Connie_s young lover


She needed cock. Goddamn, did she need cock! It had been at least two days since she had last felt six inches of hard, hot prick fucking her cunt. Christ, shit, fuck, piss it couldn't have been that long ago! She had never gone that long without cock unless you counted the days she was on the rag, but even then some courageous dick would fuck her pussy.

Connie felt the incessant itch between her thighs. What now? Finger her pussy, pretending that it was the six inches of cock she needed? Christ, any woman knew that what a man had hanging, prick erecting, between his legs was a better thing to get off on than one or two fingers.

She delved between her thighs. God, her cunt was really wet! She felt the lips. God, her cunt-lips were swollen! She felt her cunt. Christ, she needed a fuck-a cock, a goddamn husky cock that would give her pussy a real good naming all night.

What to do?

She turned around in the chair, grabbed the phone and dialed.

"Jason, I know I shouldn't be calling you at home, but if I don't get a goddamn good fucking right now, I'll go bananas!"

"Connie… er… don't ever call me at home again," replied a husky whispering voice. Now angry: "What if my wife had answered?"

"Oh, fuck your wife!" Connie said, slamming down the phone.

It was Saturday night, Connie had a hot cunt, and one of her favorite fuckers had just refused to come over to her apartment and douse the flames that roared through her pussy.

Another phone call.

"Martin, what time you closing tonight?"

"Who's this? Connie? Oh, hi, Connie. Listen, I'm really busy tight now, I gotta fix a millions drinks, the club's packed tonight, and"

"Fuck me!" Connie blurted.


"Listen, Martin, get your ass away from that bar and came over to my apartment and fuck me. I'm dying for prick. I'm gonna go crazy if some guy doesn't come over and lay me. Now, are you gonna do it or do I have to… "Shit, what could she do if Martin refused her?

"Connie, I can't. I'm busy. Listen, how about tomorrow? I'll pick you up at-"

Connie slammed the phone down again.

"Fuck!" she screamed. "This is fucking crazy. I wanta be laid, and nobody's willing. Fuck, shit, piss!"

She went into her bedroom, stripped off her clothing. Throwing her blouse to the left, her hip-huggers to the right, and her bra overhead, she stared at the mirror. She stared at her naked body, evaluating it from a man's point of view. She had tits made to be fondled. God, they were still firm, still fully packed. And, shit, her nipples were made to be sucked.

Connie couldn't believe it. She wasn't some ugly hag. She didn't have bad breath, hairy legs or zits on her tits. She had one of the finest thirty-three-year-old bodies in town. Wasn't that what her last fucker had told her?

"Shit, Connie, you've got a body built like a brick shithouse." Those were Jason Moresby's words as they had lain on the sofa, he on top of her, his prick buried balls-deep in her horny cunt.

They were drunk, had been drinking since their last fuck which was exactly an hour ago. He had called her tits scrumptious, her cunt delicious, and he had licked her nipples, tongue-tickled her navel before finally settling his mouth over the lips of her cunt.

Cunt eating. Yeah, that was something that she had always dug. And Jason was no slobbering idiot. He ate her puny, licked up and down her creamy cunt so many times that Connie was ready to crawl the walls.

With every upward lash of his tongue, his nose rubbed her cunt. And that made Connie scream.

"Oh, god! You eat me so good! Aaaiiieeee!!"

And with every downward stroke of his tongue, his chin would bump her asshole. And that would make Connie wrap her thighs even more intensely around his fact and she would writhe and scream.

"You goddamn mother fucker! Oh, Christ, eat my cunt! Eat my cunt! Eat my cunt!"

And when Jason shifted around to present his prick to her opening mouth, his lips would leave her cunt momentarily. And that would make Connie eager for more tongue, more nose-rubs against her clit, more chin-bumps against her asshole.

Jason's cock stabbed into her face. Connie grabbed his prick eagerly, guiding it to her pursed lips. She planted little French kisses all over the hot head, then engulfed his entire tool.

Cock sucking. God, that was another thing that she really dug! There were times that she wished she weren't so good at giving blow jobs. Maybe if she were a beginner, those big cocks wouldn't come so fast. But Connie knew she was good. Too many men had told her that she was the best cock sucker They'd ever known.

Cock sucker. The best cock sucker.

Shit, she had a reputation, and now she would have to prove to Jason that she was second to none when it came to eating prick.

She gobbled his cock head, her lips sliding tightly down the shaft. His prick was a good eight inches, but there had been so many cocks down her throat since she was fourteen that eight inches of stiff prick was no big deal.

She moved back, her lips tightly gripping the shaft, then the cock-head, as she retreated. Then down again, her mouth opening wide as her lips came into contact with wiry crotch hairs.

Up… down..up down. Shit, the asshole was coming already! That was the only fucking thing wrong when you were the best cock sucking chick in the world. The pricks didn't last very long. Why the hell couldn't they control their balls? Why the fuck couldn't their pricks stay hard?

The cum was throbbing, spurting, then blasting out of his cock like water from a sawed-off fire hydrant. The spurts of sperm clogged her throat, but she gulped and kept gulping, not a drop of cock cream escaping her mouth.

And there were other things about being the best cock sucker in the world that Connie wasn't happy with. Every time those cocks blasted into Jo her mouth, it was thrilling and challenging for her but where the hell was her own goddamn orgasm?

Even now, as Jason's cock spewed forth his cream, where the hell were those good cunt-eating lips of his? Connie knew where they were. Jason's lips would be spread in an ecstatic smile as he felt the thrill of coming in her mouth.

Jason screamed: "Oh, baby, you are the best! Goddamn, you're the best. Suck that jizz, baby! Eat my cum! Shit, my prick's never been sucked off so good before!"

Connie was pleased when Jason once again reaffirmed that she was the best cock sucker in the world. But while he was moaning and groaning, his lips just weren't glued to her pussy-flaps any more. No more up and down tongue-swipes over her hot gash. No more tongue-teases across her erect cut. The bastard was simply getting off in her mouth, having all the ecstasy while she was out in the cold left with nothing but her reputation for being the world's number-one cock-sucker.

Connie sucked heartily on his prick, swallowing down the last of his spunk. Then she bit down not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to make Jason scream:

"Mother-fucking shit! What the hell did ya do that for?"

"Because you're a goddamn asshole who cares about nothin' but gettin' his own rocks off!" said all those things to make her feel good.

She studied her ass in the mirror. She wiggled her buns, convincing herself that she did have a good ass that it was the type of ass most girls envied and most men whistled at as she stooped over to put groceries into her car.

Now that she had studied herself in the minor, Connie knew that she'd strike it rich with some man tonight. In a town full of five thousand people, half the population had to be male, and at least half of those males had to have pricks that would come erect at the sight of her cunt, ass and tits.

She vowed to try again, this time the nice girl approach. She picked up the phone, lay back in the bed. She kicked off her panties and spread her legs.

"Hello, may I talk to Reverend Worthington please?"

Connie moved her hand down across her belly and into the moist meat of her cunt. Her pussy was oozing with juice, making slushy noises like a boot pulling out of mud.

"Hello, Reverend Worthington," Connie said sweetly. "This is Connie Ryan."

"0-Oh, hello, Connie, er, I mean Miss Ryan. What can I do for you? Are you in some kind of trouble?"

"Yes, I am, Worthie dear. I want you to come over and listen to my problem."

"Well, er, as you know, Miss Ryan, the church social is tonight and the whole congregation will" "But it won't take very long to hear me out, Worthie dear. Here, listen to how bad my problem sounds."

Connie placed the telephone between her thighs as she rubbed her cunt-lips squishily over the phone, sending her need for cock all the way across town and into Reverend Worthington's ear.

"Connie! Er, Miss Ryan… Miss Ryan!" Connie heard Reverend Worthington's voice pleading between her thighs. She lifted the phone to her ear. "Did you hear my problem, Worthie dear?"

"M-Miss Ryan. What was that noise?"

"It was my cunt, Worthie dear. And my pussy has a problem. It needs a cock-real bad. Wanta hear it again?"

Connie heard Reverend Worthington gasp. "Miss Ryan, your problem does sound… er, urgent. It's just that I'm really tied up with the church social. Why don't you see me after church tomorrow? Say, around noon or so. I'll-"

"Goddamn you son of a bitch! Didn't you hear how much my cunt needs a goddamn fucking? I'm hot. I wanta fuck!"

"Now, Miss Ryan. No need to get hysterical." "Fuck you, Reverend. That's the last time that I'll ever beg you to fuck me."

"Now, don't be hasty, Miss Ryan. I'm sure-"

"I'm sure, too! I'm sure that you're never gonna get into my cunt again. Good-bye and amen, Worthie dear!"

She slammed the phone on the Reverend Worthington as he was babbling: "Now, Miss, Ryan, I'm sure that your situation-"

Jesus, Connie realized, she had just struck out. Who the hell was she gonna get to fuck her on a Saturday night in a hick town like Weedville? Well, she was determined to get cock if she had to go out to Tom Brewster's dairy and grab one of his Holstein bulls.

Connie slithered into a loose mini-dress minus bra and panties. She was gonna find cock if she had to stop the first guy she met and beg him to fuck her.

Dabs of perfume behind the ears, on the nipples, underarms and between the legs. She grabbed her purse and headed angrily for the door.

She opened the door.

A boy stood there, his hand ready to push the doorbell.

"Oh, hello; Miss Ryan. I came to collect for the paper. I missed you every night this week. I'm sure glad you're home tonight."

Connie stared at the boy. He looked delicious, especially when she was as hot to fuck as she was tonight. Well, she had promised herself that the first person with a cock between his legs was going to be the first guy she asked for a fuck. But a boy? – Christ, she wondered if he could even get it up.

But there was that itch between her legs. She had struck out on three of the very best flickers in Weedville and she just had to get some cock to scratch the itch between her legs.

"And I'm glad you found me tonight," Connie said, smiling at the boy. "Why don't you come in?"


Before the boy could answer, Connie had her arm around him, closing the door behind them with her foot. She made sure his arm was nestled against her tit.

"Why don't you sit on the couch while I make out a check?"

The boy sat down on the edge of the couch. Connie sat down in an easy chair across from him. She pulled her check book out of her purse. "What's your name, young man?" "Tommy." "What, no last name?" "Tommy Trimble."

Connie thought a moment. "Are you Lucas Trimble's son?"

"Yes, I am, Miss Ryan."

Connie chuckled to herself. Lucas Trimble was the mayor of Weedville. In fact, for as tong as she could remember, he had been the only mayor of Weedville.

Connie studied Tommy's face as be gazed up at the ceiling nervously. He was a red headed kid with freckles. Lanky frame just like his father's. Blue eyes thin lips which he had obviously inherited from Lucas' deceased wife Mavis Trimble.

"How much do I owe you, Tommy?"

"Two dollars for this month, Miss Ryan." Tommy looked at Connie and noticed her tits. No male could resist noticing her tits.

Connie smiled at Tommy and leaned back in the easy chair, her check book in hand. She spread her legs, wondering how much of her thighs and cunt young Tommy Trimble could see from his position on the couch.

Tommy opened his mouth in awe. God, she wasn't wearing any panties! And he could see way, way up between her legs. Shit, he'd never seen a cunt before unless you counted his sister's. Tommy's brow beaded with sweat as he moved his legs nervously. Shit, if she would just spread her legs another couple of inches. he knew that he would be able to see her cunt.

As Connie began writing in her checkbook, she spread her legs farther apart, her mini-dress inching higher.

Tommy gasped, then shut his mouth quickly. Shit, he didn't want her to hear him. Oh, please, Miss Ryan. Open up just a little more. I can see the hair, but I can't see your Oh, my God! There it is her cunt!

Slyly, Connie glanced over the edge of her checkbook, pretending to write. She watched Tommy squirm, and she was amazed at how delicious he looked to her.

"Oh, darn it, Tommy. I made a mistake. If you'll wait just a moment I know how busy you are-I'll write another check out for you."

"0-Oh, that's all right, Miss Ryan. I'm not going nowhere tonight."

Connie smiled at him, then tore out the check. She began writing again; this time she really spread her legs apart.

Oh, gosh, Tommy thought, his flesh feeling clammy. Oh, gosh! Oh gosh! I can-I can see all of her CUNT' My gosh!

Tommy sat up straighter, his hard-on paining him as it throbbed against his fly. He sat at an angle to Connie, hoping that she wouldn't look up now so that he could straighten out his prick, move it from his pants leg so that the bead pointed towards his belly button. His palms were sweaty and his fingers trembled.

Connie felt ecstatic; she hadn't realized how really powerful her charms were. All the other guys who had fucked her knew she wanted to get laid as badly as they had wanted to lay her. But now, here was a young teenage kid-shit, Connie hoped that he was in his teens-who probably hadn't seen a cunt, didn't know the first thing about fucking and sucking, and had probably just discovered how wonderful it felt to fuck his fist. Shit, what a goddamn thrill it was to make this kid squirm!

Connie scribbled her name on the check, then stood up.

Tommy sighed. He sure wanted to see more of her cunt before he had to go. Well, at least he had managed to straighten out his hard-on before Miss Ryan had spotted it. He reached out for the check.

"Would you like something to drink before you go, Tommy?"

"W-Well, sure, Miss Ryan."

Connie led him into the kitchen. She pointed to a chair. Tommy sat down, staring at her tits, her ass, wishing he could see more of her cunt. He still didn't believe that he had finally seen a pussy. All his friends had talked about cunt, what it would look like what it would do what it would feel like. Shit, now he couldn't wait to tell the gang about the cunt that he had seen, to describe how hairy and hot it looked.