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Книги серии «Greyhawk»

Эта серия относится к следующим жанрам: Фантастика, Фэнтези
В этой серии представлено творчесво следующих авторов: Gygax Gary, Reid Thomas M, Emerson Ru, Strohm Keith Francis

Saga of the Old City , часть 1.
Автор: Gygax Gary
Artifact of Evil , часть 2.
Автор: Gygax Gary
The Temple of Elemental Evil , часть 4.

A sinister force, long thought destroyed, stirs in the land. As a she-demon bent on wreaking worldwide havoc struggles to escape her prison and a foul demigod plots to bend her to his will, a band of desperate heroes must infiltrate the very heart of darkness in a daring attempt to stop them both.

Автор: Reid Thomas M
Keep on the Borderlands , часть 6.

"Keep on the Borderlands" was one of the very first D&D adventures, so seasoned gamers remember this product from their early days, and newer gamers will recognize it from the 25th anniversary rerelease.

Greyhawk novels are based on the classic D&D modules from this world and provide readers with the same kind of feeling that they get playing classic D&D modules.

Автор: Emerson Ru
The Tomb of Horrors , часть 7.

Kaerion Whitehart was once a mighty paladin, but sins of the past have cast him far from the light. Together with an elf mercenary, he now survives by the might of his sword alone.

In exchange for a hefty purse, the two friends agree to accompany a band of patriots into a tomb haunted by fear and legend. They soon find the mission growing beyond their control. As warring factions vie for the ultimate prize of a long-dead wizard, Kaerion finds himself caught between death and redemption.

Автор: Strohm Keith Francis

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