All-girl orgy


She was a darling girl and I had plied her with enough liquor that I thought I would now have no trouble seducing her. And I was right.

She seemed almost suspiciously willing to go along with my wants and desires.

I kissed her and she kissed me right back and then smiled breathlessly.

"Gosh, Monica, this is all so exciting… so sexy," she said to me.

"Yes, dear, yes, I know just what you mean," I said then.

I took hold of her and kissed her again, long and hard. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and the girl sucked on it and shivered at the taste.

"I think it's time I got undressed completely," I said to her then.

She swallowed hard and smiled nervously, but I could see that her eyes were lighting up at the prospect of this adventure really going all the way.

She was such a cute, adorable young lady. I had really found something special in this one, I told myself.

I started taking off the rest of my clothes. She did the same. I watched her out of the corners of my eyes. She had a wonderful body, that was for sure.

Then we were both naked. I climbed into the bed with her. My pussy juice was so hot that it was scalding my thighs as it ran down them. That gives you a pretty good indication of just how hot and horny I really was at that point.

Ginger looked at me with wide, unblinking eyes. She was still swallowing hard. She was eager but she was afraid.

I was going to make sure that she didn't stay afraid. No, she would get used to this thing pretty quickly, I decided.

I thought she would have a taste for it once we got started and I still felt that way. She was just the type.

"You just relax, Ginger," I said to her. "Let your body relax completely. We're going to have ourselves such a good time…"

She gulped and said, "Yes… yes, I think so too, Monica."

"Oh yes… so nice… just you and me together here, no one to disturb us, no one to interrupt or come between us…"

I reached out to her tits and fondled them. She had lovely titties with long, firm nipples that were already sticking out quite prominently.

"Mmmmm… oh gosh, Monica, this is so nice," she sighed.

I nodded at her and winked an eye in agreement.

I leaned into her and took one of her stiff nipples into my mouth.

"Oh gosh!" she gasped when I did that.

I chewed the nipple right into my mouth then bit down on it.

She shivered from head to toe at that point.

"Oh God, ohhhhhh!" she cried out, reaching out for me, touching me on the head and then stroking my hair.

"Just relax, darling," I whispered to her in my most soothing voice. "You just take it nice and easy, that's all…"

She gulped and nodded her head, her eyes flashing excitedly.

"Y-yes… yes, I will, Monica, I'll do whatever you say…"

"That's a good girl," I whispered. "That's such a very good girl… mznmmm, you just relax, just take it nice and easy, my dear…"

"Mmmmm… I do feel more relaxed now… but this is so strange… being here in bed and naked with you, Monica…"

"Don't think about how strange it is. Think about how nice it is, how comfortable and intimate and how much fun it is…"

She nodded her head. She closed her eyes for a moment and shivered. She opened them then and looked at me and nodded again.

"Yes… it does feel good… it does," she said softly.

I chewed some more on her nipples. I took one between my teeth and pulled on it hard, till she was quivering and shivering and nodding her head up and down.

"Mmmmm, that's nice, so very nice," she said to me. "Oh Monica, this is so wonderful, being here like this with you… ohhhh…"

I smiled to myself. I had really gotten to her now. The hunt was over. I had made my catch. Now it only remained for me to go in for the kill.

She sighed and shivered as I played with her titties.

"Mmmmm, that's nice, so nice, Monica, oh yes, yes…"

I kissed her titties. I licked at the nipples and bounced the boobs in my hands, up and down, up and down.

She enjoyed every hit of this. I was sure there was very little anxiety about our lesbian encounter now. She had gotten over all of that the moment she took off her clothes. Now it only remained for her to find out what it was all about, and that would obviously he a little strange for her, all these new sensations.

I lifted my mouth up from her tits and pressed against her mouth. She welcomed me warmly, opening her mouth and sliding her tongue out at me.

"Oh… Monica, Monica," she sighed right into my kissing mouth.

She embraced me and pushed her own tongue out at me this time.

I sucked on the tongue and she seemed to like this a lot. She quivered and twitched as I moved my tongue back and forth through her, in and out of her gaping hole.

My cunt was oozing and twitching as I kissed her. I was really hot for this little lady, there was no doubt about that in my mind at all. She did something to me that I could hardly explain or understand. But she just fit the personality that I go ape shit for in a woman. And it seemed like the wildest fantasy come true to find that I had actually gone about and seduced her. And this was her first time she had ever been in such an intimate situation. With a woman. Or so she told me. But I did believe her. I can usually tell these things. I've had enough experience to know the difference between a "virgin" and someone who's been around a little.

I pressed her back to the bed now and rolled over her. I kissed her on the neck and other places.

She moaned and sighed while I did all of this. She closed her eyes and nodded her head up and down, up and down at me.

"Ohhhh… I feel so sexy, so very sexy," she moaned at me. "Ohhhhh, yes, yes, that all feels so nice, so very nice, Monica…"

"Yes, darling, and this is only the beginning," I told her. "You're going to be feeling a lot more than this before we're through. You have my word on that. You'll be climbing through the clouds in ecstasy."

"Oh yes, yes, will I, Monica? Will I really be doing that?" she said, sighing and shivering with excitement.

"Yes indeed… I promise you that," I said. It was a promise that I had every intention of delivering on too.

"Oh yes, yes… and I want to give you pleasure too, Monica, lots and lots of pleasure," the girl sighed at me.

"That can be arranged, believe me, dear," I said with a laugh.

I kissed her some more and my hands moved over her, sliding here and there, touching her, caressing her, making her shiver and moan.

She quivered and twitched about. She rubbed her thighs together and then opened them up wide. The smell of her aroused pussy was suddenly in the air and I sniffed at it avidly. It was a wonderful odor, so strong and sexy. I gulped, thinking about how I was going to enjoy it when I got around to moving my mouth down there to that cunt of hers and licking up the juice I knew was starting to drool from her twitching, oozing pussy depths.

She was some love partner, that was for sure. Innocent and yet so very ready to be deflowered by me. She was hot for it. She was not afraid now, I was convinced of that. She was awaiting the pleasure we would have together with eager fascination. This was a great adventure for her. I didn't really think I would have any lifelong lesbian on my hands after this no matter how much pleasure we had together. I didn't have to feel that responsibility or guilt.

I held her titties in my hands and played with them. I pinched the nipples and she sighed and shivered from it.

I moved my mouth down to the nipples then, sticking my tongue out and licking away at the stiff, throbbing little buds.

"Mmmmmm, that's nice, that's so nice, ohhhhh, yes, yes, it is," she moaned and shivered, twitching and quivering at me.

I moved down from the titties. She stiffened and then shivered as I made my way down along her lovely young body. I was really loving it now. The pleasure was intense and climbing, more and more, all the time now. It was really something.

"Mmmmm… yes, yes, it's wonderful," she sighed at me.

I kissed her taut belly and then moved my mouth across her pubic hairs. She groaned loudly when I got that far. She reached down and dug her nails into my scalp as a wave of passion flowed all through the girl.

Her belly quivered. I ran my hand over it, gently caressing the softness, the firmness. She sighed and shook.

Then I moved down a little further, to the center of her heat.

I pried her thighs apart and moved my mouth down towards the pussy. The smell rose up at me, strong and powerful and wonderful. I sniffed it, filling my lungs with the beauty and eroticism of that odor.

She quivered and sighed and groaned as I continued touching her.

"Oh gosh, Monica, when you touch me like this… when you breath on me that way… it makes me feel so sexy, so wonderful, oh yes, yes, it does, it really does…"

"Get ready for something much stronger, darling," I said to her as my mouth hovered above her pussy.

I licked at the outside of her cunt, running my tongue down the length of the taut cunt lips. I sucked some of her curly cunt hairs into my mouth and even nibbled and tore out a few strands.

She sighed and shook, quivering from head to toe as I did it.

"Mmmmm. Oh, oh Monica… can you tell how wet I am, how hot I am?"

"Yes, yes, of course I can, darling," I sighed at her. "You're steaming. The pussy is so hot and wet… I can see all that juice there, it's beautiful."

"Mmmmm, yes, yes, lick me, Monica… I want your tongue inside me, deep inside my hot, wet pussy hole…"

Her body twitched again and again as I caressed her down there.

I moved into her more forcefully then. I pushed my tongue right against the quivering cunt hole and she groaned and nearly rose into the air in her excitement. It excited me too, I can tell you that.

The smell of that cunt was incredible. The pleasure shot right through from her to me, rushing down to my cunt. I could feel my pussy juices dribbling out of my hole and running down my legs.

"Mmmm, oh, ohhhhh, Monica, this is so nice, so nice," she sighed at me, caressing my head again and again. "Mmmmm… suck me, suck my cunt, oh yes, yes!"

I pushed my tongue up into her, sliding it deep inside the cunt and then drawing it back. I lifted it to her clitoris and flicked at the little bud there.

"Ahhhhhh! God, yes, yes, yes! Oh Monica, you're driving me crazy… that feels so good… I'm getting so wet… so fucking wet… yes, yes… ohhhh, the juice is just flowing out of me, flowing right out of my pussy!"

I loved the taste of her juices. They were the proper mixture of sweet and sour tastes. I licked them up and swallowed them down with loud gulping noises. I was really enjoying myself with this girl. I pushed my tongue in and slapped it up and down, back and forth, faster and faster.

"Mmmmmm! I think you're going to make me come, Monica! Ohhhhhh! Yes, yes, I think you're going to make me come! Ahhhhh! It's so good, it feels so good! Don't stop, no, no, don't stop yet, that's wonderful!"

I pushed my tongue deep inside and kept it there while she writhed and twitched and groaned, shaking and convulsing wildly.

The juice sprayed at my face. I couldn't get it all into my mouth and some of it hit my nose and eyes and ran down my chin.

She was a horny one, all right, this conquest of mine.

I licked and licked, running the tongue deep inside and flicking all over, in and out, back and forth, again and again, faster and faster all the time.

"Ohhhhh, that's wonderful, so wonderful," she moaned loudly. She tossed and twisted wildly. There was almost no controlling the dear girl at this point and that was just fine with me, I thought. "Ahhhhh! Oh yes, yes, do it to me, suck me, suck my cunt, suck it so hard, so deep, oh, oh, yes, yes, ahhhhh!"

And I sucked it, pushing my tongue in and out, lifting up and down, making her quiver and jump and twist in every direction at once.

The cunt juice was thicker and thicker, more and more all the time. There really didn't seem to be any end to it, no end at all. And I just kept riding her, holding on and twisting and shaking and twisting like crazy. There was more and more of it all the time. It just wouldn't stop, or so it seemed to me at the time. And I loved it. I was getting more and more excited all the time. The pleasure was rushing up through me almost as intensely as it was obviously hitting this delightful girl.

"Mmmmm, I'm coming!" she cried. "Oh God, yes, yes, I'm coming! Mmmmmmm! It's wonderful, Monica, ohhhhh, yes, yes, so wonderful, so very nice!"

The girl shook and twisted this way and that, quivering and convulsing, shaking and jumping about as I bored down on her, attacking the dear thing unmercifully. I was determined to make sure that she would always want me from now on, that she would never be able to turn me down because of the pleasure I was giving her.

I shoved my tongue deep inside her, pushing up all the way through her cunt, digging a path through that heaving flesh. She quivered and moaned and shouted.

"Oh God, that's good, that's so good!" she cried. "I'm coming and I can't seem to stop, no, no, never, ohhhhhh! Monica, you're wonderful, simply wonderful… I've never felt anything quite like this… never!"

The pleasure grew and expanded in the girl. Her face had turned bright red as she struggled with the rising, expanding, throbbing pleasure that I caused her.

She put her hands through my hair and nearly tore a cut in my scalp in her rising pleasure. But I held on and kept giving it to her, pushing my tongue inside, deeper and deeper all the time, flicking up and down, up and down, harder, faster, in and out and again and again, back and forth, on and on, never stopping for a moment.

She sprayed me with a new layer of juice then, thick and creamy. I drank it up and gulped it down and then licked for some more of it. There didn't seem to be any end to this girl's pleasure juice. It just ran out of her, more and more all the time, bubbling and frothing, running down, sliding over my mouth, running down my chin, faster and faster all the time. I loved it. I licked and licked, never stopping, never pausing even for a moment as it continued to happen, more and more, all the time now, faster and faster, till she seemed ready to fly right into the air with this convulsive passion that she was experiencing. There just didn't seem to be any end to it in sight.

The pleasure was obviously rushing through her, hotter and hotter now, and I was not going to let up on her. No, I was going to make that bitch scream and twist and shiver and shout. She was going to go through the roof. I was going to make sure that she never came down and when she finally did it would be to be a convert pure and simple. She was in ecstasy and that was a real delight to see, to watch her writhing and screaming and twisting about, jumping up and down and crying with delight.

"Ohhhhhh! Monica, yes, yes, yes, that's it, suck me, suck my cunt! Oh God, yes, yes, stick that tongue into me, deep inside, deeper, deeper! Oh God, mmmmmm, chew me, bite me, oh, oh, I love it, I love it so much… oh Jesus, I didn't know what I was missing, I really didn't… it's fabulous, fabulous!" the girl screamed.