself rubbing her belly wantonly against his stiff pulsating cock, egging him on. He left her swollen tits and started his way down to her soft blond bush.

"Ohhhh, God, honey!" she moaned.

Gary was folding back the soft fur and expose big the small but supersensitive bud of her clit. She sobbed with excitement when she felt his stiff slick tongue tip contact the throbbing nub. He lashed her joy button, giving her a steady hot buzz of pleasure.

"Ooooh, Gary, yessss!" she hissed.

Robin adored it when her sexy husband went down on her, but it wasn't happening much lately. Gary was always too busy or too tired. Their sex life was mostly quickies, with little foreplay. Robin ached for a long, leisurely session of love-making, and at last she was getting it.

"Mmmm, baby, I love it!" she gurgled.

Gary was flicking the stiff tip of his tongue up and down over her clit, driving her crazy with excitement. She drenched his teasing tongue with hot spurts of tangy cunt juice, and he gobbled the hot cream hungrily. She arched her body, greedily shoving her clit against his tongue.

"Suck it, baby!" she cried hoarsely. "Suck me off! You haven't done that for so long!"

Gary was up for it tonight. Robin remembered now – it had been in the movie. The man had sucked the woman off. Gary was inspired to do it, too. Robin didn't care what got him to do it, she was just grateful that he took the time. She was starved for slow, kinky loving.

Gary caught her wildly throbbing clit between his lips and started sucking it wetly and loudly. Robin felt a shock of pleasure that made her shudder, and she gave a hoarse sob of delight and creamed all over his face.

"God, yessss!" she wailed. "Suck meeeee!" Gary hadn't lost his touch. He was just as great a pussy-eater as in the early years of their marriage. Robin closed her eyes and forgot everything but the searing pleasure he was giving her as he squeezed her clit between his busy lips. She creamed uncontrollably.

But even as she sobbed with pleasure, she reminded herself that she'd better take full advantage of this unusual night. Gary wouldn't always have a naughty movie to inspire him. Soon he'd be back to normal, giving her a quick fuck every Saturday night – if he wasn't too tired.

"Mmmmm, baby, don't stop!" she gurgled. "Suck me forever!"

Robin could have come fast and easily, but she didn't want the hot pleasure to end. She deliberately held back her orgasm, gorging herself on the excitement she'd been missing. Gary's expert clit-sucking made hot jolts of pleasure rip through her body.

But the moment came when she couldn't contain her pleasure any longer. There was no way she could keep from coming. Gary gave her throbbing clit another long sensuous suck and she blasted off, her tall shapely body bucking and convulsing as she came.

"Unnnnhhh, God, whaaahhh!" she wailed. Gary dug his fingers into her jerking ass and held her steady, sucking her all the way through her hot climax. It was the hardest she'd come in a long, long time. The delicious orgasm lasted almost a full minute before she fell back limp and panting.

"Mmmmm, honey, that was wonderful!" she sighed.

Gary was still acting out the script from that movie. Before she'd even caught her breath he was straddling her, his trim ass brushing her big ripe tits, his drooling cock head tracing the outline of her lips. His eyes were hot and excited.

"Suck it!" he growled.

Robin was up for that, too. She adored going down on her husband, but he hadn't had time for it lately. She opened her lips and let him slide his thick throbbing cock over her slippery tongue. Firming her lips around his meat, she began to suck loudly and hungrily.

"Christ, yes!" Gary groaned, his handsome face twisted into a horny grimace.

If only it could always be like this, Robin thought.

She would have sucked his cock for hours. She would have spent the whole weekend in bed with him, as they'd done when they were newlyweds. Now she tried to remind him of how great it had been, sucking ravenously on his big hard boner, gulping his hot salty cream.

But Gary wasn't tuned into her thoughts. His mind was still on that movie, and he wanted to do everything he'd seen on the screen. He let her suck his cock for only a minute or so, then pulled out, climbed off her, and flipped her aver into the doggy position.

"Uunnnhhh!" Robin gasped.

He was plowing into her from behind, cramming her slick little cunt with his wrist-thick cock. He shoved it right to her womb in one lusty push, then started fucking her like crazy. Her tall body shuddered with the impact, and she clawed the bed to brace herself.

"Ooooh, honey, oooooh, yessss!" she howled.

She loved his rough deep fucking. She felt herself hurtling helplessly towards another body-blasting climax as Gary mercilessly reamed her hungry box with his steel-hard fuck tool. Again she wished the excitement could last forever, but they were both too aroused to hold out.

"Unnnnnhhhh, God, you're doing it to meeeee!" she wailed. "I'm comingggg!"

"Awwwww, Christ, aaaggghhhh!" Gary roared.

Robin sobbed with release as he jetted his thick hot load into her sucking womb. They had a terrific, long mutual orgasm, the best in months. She didn't often feel that well-fucked. Afterwards she cuddled up with her husband and gave him a grateful kiss.

"Thanks, honey," she sighed. "I really needed that."

"Yeah, it was terrific, wasn't it?" Gary yawned. "We ought to do it more often."

"No shit?" Robin moaned.

But Gary was already asleep.


Robin's hunch was right. Gary was soon back to his old habits. He came home from work too exhausted to get it on. He'd rather watch TV than fuck. And Robin grew more and more frustrated.

She really couldn't blame Gary, though. They were both still in their twenties, healthy and horny, and they were simply tired of making it with the same person time after time. They loved each other, and they didn't believe in cheating, but the problem was there.

Robin tried to figure out what to do. She didn't want to be married to anybody but Gary, yet she found herself wondering what it would be like to fuck another guy. That dirty movie had affected her, too, just like it had Gary. It had given her some dangerous ideas.

One afternoon she was reading recipes, thinking up something special to surprise Gary, when there was a knock at the back door. She was surprised to find her friend and neighbor Jack standing there. He flashed her a very sexy grin.

"Jack, why aren't you at work?" Robin exclaimed.

"I got the afternoon off," he said. "Patty's still at the beauty parlor. I can't understand why it takes so long to make a pretty woman look good. But I'm bored. I want some company."

"Then come in," Robin said. "I'll make us some lemonade."

"How about a drink instead?" Jack smiled. "It's almost happy hour."

By Robin's watch, happy hour wouldn't be along for awhile, but she liked to be a good hostess, so she made vodka and tonics for them both. They took their drinks into the living room, and Jack motioned for her to sit beside him on the couch. He was acting kind of funny, Robin thought.

"Okay, Jack, what's up?" she smiled. "I can tell there's something on your mind."

"There sure is," he said, taking a big sip of his drink. "You know that movie I showed the other night?"

"How could I forget?" Robin laughed.

"Well I can't forget it, either," Jack said. "I've been thinking and thinking about it. When you come right down to it, those people had the right idea."