My Naked Niece

When I was growing up in the 50's in the midwest, nearly all my relatives lived within a single state, so get-togethers were pretty big things-both in importance and the number of people that showed up. As an only child, I wasn't real wild about attending them; at least not until after I started getting along better than normal with one of my cousins, Frederica.

It wasn't that we became an "item" or anything like that, just that we got along better with each other than we did anyone else, and enjoyed each other's company more. We got along well enough, in fact, that we eventually trusted each other with our respective deepest secrets, and even did more than a little necking with each other once both of us hit puberty… though we never went "all the way".

Our bond was strong enough that even after I went into the military, Freddie (as I called her, teasingly at first, then later as a term of affection) wrote to me regularly and faithfully while I was overseas. Even after I got out and went to collee to get a degree in engineering, we continued to correspond with each other.

In my sophomore year in college, she got married, but continued to write. She and her husband Mike even turned up for my graduation; it was the first time I actually got to meet him, and it turned out that he and I not only liked each other, but became good friends. So when my first job out of college was in the same town they lived in, all of us were pleased.

I found a place to live that was far enough from them to be in that ideal range that left it close enough for us to get together without any hassle, but far enough apart that we weren't in each other's back yards every day. One of the things that I learned was that Freddie and Mike were nudists or naturists; they tried to get me to understand that the two weren't the same, but it was a distinction without a difference as far as I was concerned. I even joined them a few times when they spent a weekend at a nearby recreation facility; when I explained to them that the lifestyle wasn't for me not because of the nakedness, but because of the limited recreation options within the nudist environs, they accepted it easily enough. One consequence of note was that when they had a daughter, Emma, I was able to be there often enough to dote on (but not spoil) her as she was growing up. Any time Freddie and Mike needed someone to look after Emma for longer than just a babysitting job, I was usually the first person they checked with. Only rarely did I have something going on that kept me from keeping Emma for whatever period of time was needed, and getting to stay with her Uncle Dave was something of a treat for her: I was perfectly willing to spend the majority of the time we had together doing what SHE wanted us to-from High Tea when she was little to letting her watch music television (within limits, anyway) when she got older. Once she got into school, all of us found out that she had that all-too-rare combination of ordinary "smarts" and intelligence. Once she hit puberty, I was even agreeable to letting one or two of her friends come over for a little while each day or evening.

From growing up in a nudist household and frequently spending a day or weekend with other nudists, Emma didn't think there was anything wrong with people not wearing clothing. When she was with me, it wasn't any big deal for her to shed clothing to whatever degree made her feel comfortable. She knew I wasn't interested in such things, and that was fine with her… I was Uncle Dave, so whatever I thought or did was perfectly okay with her; that she saw ME nude a few times wasn't any big deal since she saw all manner of unclothed males every time she went to a camp with her parents.

Because she didn't concern herself about such things, I could see the changes happening to her when she hit puberty. She went from a cute little raven-haired pixie with freckles on her nose to starting to develop curves that would undoubtedly have guys flocking around and making other girls envious (if not outright jealous). Being her uncle, all I felt was love for (and protective of) her; as a male, I couldn't help noticing (and appreciating, in an abstract way) her attractiveness and developing figure.

That dichotomy hit me squarely between the eyes one night when she was just a few months short of turning fifteen. She was spending the night with me so Freddie and Mike could attend some corporate gathering in a town a couple of hours away; they'd decided to make it a micro-vacation by spending the night there and returning the following day.

Emma and I had been sitting on the couch watching a movie; when it was over, Emma got up to dispose of our empty soda cans. When she came back into the living room, she stopped in front of me and asked "Uncle Dave, do you think I'm pretty?"

"Of course I do, Em. You're the prettiest niece I've got for hundreds of miles around", the last being a joke, since our nearest relatives were roughly a thousand miles distant. She smiled briefly, then wanted to know "Do you think I'm sexy?"

More than a little surprised by the question, I had to think about it for a moment-and really look at her. She'd grown out of her tendency toward being a tomboy, and let her hair grow into a dark mane that ended about the middle of her shoulderblades and framed her lovely face with it's sparkling brown eyes, small straight nose, and her pleasant smile. Her slender neck sat atop delicate shoulders; farther down, what had started out as a couple of minor irregularities on her chest had developed into a pair of breasts that were roughly the size and shape of half an orange. Capping each was a dark brown areola about the size of a nickel, from which protruded a small nubbin of a nipple. Her body was trim, with enough curve at waist and hips to make it clear that she was female, regardless of how young she was. Her legs were still a bit coltish, but already starting to take their final shape: slender and trim, and composed of a series of gentle arcs. At the base of her belly, she had a small, slightly sparse wedge of black pubic hair that wasn't quite thick enough to conceal the skin underneath. I only had to remember glancing at her as she'd gone into the kitchen to know that her butt was small, tight, and nicely rounded. Pushing out the thoughts that were trying to crowd into my mind, I told her "Em, I think you're very sexy… for your age. I can look at you, and see how much prettier and sexier you're going to be when you get a little older."

That got me a pleased smile, and satisfied with my answer, she moved to watch the next movie from the floor. To my dismay, that meant laying on her stomach in front of me: not only was she giving me an uncommonly good look at her lovely young tush, her legs were parted enough that I could easily see the area between her thighs. Try as I might, I couldn't help but look-and felt myself responding to the sight. Her pubic thatch thinned quickly and considerably as it extended down her mons, making it easy for me to see not only the top of her clitoral hood, but the edges of her small, thin labia.

I kept pulling my eyes away and trying to focus my attention on the movie, but found myself looking at her cute butt and crotch far, far more often than I really wanted to. I also felt my cock start to grow as I kept looking at the view she presented, and thinking about her more as a male and less as her uncle.

I greeted the end of the movie with a mix of equal parts relief and disappointment. Emma got up, and after giving me a good-night kiss on the cheek, went down the hallway to "her" bedroom. I remained where I was on the couch for a couple of reasons. First, I didn't dare stand up, knowing that she'd see the bulge of my hard penis in my pants. Second, and more to the point, I needed to think about what the hell I was going to do: I knew damn well that I'd never be able to not see her as a nubile young female again, but I sure as hell didn't want to have to walk around trying to hide erections whenever she came over, either. I didn't figure I could say anything to her about wearing more clothes; if she didn't know (or at least suspect) why I wanted something like that, she'd want to know-and I doubted I could come up with an answer that would satisfy her. In either case, there was a very real possibility that she'd say something to Freddie and Mike; and there was no telling what their response would be, other than something unpleasant.

I must have sat there for nearly an hour, trying to find some way of avoiding that kind of situation again before I finally had to give up and go to bed. Thankfully, not only had my cock shrunk back to normal, but I could hear Em's soft snores, telling me she was sound asleep in her bed.

Thankfully, Emma stayed dressed the next day while we waited for her folks to get back.

To my relief, it was several weeks before Freddie and Mike wanted to know if I could take care of Emma for them again: Mike had to go to some conference or other, and while they could afford for Freddie to go, they couldn't swing including Emma. She was disappointed, of course, but understood. The thing of it was that they were going to be gone for three days and four nights-appreciably longer than anything before. From the tone of Freddie's voice when she asked, I knew that I was actually the last person they were calling, and why. It wasn't for anything other than they didn't want to "impose" on our relationship by asking me to look after Emma for that long. Despite the misgivings I had about how I was going to deal with Emma's likely nudity, I readily agreed. I could hear the relief in Freddie's voice when she thanked me before the two of us worked out the details. They were going to fly out the night before, and because the last day's activities were scheduled to run until late evening, they'd fly back the day after. She went on to explain that Mike's attendance at the thing was some kind of Sign that he was being considered for Important Things, and that her attendance would go a long ways toward his making a good impression on the mucky-mucks. I assured her I was glad to help, and wished her and Mike the best.

When it came time for Emma to come over, she was feeling a little mopey, just as I'd anticipated; not only was she obliged to stay home, but her parents were going to be gone longer than they ever had before. So when I offered to take her out for dinner, it was for the dual purpose of not having to eat my own cooking and try and cheer her up. By the time we got back home, she was back to her usual chipper self. It wasn't entirely coincidental that we didn't get home until a bit past her usual bedtime, so that she was obliged to go straight to bed.

Over breakfast the next morning, she wanted to know if it was okay if her friend Becky came over while I was at work. Emma was easily responsible enough to be left alone during the day, and I knew enough about her best friend to know that there wasn't anything to worry about with the two of them there, so I okayed it.

When I got home from work, I was a little surprised to see Becky still there for the simple reason that any time previous, Emma's friends had left before I got home. But Becky was a good kid, so I didn't mind having her stay later-even to having supper with us. Afterwards, the two of them were insistent that they'd be the ones to take care of cleaning up, to my pleasure… and suspicion. I'd heard enough from the parents that I worked with to know that there was no such thing as a free lunch where teenagers were involved; with the girls so adamantly volunteering to do something I'd normally have to ask their help with, I figured there was something they wanted. While I was hoping that it was something like them wanting ice cream for dessert, I didn't really figure I was going to get off that easily.

Not long after they'd finished and come into the living room where I was, I found out what it was they were after: Emma wanted to know if it would be okay for Becky to spend the night.

It wasn't that big of a deal, really, but it was the first time she'd ever asked anything like that, too. While I would have normally would have gently shot down the idea, I still had it in my mind that Emma was going to be there with me for a few more days; it also occurred to me that with Becky there, it seemed pretty unlikely that Emma would go into her naturist mode and start running around naked. I'll confess that it was that latter detail that counted most toward my granting the request, provided that Becky's parents called and said they were okay with it. It wasn't but a couple of minutes later that they were on the phone with me, doing just that.

I'd barely hung up the phone when both of the girls were rocketing toward Emma's room. It wasn't her room, of course; just the spare bedroom I had that she had been allowed to add some personal touches to for when she was staying with me. There were a couple of dolls from when she was little, a few stuffed animals, and a couple of boy band posters, among other things.

I actually kind of welcomed their departure, figuring that they'd be spending most of the evening in Em's room. That relief was replaced with horror when I saw the two of them coming back down the hall a few minutes later: both of them were stark naked.

With Emma free to wander around in varying stages of undress, I didn't see that there was anything I could say about Becky's nudity. I kept my face blank and projected my best calm composure facade, and waited to see what other landmines lay waiting for me. When the two of them got close enough, Emma must have seen that I needed some kind of explanation, and told me "You know that Becky's, like, my best friend ever, and I told her one time about me and Mom and Daddy being nudists. She didn't freak out or anything, so I asked her if she'd like to find out what it's really like. She did, and went with us for a day a couple of times. Of course, she didn't tell her parents exactly what KIND of day camp we were going to! Anyway, once she tried it, she found out that there wasn't anything to be worried about or ashamed of, so she's okay with it now."

After that, Becky told me "It's not like I take my clothes off all the time, or anything like that; just that if I'm someplace with Em, I'm okay with getting naked if she is."

Hoping that my shell of equanimity didn't crack open, I nodded my understanding before telling her "Sounds reasonable to me" and turning to watch the TV again.

To my infinite joy, the two of them opted to sit on the floor and lean back against the couch I was sitting on-effectively putting them out of my direct sight. Still, as the evening went on, both were up and down several times for various reasons. Being good kids, both were polite and courteous enough to ask if there was anything I needed or wanted whenever that happened, which made it possible for me to learn what Becky looked like.