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Книги серии «Fiona Marlowe Mystery»

В этой серии представлено творчесво следующих авторов: Thelen Marjorie

Designer Detective , часть 1.

Fiona Marlowe, interior designer to the rich and powerful, finds her wealthy old client, Albert Lodge, dead on the floor of his library in the posh McLean suburb of Washington, D.C. As the investigation unfolds, Fiona discovers she has detective talent, and her innate curiosity spurs her into sticking her nose where it does not belong. Albert’s eighty year old eccentric sister, Opal, arrives from her ranch in south eastern Oregon to settle the estate. She has talked her ranch hand, Jake Manyhorses, into the role of private investigator as she is convinced one of the numerous family members murdered Albert for his money. With Opal's encouragement Fiona joins Jake in the investigation as it spirals into the netherworld of betrayal, blackmail and smuggling, none of which Jake or Fiona bargained for when they said yes to helping Opal solve the mystery of Albert’s demise.

Автор: Thelen Marjorie
High Desert Detective , часть 2.

Fiona Marlowe, designer detective, and Jake Manyhorses, cowboy buckaroo, meet up once again out west in the high desert under big skies and star-filled nights. This time they find themselves in pursuit of cattle rustlers and mysterious bones. But they must decide if there is a future for them in fields of alfalfa, a herd of cattle, and a big ranch house. What an enjoyable read. I want to be Fiona Marlowe — savvy, tasteful, a handsome cowboy on my arm. Jennifer Fulford, author of Blood, Love and Steel.

Автор: Thelen Marjorie

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