Young model sluts from hell


Steve stood, his muscular posture erect in the white, terry-cloth robe that draped over his solid frame. He strode in large steps from his dressing ensemble over to a tier of electronic controls. The controls were inset in a panel at the head of a ottoman settee upon which he reclined. He picked up a remote control from an end table and pressed an audio feed and said, "Hi you guys, how's everything going in there?"

In front of Steve, two persons' images were projected upon a large, center monitor that was flanked by smaller monitors. The figures started slightly, acknowledging that they heard his voice on the audio feed into their quarters in another part of the compound.

"Beautifully, darling, we're waiting for you. Are you coming down? Susan and I are having a bit of fun. Aren't we, honey," Lynn giggled.

"Uh huh," murmured a small feminine voice from the younger girl reclined in Lynn's lap.

On the large monitor Steve gazed at the tableau. Lynn, his "social assistant", was partially submerged almost to her navel in a spacious, marble hot tub. The girl leaning closely into Lynn was Susan, the latest girl to become one of Models' Inc.'s young models.

Models' Inc. was the name of one of the companies Steve controlled, and certainly the one that provided him with the most pleasant diversions from his other businesses.

"Relax and enjoy yourselves and I'll be down in a while," Steve instructed the girls over the audio line.

Steve manipulated the remote camera to zoom in on the two girls. Lynn, 17, was brunette, her luxuriant hair tied up with wisps streaming into her face and down onto her large chest. Her opulent breasts, nipples erect, glowed from the swimming light illuminating them from the water below. The firm, upthrust breasts were large, much too large, it would appear, to belong on such a slender, young girl.

But Lynn's breasts were not what had seized Steve's attention. One of her sinuous arms draped over the shoulder of Susan, the exceptionally beautiful, much younger girl cuddling Lynn. They were comfortable ensconced on the top step of the hot tub. The younger girl's pouting lips were nuzzling the stiff nipples poking from Lynn's chest.

Lynn came-on to Models' Inc. a couple of years ago and had booked a lot of work. But her bisexuality and penchant for debauchery had made her perfect for the job of integrating newly recruited models into Steve's lifestyle. She made the new girls feel comfortable and kept them in line. She had proven herself at making the new girls stick to strict work schedules and made them available to Steve's needs. Although she still enjoyed a promiscuous lifestyle, she was able to juggle it even with her new responsibilities.

The girl Lynn embraced was exceptionally beautiful. Her silken blonde hair was wet up to her neck and coiled down past her svelte waist to swirl in the water around her narrow, sweeping hips. Her arm was around Lynn's waist. One of her long, thin legs was casually pulled up next to her. On the shapely leg was a wet, mauve, silk stocking. Stockings worn in a hot tub, a product of Sherry's (another employee on Models' Inc. staff who dressed the girls to Steve's liking) post-modern fashion attitude.

"Christ," Steve thought, "What a piece of work," Steve could almost see the band at the top of Susan's stocking before it disappeared into the churning water that covered her lower body. The girl's small, perfectly shaped, breasts shown through the diaphanous, silk tank-top she wore, her nipples poking sharply outward. She turned toward Lynn, bent her graceful neck, and wrapped her pink lips around the nipple that was closest to her mouth.

"Fuuuuuck," Lynn droned as her head fell backwards in response to the suction. Lynn's hand was down the front of Susan's wet tank top pinching her left nipple. Lynn reached over with her other hand and ran it along the young girl's stockinged leg until it dipped below the water and settled between her legs. The younger girl sighed heavily, stuck out her delicate tongue and darted it over Lynn's stiff aureole before drawing her head between the older girl's well-developed cleavage in embrace. As Lynn's hand rubbed between Susan's legs, her little pink mouth turned up at one corner and her long curvaceous leg lifted in an effort to increase the stimulation of Lynn's hand on her slit hidden under the water. Her pleasure was evidenced by her stocking covered foot arching delicately.

"Oh, yea, fucking rub my clit! Oh yea. Rub it! Stick your fingers in me. Fuuck! I'm so horny. God that coke really did it for me," the young girl hissed in breathy gasps. Steve could see her buck her small hips in the warm, frothy water toward Lynn's probing fingers. Her suspended, pointy toes bobbing to the rhythm.

Steve was somewhat surprised at the course tone of the apparently prepubescent girl's language. Although she looked very permissive, she was so young that it caught him off guard. "They're doing everything younger every day," he thought to himself. Just last week he reluctantly met with a mother who wanted Steve's agency to represent her ten-year-old daughter. The girl's mother had dressed the girl up to look like a kiddy-slut, complete with stockings and miniskirt, and wanted Steve to fuck her. The mother made it known she was available too.

Steve reactivated the audio into the girls' quarters. "Where's Billie, girls?" They were still in the hot tub.

"I'm right here," came a young, masculine voice.

Steve zoomed back the video image and a young man entered the picture to settle on the step on the other side of the tub. He was about twenty-five with a muscular build, long dark hair, a very large dangling penis that was partially erect. A deep glowing tan covered his entire nude body.

"Lynn, do you want to introduce me to your new friend?" Steve asked.

"Her name's Susan," Lynn replied.

"I hear you want to be a model. Is that right?" another little giggle as the young girl raised her hand to her beautiful red lips and nibbled delicately on her fingernail.

"That's right, Mr. Hughner," she then replied.

"Why don't you stand up and show Billie your butt." She looked at Lynn, smiled, and slowly stood up in the hot tub. Her stunning figure brought a shot of heat to Steve's genitals. Although most of her legs were still submerged Steve got a view of her entire upper body. The stockings were not attached with garters and were somewhat drawn down by the water. Susan with a smile and a little giggle reached down to pull them up. As she did, she wiggled her narrow, prepubescent ass in a seesaw motion. When finished she straightened her torso, pushing out her small, but well-defined chest, displaying her charms for Billie's (and Steve's) delectation.

"Jesus," Steve muttered. "She's a fucking doll." His eyes fed upon her body, where the hard nipples protruded neatly from the clinging tank-top that was cut just above her willowy midriff, to the tops of her wet stockings where they adhered to her long limbs with water dripping down. On her well-structured, svelte ass clung a black thong that ran up the cleft between her legs, covering about an inch of flesh at that juncture.

The young girl exuded a titillating flirtatious persona, and yet, was demur in her demeanor. Although classic in her Anglo looks, her uptilted eyes hinted at a few drops of oriental blood. Her face said "innocent little girl", but her eyes and licentious body said, "precocious, unchaste slut".

The girl then took a tentative half-step toward the center of the tub where Billie was standing, giggled shyly and raised her hand to her mouth in self-consciousness. Billie closed the distance between them and placed his large hands almost around the entire circumference of Susan's tiny waist. She brought her arms up and placed them on Billie's shoulders. He lowered his head to place his lips on hers, wiggling his tongue up insider her mouth. She reciprocated by cupping the back of Billie's neck with her long, svelte fingers, and pulling his lips hard against hers.

Billie slid his hands up her torso, onto her short tank-top to caress her small breasts as they continued to French-kiss each other passionately. Then Steve could see Billie pinching the young girl's nipple as he reached through the arm-hole of her tank-top. A light tapping on the door of his bedroom suite distracted Steve.

"Come in," came his reply and he watched through the mirror as Nick came through the door and approached him from behind.

"I think she's ready. Are you going to go pay her a visit?" Nick asked…

"Where did you get her?" Steve asked incredulously.

"Bill sent her over. Her mother made arrangements for Susan to have a portfolio done, but when the girl showed at the shoot she was alone. Her mother's in L.A. with her new boyfriend for who knows how long. The photographer gave her a couple of lines and did her on the set. She's made a few of the rounds but she tests out clean. Ken evaluated her and she really picks up quick. I think you can move right along with her… oh yea, and she apparently is very tight."

Ken was the director of Models' Inc. and had the final say on who was admitted to the agency. Anyone admitted could be assured they would get top billing internationally.

"Christ, Nick. How old is this one?" he implored.

"Well, she's thirteen, but she photographs more like a fourteen year-old. I think she'll book very well. We've already bounced her photos off Maitlan, and he loves her. As far as her family, I think it will work out OK. Her mom basically signed her off to us – she's got a blow problem and we gave her some money. Lynn did a good job of selling Models' Inc. to her. Showed her some portfolios and talked up the girls we promote. She already knew we were 'the best modeling agency in the world' – her words. And look at the girl, obvious thoroughbred looks and a well-developed personality for a thirteen year old."


"Tina, wake up, sweetheart," he intoned over his shoulder toward a large sunken, sleeping area on the other side of the suite. There was no answer. He used the remote control to speak to Nick in his quarters.

"Nick, would you get Tina up. She's slept enough. Have Sherry clean her up real quick too. And get her a couple of snorts if she wants them. Then have Sherry bring her in here."

Back at the hot tub, Lynn appeared on the monitor with the thirteen year-old girl and the guy she was jacking-off. Lynn's large breasts appeared first. They defied gravity they if suspended from her slender torso by some enigmatic architecture, yet they had a natural kilter with uptilted bright pink nipples, as if lipstick had been applied to them. They glowed with a thin sheen of perspiration and a knotted pearl necklace dangled between them nearly to her slight waist.

She also had a tattoo of a tongue about the size of a shot glass that extended from between the lightly freckled area between her breasts over to the tip of her right nipple. It almost looked out of place because her beauty inferred high fashion model, a gaunt elegant presence: the tattoo, and the shaved side of her head, added an element of the forbidden – good girl gone bad, a beautiful slut. Her truly breathtaking buttocks were diminutive, completely flawless and had a golden-tan glow. She was wearing a black bikini thong which showcased her dripping, tight and high ass-cheeks to full advantage, and circled up and around her impossibly thin waist. She would occasionally lift her long wispy hair from the side from which it was shaved and flip it dramatically to the other, showing off the tattoo that ran across the side of her head.

Steve gave her complete run of the compound and despite her penchant for bringing her current sex partners around, she was generally quite responsible.

Lynn wiggled that succulent posterior in an extravagant fashion as she sidled up to the embracing couple standing in the churning water, laughed, and put her slim arms around them. She and Billie kissed and Susan soon joined in. Their tongues fluttered together lightly, extending from their parted lips, and then they took turns kissing full-mouthed. She and Susan's breasts rubbed together through Susan's moist tank-top while Billie ran his hand down Lynn's sleek back and into the cleft between her curvy buttocks which led down between her thin, supple legs.

"God, you guys look like you're having a good time. Does she turn you on? Do you want to stick it in her Billie?" Steve teased over the sound system.

"You fucking know it, Mr. G…" he said enthusiastically, looking up at the camera with the little red light that indicated it was the one observing them.

"… if I get that far. You won't believe the little cunt on this thing. I can barely get my finger into it and there's just a little fuzz on it. Fuuuck, makes me hard. And she's hot too, aren't you, honey," he said affectionately as he turned back to her. Billie had slid Susan's thong to one side of her slit and his hand moved lightly between her lean legs, her hips akilter. She let out a little murmur and stuck her tongue back into his mouth, trying to climb up his body and center his hard dick on her horny little slit, needing penetration by more than a finger. Lynn was mouthing her small breasts and nipples through the wet shirt, with her hand rubbing her own hairless slit, her thong also pulled to the side of her little cunt.

Susan finished her kiss and looked coyly at Billie, "Can we get some more coke, honey?" she cooed.

"You betcha, darlin'. We'll fix you right up here. Come on you guys. Let's get out of the tub." He grasped Susan's hand and led her up the steps and Lynn followed, holding the other hand and giggling, "I want a good blast too!" she exclaimed wiggling her little ass-cheeks as she shimmied up the steps from the tub.

Behind the two girls lay a large recreation pit lined with black velvet cushions. Along the perimeter of the suite was gilt paneling, mirrored ceilings and rich tapestried walls. On the far side, off from the spa and fitness area, was a bar, game room, a swimming pool and a sundeck/atrium that led out onto the secured grounds of the compound.

The carefree kids grabbed towels – large, fluffy towels – dried themselves and moved over to the recreation pit lined with mirrors and the sides and above. A circular, black, marble table was the focal point at the center, on which was set all manner of refreshments, fruit and stimulants including a mirror with a large pile of cocaine. There was also crystal decanters filled with herbal and synthetic libations of every variety.

They laughed and joked, tickling and prodding each other as they positioned themselves in front of the elaborate refreshment station. Pulsing music played in the background and the mirrors on all sides reflected the beautiful images of their fit, young bodies. All three of the young people were truly, exceptionally attractive and vivacious human specimens. Even the young thirteen year-old Susan had a confident, bold demeanor. And now she wanted to get higher.