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Книги серии «Orbitsville»

Эта серия относится к следующим жанрам: Фантастика, Космическая фантастика
В этой серии представлено творчесво следующих авторов: Shaw Bob

Orbitsville , часть 1.

When the young son of Elizabeth Lindstrom, the autocratic president of Starflight, falls to his death, Vance Garamond, a flickerwing commander, is the obvious target for Elizabeth’s grief and anger. She is not a forgiving employer and Garamond has no choice but to flee.

But fleeing Elizabeth’s wrath means leaving the Solar System behind for ever and hiding somewhere in deep space.

Pursued remorselessly by Earth’s space fleet, the ‘somewhere’ that Garamond discovers in an unimaginably vast, alien-built, spherical structure which could just change the destiny of the human race.

Orbitsville ranks alongside Larry Niven’s Ringworld and Arthur C. Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama as one of the great imaginative constructs of SF. Deftly written, it powerfully conveys the immensity of space and the infinite possibilities it offers.

Автор: Shaw Bob
Orbitsville Departure , часть 2.

A sequel to Orbitsville.

Alien beings, Ultrans, built an enormous sphere, millions of times the size of Earth, which contains its own sun as a trap for sentient beings of the universe. The artificial world attracts the world’s population to such an extent that soon Earth is a half-deserted historical curiosity. Scientist Garry Dallen learns of the Ultrans’ plans second before Orbitsville and its population are whisked millions of light years into outer space.

Автор: Shaw Bob

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